Manage THR so you don't waste it

Manage THR Wisely: Check Out These 5 Tips

Managing THR (Holiday Allowance) Wisely – Eid al-Fitr, a highly anticipated moment for many, not only brings happiness, togetherness but also financial joy. 

One of the sources of this joy is the Holiday Allowance (THR). When the THR is received, there is often an excessive shopping euphoria. Now, you need to learn how to manage your THR money. 

How do you manage your THR to avoid overspending? Follow these tips to ensure that the Eid celebration remains enjoyable without draining your pocket.

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5 Tips to Manage THR Wisely

Manage THR so you don't waste it

1. Create a Budget Plan

Just like your monthly salary, your THR money also needs a budget plan. Before starting to shop or planning a vacation, create a clear budget plan.

Determine the allocation of THR for basic needs, family expenses, and future savings. This way, you can avoid impulsive spending and focus more on essential needs.

2. Save Your THR Money

To ensure that your THR not only brings short-term benefits but also long-term ones, consider allocating a portion of it for investment or savings. One of the best options is Whiz Smart Saver; you can save with a high-interest rate of 6.75%, and it's safe and low-risk.

3. Set a Spending Limit

To prevent your THR from running out quickly, set spending limits that align with your needs and financial capabilities. Avoid the temptation to buy unnecessary items and focus on things that are truly essential.

4. Purchase Necessities Early

Manage THR so you don't waste it

Avoid making large purchases just before Eid. Instead, buy items for the Eid celebration gradually and in advance. This can help you avoid the price spikes that typically occur just before the big day.

5. Consider Sharing THR 

The tradition of giving gifts or money to nieces, nephews, or elders during Eid is an integral part. However, make sure that the money or gifts you give align with your financial ability. The sincerity of giving goes hand in hand with smart financial management policies.

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By implementing the above tips, hopefully, you can manage your THR money better and reap long-term benefits. 

Happy celebrating Eid al-Fitr with joy and peace. Don't forget to try Whiz Smart Saver to optimize your finances. Happy Eid al-Fitr!