7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

Majors Few Interests but Great Job Opportunities – For those of you who have just graduated from high school, you will definitely be eyeing some of the popular majors. Hey, isn't that right?

Well, most of you must have considered prestige when graduating from that major. You will certainly think about the job prospects that are considered good. However, you may not be the only one who thinks the same way.

Many of your other friends think the same as you. Therefore, the competition to enter majors and apply for jobs is definitely tougher. After all, not all popular college majors have good job prospects. Because it all depends on each of us.

If we want to see opportunities, it turns out that there are some college majors that are empty of enthusiasts. That way, when you graduate, the job competition will be less intense. Plus the salary we get is also quite large, you know! Interesting, yes! Come on, take a good look at some of these majors!

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7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

1. Actuarial Department

7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

The actuarial department is a major that studies financial management. This is one of the majors that have few fans but the job opportunities are big, you know!

In daily activities, things related to finance will continue to happen. Therefore, this department has high job opportunities. In fact, overseas the salary is very large and is one of the elite jobs, you know!

Usually, graduates from this major have several projects, such as health, insurance, employee benefits, and others. What will be studied in this department are statistics, finance, mathematical probability, and computer programming.

2. Oceanography Department

This department will study the phenomena that exist in the sea. But, later it will also be applied to other fields, such as fisheries, marine disasters, environmental engineering, to disaster mitigation.

To enter this major, you should have an interest in chemistry, mathematics, calculus, geography, to hydrodynamics.

3. Biomedical Engineering Department

7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

The knowledge studied in this field is not much different from that studied in the medical or medical field. However, many say that biomedical engineering is more difficult.

Graduates from this major have job opportunities in healthcare, industry, and education with great salaries.

Reporting from Passing Grade, the salary range in this field in developed countries is around 800 to 1 billion rupiah, you know. It's fantastic isn't it?

4. Department of Library Science

7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

Not a few who suspect that studying in the department of library science only learns about books. In fact, many suspect that the job prospects of this major will only be librarian. Eits, not like that, huh!

This course will teach you a lot! It's not just about books. You will learn about archiving, preserving, organizing, and disseminating information in libraries.

In addition, you will also learn techniques and laws related to the management and dissemination of information, you know!

The job prospects in this department are also very broad because almost all institutions or agencies require experts in the field of archives and librarianship. You can work as a secretary, archive administration, librarian, programmer, until document controller.

The following are some universities that offer library science majors, including UI, UNS, UGM, UNAIR, UNDIP, and UIN.

5. Department of Sociology

The work prospect of this department is also very broad because it has various sub-programs of study, such as environmental sociology, economic sociology, development sociology, and so on.

Many things are also learned in this department, ranging from interaction with humans to influencing social structures.

This department will also learn a lot about the causes of changes in society's situation, consequences, and solutions. So the salary is quite high.

6. Department of Art, Drama, Dance, and Music (Sendratasik)

7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

It's a big mistake if you think this major has a small salary. Quite the opposite, you know! If you continue to innovate with good branding, there is no doubt about the salary.

Not only practice, in this department you will also learn a lot of theory. Be it in the humanities or social fields, to technology. So, if you have talent and interest in this field, don't hesitate to take it and learn it!

7. Department of Traditional Medicine

7 Less Popular Majors with Great Job Opportunities

Sounds unique, but interesting, you know!

In this department, you will learn about the methods of making medicines using materials from nature. In addition, treatment methods, such as acupuncture, massage, and the like will also be studied. The same goes for nutrition.

Therefore, do not think the income will be small. If you find a concoction or herbal concoction and many producers are interested, you will earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Well, those are some majors that have little interest but have great job opportunities. How? Are you interested in one of them?

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