What Does Passion Mean? Get to Know Yours Now!

Meaning of Passion – The word Passion is very often used to describe a hobby, pleasure, passion, and source of happiness. However, what does passion actually mean? And can you earn money by pursuing your passion?

What is Passion?

the meaning of passion

Passion is a word in English which means someone's passion or passion for something. Basically, an activity, desire or can be called a call by someone which if done will give satisfaction and pleasure. If he does not do or achieve it, he will feel lacking.

A person who is actively pursuing his passion does not think about whether it is profit or loss, in other words, sincerely do it. He will not be bored with it and will continue to pursue it, even though he has to face various challenges.

In other words, to quote Mark Twain, a well-known author from the United States "The two most important day in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why."

Passion is Diverse

Because passion comes from within each person, everyone's definition of success will be very subjective. In addition, although there are some people who have passions that at first glance seem the same, the origins of these passions and their ultimate goals will be different.

For example, there are several people who have the same passion, which is storytelling. Most likely their reasons and goals for telling stories are very different. There are people who want to share their thoughts, their imaginations, or a reflection of what they are experiencing. There are others who want to share other people's experiences, give voice to those who can't do it themselves.

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Benefits of Having Passion

Besides bringing lasting happiness, having a passion that you are actively pursuing can be a big boost for you to achieve success.

By having passion as your drive, whatever the obstacles, the end result you get will be felt worth it to achieve. Without realizing it, happiness, success, and self-satisfaction will be achieved.

This self-satisfaction will form a healthy mindset in your daily life, no matter what work or activities you do every day. Work will feel light, challenges will seem easy, and the difficulties you face will feel worth it to beat.

Besides, having an income while pursuing your passion can provide unparalleled happiness and satisfaction.

Have Income from Passion

Imagine you are working nine to five, Monday to Friday, every week, doing something that is not related to your passion or maybe doing something you hate, isn't it miserable?

To avoid this, start by uniting your passion with the work you want to do. The work itself doesn't have to be your passion, at least get closer to achieving that passion.

For example, my father has a passion for teaching and traveling the world. The path he followed was to become a trainer for a large company in Indonesia. He was assigned to teach entrepreneurship throughout Indonesia.

After traveling around the country alone, she was assigned to teach Indonesian female workers (TKW) in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. In addition, he was also sent to the United States and Europe to study entrepreneurship there.

the meaning of passion

As a result, my father's passion for teaching about the skills he has acquired, and his passion for traveling the world have been achieved, without spending a dime. In addition, this job provides a very sufficient income to meet the needs of his family.

The lesson is that whatever the passion, having income from that passion is not impossible. Sometimes it's not clear how you can earn from your passion.

In the past, my father didn't even know the right way to reach his passion. However, if you are ready and really want to pursue it, there will always be a way for those who dare to go through it.

Pursuing passion is not an easy thing. Besides that, no passion is better or greater than any other passion. The path that each person takes in reaching their passion will be different. So, if you achieve a life that is fulfilling and be happy, chase your dreams and passions.

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