Financial Literacy with Whiz

Whiz Pouch Automatic Transfer

Automatic Transfer Whiz: Making Saving Easier and More Convenient

Whiz Pocket Automatic Transfer – Whizmates, have you ever forgotten to fill your pocket and ended up missing the time to fill your savings target? Well, now you don't need to be afraid of forgetting to fill your dream bag. Whiz has an automatic transfer feature that will make it easier for you to reach your target...

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whiz pocket feature

Saving Fun and Easy with Whiz’s Pocket Feature

The Whiz Pocket feature is a feature that allows you to compile goals/wishlists and monitor progress towards those goals/wishlists. Apart from that, this feature can also help you understand what your goal is to save and learn to distinguish needs from wants. These skills are very important...

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Looking for Places to Eat in Bogor? Read this!

Places to Eat in Bogor – Have you ever looked for places to eat in Bogor? Indeed, apart from being a tourist destination, Bogor is often visited as a culinary spot for the community. In Bogor, you can feel eating with a natural atmosphere that is quite soothing. So, your mind will be more...

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