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How much is college students' pocket money?

How much is college students' pocket money? After your child graduates high school, they will continue their education to the college level. In college, children will have preferences in choosing activities and needs necessary for college life.

It is their right. As a parent, you must give them allowance, to provide for their college life. This pocket money is for their needs. Some are transport fees, Food and drink, and other college-supporting facilities.

So, how much is the average allowance, a college student can have? How do we decide it? The Whiz financial application Let's try them!


The Average Pocket Money For College Students

How much is college students' pocket money?

When one starts college, they have many things necessary for college life. This pocket money must be enough to fulfill their needs. Parents must carefully calculate their spending to cover the distance from their campus to their living space, living cost, college needs, and another spending. allowance, must be considered carefully.

amount allowance, a college student has varied from one to another. One may have IDR 500k, 1 million, or more than 3 million. The time they are given the money is also different. One may be given weekly or monthly. These all depend on each the family's finances, Ok!

But, generally, the average college student's allowance, is around IDR 600k to three million, according to their needs. Parents can discuss it with their children. If their children's needs exceed that, allowance, can reach more than 3 million.

This pocket money must be calculated by taking in many factors: the family's financess has tips for you so you can adjust your childern's allowance, according to the family's financesake a look at the tips!

The Way to Determine College Student's Pocket Money

How much is college students' pocket money?

1. 1. Consider The facilities' Needs

How much is college students' pocket money?

When one starts college life, they get into their chosen campus. The distance between the campus and their living space must be counted in allowance,.

If the campus is far from home, they must get the facilities and allowance, to cover their transportation fee from the rented room to the campus. But if they don't stay in a rented room and go from home, their allowance, must cover their transport fee too.

Calculate the facility money or their allowance, and put it into their pocket.

2. 2. Consider The Daily Needs

How much is college students' pocket money?

When in college, children usually spend their time on campus, either for study, join in an organization, or doing other activities. They will often eat out with their friends rather than at home.

The amount of spending for eating must be counted into allowance,. The money will be timed three for a day if they live in rented rooms. And those who go from home decide whether they will bring provisions from home.

This is an important thing. Try to keep the family's finances and don't force your children to eat out if they live in rented rooms. Provide them with nutritious Food. That way, you won't need to spend more money, and this can help your the family's finances.

3. 3. Consider The Living Cost

The living costs for each province are different and must be considered to determine pocket money. If the campus is in an area with a high living cost, their allowance, must be adjusted with the prices of daily needs in that place, and vice versa.

4. 4. Consider The College and Activities' Needs

How much is college students' pocket money?

Parents must consider the lecture cost, like buying a book or other things necessary for their lectures. Sometimes, children also need more funds to spend on other things that are not scheduled, like classes and club dues or facilities that support their hobbies.

Parents also must consider their children's need for refreshments They need to hanging out with their friends. This one is optional. Parents can teach their children to put aside some of their pocket money to be used for hanging out with their friends. the Whiz financial application..

With these apps, parents can supervise their children's money management. This can train them to manage their money further.

5. 5. Discuss With Your Children

The most crucial thing in determining allowance, is a discussion between the parents and their children. Children most likely have a way of calculating their spending in college. Listen to their plan and adjust their pocket money according to the family's finances.

Remember to guide them to control their allowance, by being frugal and by saving however much they can.


Using those five considerations, parents can start calculating their children's allowance, independently. Remember that children's voices must be heard, especially when deciding on allowance, Please pay attention to what they say so parents can know and control what their children want in their college life for their future.

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