memories of parents that children remember the most

5 Memories About Parents That Children Remember Most – #NostalgiaChildhood

Memories of Parents that Children Remember Most – As parents, Whiz Parents like to wonder, what memories do your children remember the most about us? Is it time parents first time teaching to ride a bicycle? Or just when parents don't give them their favorite candy?

The interaction between children and parents is something that magical. There have been many, you know, studies that explain the good benefits of a close relationship between children and their parents. Quoted from NI Organization Parenting, the close bond between children and parents can make children more confident to build relationships with the people around them.

Well, a good bond with this child can be parents wake up giving insight or good memory of them, you know. What are some of the memories of parents that children remember the most? Check out the explanation below, come on!

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Memories of Parents Most Remembered by Children

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1. Memories of Safety and Comfort

When we feel safe and comfortable, of course happy feelings will arise, right? This is what the children will also feel. One of the memories about parents that will stick in the child's memory is a sense of security and comfort.

For example, when parents give warm hugs while reading story books when they are about to fall asleep, or when parents hug their children when they are sad or angry. This feeling of security and comfort will make children feel protected and the role of parents becomes a "home" for them.

2. Memories of Parents Giving Your Full Attention

In addition to feeling safe and comfortable, the memory of parents paying attention to their children will also always be remembered, you know. Paying attention to children will make them feel loved by parents. For that, try to give full attention to the child. If parents already starting to feel too busy with work, try to make time to invite children to play and talk, OK!

3. Papa and Mama's Interaction

Without parents Realize, it turns out that children like to pay attention, you know, how the interactions between mom and dad are intertwined. This will make him understand the form of affection with loved ones or in the family. Therefore, parents can show affectionate interactions with one another so that they get a picture of a loving family.

4. Warnings given by parents

Parents are also human beings who do not escape the emotions of anger or sadness. But, it's good parents pay more attention to the form of reprimand given to children. This is because angry reactions accompanied by firm words or other forms of anger can be recorded strongly in the child's memory.

The form of reprimand given by parents to children will give a special impression on children. Therefore, avoid giving harsh reprimands to children, yes, Whiz Parents!

5. Parental Habits

Parents, likes to play gadgets or speaking in a high pitched voice? Be careful, you know, because it turns out that the habits of parents are one of the memories about parents that are most remembered by children. Come on, try to give examples of good habits in children!

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Well, that's Whiz Parents, 5 memories about parents that children remember the most. Hey, if parents What memories do you have the most from your childhood?

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