Take a Note, 8 Negative Impacts of a Wasteful Lifestyle

The Negative Impact of a Wasteful Lifestyle – It often happens in big cities related to this extravagant lifestyle. Nowadays, the word "wasteful" seems to have been replaced by the word "hedon". Hedon comes from the word "hedonism" which means material pleasure as the main goal of one's life.

Not infrequently people also ask him "what is the negative impact of an extravagant lifestyle?" Hey, are you one of them? Apparently, this extravagant lifestyle has many negative impacts, you know!

However, this extravagant lifestyle is indeed very difficult to get rid of. Especially if you live in an urban area. Various kinds of entertainment and facilities in big cities make people easily tempted to create a consumptive lifestyle.

Well, in addition to entertainment, trends are also one of the causes of the extravagant lifestyle of the people. More precisely the trend and prestige. Thus, making people, especially young people a consumptive lifestyle.

Embedded a prestige attitude towards young people if they can't keep up with the current trends. Well, this is what makes them even more extravagant. Then, what are the negative impacts of a wasteful lifestyle? If so, see, come on, the explanation below!

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8 Negative Impacts of a Wasteful Lifestyle

1. Don't Have Savings Money

One of the main impacts when you have a wasteful nature is not having money in savings. Why? It's clear, because all the money you have is mostly just to satisfy temporary desires.

If you know, having money saved is very profitable, you know! This is because the saved money will always be used when we need something emergency. For example, sick, paying dues, paying for education, and others.

If you spend too much money to satisfy desires, your chances of saving are very small. Even not. Well, the right way for you to save is to separate the money you need, such as shopping, etc., from saving money.

2. Never Have Enough

If you live extravagantly, then you will always feel lacking. Maybe it's not uncommon if we always see people who have a lot of income, but their lives are not calm and always complain that they don't have money. The income they receive is always less. Maybe it's because they're being extravagant.

In fact, if we are wise in managing money, regardless of the nominal income, we will feel enough. One way that we don't use all of our income is to make a financial plan.

Making a financial plan will really help us in controlling expenses. Moreover, if you plan your finances with the Whiz financial application.. Guaranteed not to be wasteful, deh.

3. Your Future Will Be Threatened

Having an extravagant nature when you are young can threaten your future. As a result, this extravagant nature will always stick when you are an adult, even to old age. You also have the potential to have no savings to support yourself in old age.

In fact, usually when we are old, we don't need to work. We just live to enjoy old age and enjoy the money we have saved from youth.

4. Many Thoughts

Take a Note, 8 Negative Impacts of a Wasteful Lifestyle

The main thing that causes a person to have a wasteful nature is stress. Who would have thought that being wasteful could also, you know, interfere with your mental health.

How can that be, huh? It could be, because someone who can't manage his finances well will easily get stressed. Stress will hit if you run out of money even though you still have a lot of needs.

5. Potentially Have Debt

Take a Note, 8 Negative Impacts of a Wasteful Lifestyle

Wasteful can result in someone getting into debt. This can happen because of course, the income they get is prioritized for their wishes first. In addition, extravagant people find it very difficult to hold back their desires, even when they have no money.

Well, thus, the solution taken is to get into debt. If this habit continues, it will accumulate and make you stressed.

6. It's Hard to Save

An extravagant lifestyle makes your financial condition irregular. You will always spend money on things that are not important just because of trends and prestige.

Moreover, nowadays there is the term "self-reward" which is used for someone who buys secondary, even tertiary needs as a reward for himself for having succeeded in doing something.

However, this term is sometimes misused so that people over-buy and forget to save.

7. Regret

Take a Note, 8 Negative Impacts of a Wasteful Lifestyle

Usually, people who are extravagant will regret it later. Let alone later on, sometimes in the middle or at the end of the month already regret it. This is because their income has run out while basic needs still have to be met.

8. Difficult to Manage Finances

Like saving, people who are wasteful will find it very difficult to manage their finances, such as making financial plans, recording income or expenses.

In fact, managing finances is very important for us in a predetermined period of time. For example in a month, two weeks, or a week.

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Those are some of the effects. So, do you still want to ask what is the negative impact of an extravagant lifestyle? Definitely not, yes. From now on, avoid extravagance, OK!

If it's still difficult, try slowly by downloading the Whiz financial application.. You will be taught how to finance well through its features, such as recording income and expenses, even saving money.