low financial literacy

Low Financial Literacy? Whiz is the Solution!

Low Financial Literacy – If you discuss financial literacy In Indonesia, it seems, even adults, whether married or not, many are not aware of the importance of financial literacy. 

Even adults are not financially literate, let alone children and teenagers who still depend on their parents to meet their needs. In fact, understanding financial literacy is important, you know, Whizmates! Not only for now, but also for the long term.

Come on, increase your understanding of financial literacy by reading the following reviews.

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Low Financial Literacy? These are the facts and challenges

low financial literacy

In fact, Indonesia, which has 250 million people, is a massive number and is the 4th most populous country in the world. In fact, our country's economy is growing rapidly so that it is placed in the top 20 world economies (G20).

If Indonesia is able to improve financial literacy and take advantage of the demographic bonus, then it is not impossible, in 2030, Indonesia has the opportunity to enter the top 7 of the world economy. Seeing the amazing facts above, unfortunately this is not directly proportional to access to financial literacy education, especially for children and adolescents in Indonesia. 

So, don't be surprised if the score human development index and inequality adjusted still stagnant until now, namely ranking above 100 since 2000.

According to the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesia has two major challenges that must be resolved so that financial literacy education can be evenly distributed. If possible, from the age of children or teenagers, financial education must be instilled from an early age. What are the challenges? Here's the review, let's see;

1. Demographic Challenges Financial Education Priority Goals 

The first challenge and obstacle is the demographic target of the priority targets that must be given financial education. 

Why should you set priority targets? Because there are factors of language diversity, customs, ethnicity, culture, and differences in education and economic levels in Indonesia.

Therefore, OJK has determined 10 priority targets to target increasing financial literacy for students, university students, farmers, employees, fishermen, Indonesian migrant workers and prospective migrant workers, as well as people with disabilities.

2. Geographical Challenges in Providing Education to Remote Areas with Lack of Internet Access

Then the second challenge is geographic barriers in educating the 10 priority targets that we discussed earlier. Especially in remote areas where the internet is still lacking is an obstacle that is often faced by the Indonesian government. In addition, the financial literacy index in rural and urban areas is also unequal.

Whiz Finance App for Financial Education in Indonesia

Seeing the current condition of society, be it children, teenagers, adults, to parents, who are always financially constrained due to lack of financial education. As we all know, in school, there are no special lessons about financial education. Therefore, the financial application Whiz with the same mission as the government. 

Whiz wants to increase the financial literacy index by providing financial application services for children and adolescents in Indonesia. Want to know what are the advantages and benefits of Whiz mobile apps? Let's look at the review below;

1. Whiz Becomes Your Little One's Financial Literacy Tool

Sometimes parents maybe confused about how to introduce your little one to financial arrangements from an early age. Well, the financial app Whiz is here to help parents!

Whiz financial app brings features sync child account with parents. So, although children can freely manage their own finances, parents can still monitor their children's income and expenses.

The connected parent and child accounts can also be used by parents to provide monthly pocket money on a regular basis automatically via the Whiz app. Later, parents can ask children to record their income and expenses for a month to hone Skill child financial arrangements. Interesting, yes!

2. Whiz Teaches Your Little One to Manage Finances Easily

As a financial application for children and teenagers, the RP platform is very child-friendly so that even children can start managing their own finances. The appearance of the Whiz application is also very easy attractive and easy to learn, you know.

Besides that, parents You can start teaching how to manage your finances in a good and fun way by taking advantage of the various features available. For example, teaching children to collect money with the pocket feature or managing their own expenses with the expense recording feature.

Not only that, parents You can also, you know, teach children how to earn money with features chores. Wow, that's fun, isn't it?

Even though the literacy index finance in Indonesia has not improved, however, with the presence of mobile apps Whiz is expected to introduce your child to financial literacy from an early age. 

The hope is that future generations will be even better. Let's start making financial changes by starting to get used to saving on the Whiz Financial Application while learning financial education.

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