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Whiz Split bill

How to Share Bills Using Whiz Split Bill, No Hassle!

Whiz Split Bill – Whizmates, it's fun to hang out with friends on weekends, order lots of food, drink coffee, and tell lots of things. However, at the end of the session you will surely be preoccupied with calculating the bills that each of you have to pay. As a result, "Use your money...

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10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!

Girl's Birthday Theme - Birthday is a celebration that is only done once a year. Therefore, everyone certainly wants to celebrate it with an exciting and memorable celebration. Come on, do you admit that too? However, you...

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how to manage stress and negative emotions

How to Manage Stress and Negative Emotions Within

How to Manage Stress and Negative Emotions - Not infrequently, we feel stress in life. Multiple tasks, complicated thoughts, and unexpected problems can be the cause. In the psychology dictionary, stress is defined as pressure, tension, and conflict. It impacts...

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What is Real Money? Let's Learn About It!

Examples of Currency - Of course you already know that money is legal tender. Money is also called the most valuable asset. Based on its function, money is the most important element in the economic field. Money also has two types, you know!

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The 10 richest provinces in Indonesia

The 10 Richest Province in Indonesia, which are they?

10 Richest Provinces in Indonesia - According to the Statistics Agency (BPS), there are 10 richest provinces in Indonesia based on the highest Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD). Currently, DKI Jakarta is ranked first because its APBD in 2021 reaches IDR 72.18 trillion. However,...

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Unexpected Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur

Benefits of Entrepreneurship - Have you ever been offered to become an entrepreneur by the people around you? If you have and you are confused about the reason, the reason is because now the competition to get a job is getting higher. The government is also trying, you know, to pave the way for entrepreneurship...

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