Privacy Policy

PT Midazpay Digital Indonesia (“Whiz” or “We”) highly respect matters relating to the protection of your privacy. 

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use, transfer, disclose, delete and protect your personal information as a Whiz Application User and a User that can be identified and obtained through the media that we provide. You are expected to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the services provided, to ensure that you understand how the provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to us.

You declare that your Personal Information is true and valid data, and you give consent to us to obtain, collect, process, analyze, store, display, announce, transmit, disseminate, delete and destroy in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the laws and regulations applicable. We hope you read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that you understand how our data is processed. By using the Whiz Application, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Whiz Terms and Conditions. Capitalized terms used have the same meaning as those contained in the Whiz Terms and Conditions. Please click the following link [] to access the Whiz Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy is collected and compiled on the use of the Application and Services including the following:

A. Personal Information 

B. Accuracy of the Data provided 

C. Information collected 

D. Use of the information collected 

E. Disclosure of collected information 

F. Links to Third Party Sites or Platforms 

G. Information Storage and Security 

H. Unauthorized Access 

I. Requests for Access and Change of Personal Information 

A. Changes to this Privacy Policy 

K. Withdrawal of Consent and Destruction 

L. Closing 



Personal information or Personal Data is any data, information, and/or information in any form that can identify you, which from time to time you convey to us or which you include or convey in, on, and/or through the Application concerning information regarding your personal.  


We collect certain Personal Information from Users as part of KYC verification so that the Application can perform its functions properly for the use of the Service. Personal Information may be provided by the User directly (for example, when registering as an Application user) or automatically collected when the User uses the Application. 

Information and access that users provide directly  

1. Personal Information collected during registration may include, among others: your full name, your identity document number, date of birth, gender, electronic mail address (email), mobile phone number. When registering on the Application, the User will give us access to the User's device as follows: 

i. allow Whiz to make calls and manage calls : used to find out the IMEI of the User's application; 

ii. allow Whiz to access photos, media and files on your device : used for collecting personal photos and identity photos for verification and KYC purposes 

iii. allow Whiz to send and view messages via SMS : used to send OTP when verifying transactions and/or logging in; 

iv. allow Whiz to take pictures and record videos : used for QR Code scanning purposes during transactions and/or biometric verification during registration. 

2. In connection with the electronic money facility, We will collect information related to the electronic money transaction by the User, including but not limited to the name of the bank, the name of the account holder, the account number and the amount of funds transacted through the electronic money facility.

3. Users, can provide a referral code (referral code) to other parties, in the form of a message the User sends or We publish through an electronic messaging facility or through a social media provider. We will not collect the data of the party to which the User sends the message. 

4. In connection with marketing / promotion programs, we may ask Users to send other identity cards such as student cards or student cards via email to registered Customer care or upload them in the Application as part of the winner verification process and validation of program participation to avoid any action fraud and misuse of User Whiz accounts by irresponsible parties.

Information we collect when Users use the Application 

1. When you use Our Application, the administrator will process technical data including but not limited to: IP address, location information (geo location), your device data, IMEI number, the name of the application that has been attached to your device, data concerning information regarding your transaction activities on the Whiz Application, and other data classified as Personal Information. 

2. When the User uses the Application through the User's device, We will track and collect information geo-location by real-time and other relevant information to support the function of the Application. We will also use information geo-location as a whole and in an anonymous form to obtain statistical information and management information for the purpose of improving the functionality of the Application.


We need your Personal Information, one of which is to be able to process transactions. Therefore, the Personal Information that you provide to us must be as accurate as possible and not misleading. You must update and notify us of any changes to your Personal Information. You hereby release us from any claims, lawsuits, damages, and/or claims in connection with the failure of transaction processing on the Whiz Application caused by the inaccuracy of the Personal Data that you provide to us.  

If you are not 18 years old, unmarried, or under guardianship then you need the consent of your parent, guardian or legal guardian to provide information to us. If your Personal Information is provided to us, you hereby represent and warrant that your parent, legal guardian or guardian has consented to the processing of your Personal Information and personally accepts and agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy and is responsible for your actions. . 

In certain circumstances, you may provide Personal Information relating to other people (such as your spouse, family members, and/or friends). In such circumstances, you represent and warrant that you have the authority and consent of the owner of the Personal Information to provide their Personal Information to us for use in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.


While using the services provided by the Application, we may use the information we have collected under the following conditions: 

1. We may use the User's Electronic Mail (email), name, phone number, and account password to verify User's ownership of an account, and provide Users with information about the Application. We may also use the User's name, email and phone number to send messages, general updates to the Application, special offers or promotions. We will also send an email to the User asking the User to subscribe to our Mailing List. Users may at any time choose not to receive information regarding these updates. 

2. We use geo-location and information for the purpose of the Customer (i) to find out the location mapping of the User; (ii) for investigation purposes if we identify fraud from the user's side and (iii) analyze patterns of application use to improve application performance. 

3. We use information such as the name of the bank where the account is created and stored and the amount transacted using electronic money in the Application system to ensure acceptance by the party concerned of the funds transacted through the electronic money system. 

4. We use Personal Information in its entirety for account opening purposes as an integral part of the terms Know Your Customer (KYC) Users who hereby agree that User data will be used by Our internal data processing system to ensure that the best functions are provided in the Application for Users. 

5. Furthermore, we will process, analyze, and/or use your Personal Information for the following purposes or other purposes permitted by the applicable laws and regulations: 

a. Identify and register you as a user of the Whiz Application and verify,  deactivate or manage your account, including performing Know Your Customer processes (Know Your Customer); 

b. Allow us to provide the services you request or process the transactions you request;

c. Process and manage your Whiz Cash balance; 

d. Prevent, detect, investigate and address the occurrence of acts that are criminal, prohibited, illegal, illegal or fraudulent, which may occur in the use of the Whiz Application (including but not limited to fraud (including but not limited to fraud).fraud), embezzlement, theft and money laundering); 

e. Develop, add and provide products to meet your needs;

f. Conducting research on demographic data of Whiz Application users; 

g. Develop, improve, and provide Our services, the Whiz Application, and features in the Whiz Application; 

h. Sending information that we think is useful to you, including information about our services after you give us your consent that you don't mind being contacted about our services; 

i. Internal administrative purposes, such as; audits, data analysis, records in the database; 

j. Communicate with you in connection with all matters regarding the Whiz Application, Our services, and/or features thereof; and 

k. Maintain the safety, security, and continuity of the Whiz Application, Our services, and/or features thereof.


The User hereby agrees and authorizes us to provide the disclosure of User's Personal Information as part of the Terms and Conditions. 


As We have explained in the Whiz Application Terms and Conditions, each Whiz Youth account can be linked to one Whiz Parent account. All information regarding transaction activities and other activities carried out by the Whiz Youth account can be viewed by the Whiz Parent account linked to the Whiz Youth account. Any account linking must be approved by both Whiz Youth and Whiz Parent accounts. If one of the accounts disconnects the account, then all transaction activities and other activities carried out by the Whiz Youth account can no longer be seen by the Whiz Parent account that has been disconnected. 


a. For the purpose of developing, improving, protecting, or maintaining the Whiz Application, and/or our other services, we are sometimes required to display, publish, transmit, and/or disseminate Personal Information to Third Parties. You hereby state that you have given your consent, permission, and authority to us to announce, send, and/or disseminate and provide access to Personal Information to Third Parties for the purposes as referred to in this Privacy Policy. For the avoidance of doubt, Third Parties referred to in this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to: 

i. Third parties who are our affiliated companies for or in connection with purposes related to the provision of the Whiz Application, business management and other activities; and 

ii. Third Party which is a government authority or institution if (i) is required or ordered by applicable laws and regulations (including but not limited to responding to questions related to regulations, investigations or guidelines, or complying with archiving and reporting requirements or conditions based on laws and regulations applicable) and/or (ii) there is a legal process related to Us; 

iii. Third Party if there is a company transaction, such as: the formation of a joint venture, sale of a subsidiary or division, merger, consolidation, takeover, sale of assets, or liquidation; 

iv. Other Third Parties (including agents, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners and other parties who provide services to us or you, perform tasks on behalf of us or parties with whom we enter into commercial cooperation) for or in connection with the purposes for which such third parties are involved or the purpose of our cooperation with the Third Party (depending on the circumstances), which may include allowing the Third Party to introduce or offer products or services to you or carry out other activities including marketing, research, analysis, and product development of the Third Party (depending on the circumstances ). 

b. We do not share User's Personal Information with any party other than the parties mentioned in point (2) above, without the consent of the User. However, we will disclose User's Personal Information to the extent that it is legally required, or necessary to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, government institutions, or in the event of a dispute, or any form of legal process between the User and us, or between the User and another user. in connection with, or in connection with the Service. Including if there are allegations of criminal acts including but not limited to money laundering and terrorism. 

c. We may remove certain parts of the User's Personal Information that can identify the User (so that the Personal Information becomes anonymous data) and disclose the anonymous data to Third Parties for the purpose of developing the Application, 

database management, analysis or Service improvement. We may also combine User's Personal Information with other information in such a way that the information is no longer associated with the User, then disclose the combined information to Third Parties, for the purposes mentioned above. 

d. We do not sell or rent User Personal Information to Third Parties. 

e. In connection with the implementation of special widgets or content in the Whiz Application as we describe in these Terms and Conditions, we hereby declare our partner, PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia will and can send, convey and/or provide your Personal Information to other parties with whom PT Rocket Technology Indonesia cooperates (as relevant), especially in order to be able to forward your request for the support services you want to other support service providers. In this case, the other party who receives your Personal Information will be subject to obligations related to the delivery and use of the same data that applies to PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia. 

f. Regarding the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, use, storage, display, announcement, delivery, dissemination, deletion and destruction of your Personal Information in the implementation of services and the provision of special widgets or content in the Whiz Application, We ensure that Whiz will do the same or commensurate with what We do in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


The Whiz Application may contain links to Third Party sites. We are not responsible for the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, use, storage, display, announcement, transmission, dissemination, deletion and destruction of your Personal Information by such Third Parties. If you provide information directly to these sites, the Privacy Policy and terms of service on those sites will apply, and we are not responsible for the information processing activities or the Privacy Policies of these sites. 

In the event that the Whiz service can be received by the User through other platforms, including but not limited to Third Party platforms in the context of implementing partner access cooperation, the User understands and understands that the Whiz application and the Third Party's Application have a separate / different environment. We are only responsible for the collection, use, destruction of Personal Information activities carried out and approved by the User on the Whiz Application.


Confidentiality of User's data and Personal Information is of utmost importance to us. We will apply the best efforts and measures to protect and secure User's data and Personal Information. We ensure that:  

1. Your data collected and/or collected by us will be stored safely in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. We will retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy; 

2. We will stop storing, deleting and/or destroying Personal Information as soon as it is deemed that the purpose for collecting Personal Information is no longer required and permitted by the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia; 

3. Your Personal Information may be stored, transferred or processed by third party service providers. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that these third parties protect Personal Information that is commensurate with our commitments under this Privacy Policy. 

4. We guarantee that all Personal Information that we have collected will be stored on our secure servers in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Our security system has met industry standards, we also carry out regular testing of our systems to ensure our security mechanisms are running properly. 

However, despite all the preventive measures that we have taken, we cannot fully guarantee that our system will not be penetrated at all due to viruses, malware, interference or extraordinary events by third parties without access without our authorization. Storage of Personal Information by us will be carried out for as long as necessary, to protect our interests if at any time required by law.


We are responsible for the Personal Information we collect from you but please note that you are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Personal Information by not allowing third parties to access your Personal Information without your consent and knowledge. In connection with this, we are not responsible for the misuse of your account, password and/or PIN that you create and use to access your Personal Information wherever you store your Personal Information, including Account, password and/or PIN to access or login your Whiz Application. You are required to notify us if you believe that your Whiz Application password and/or PIN is being misused by an irresponsible party. 


Subject to applicable laws and regulations, you can request access to and/or request changes to your Personal Information, by contacting Whiz User Service (with supporting evidence), via: 

o email to [email protected] 

o Help Center in the Whiz App; 

o Instagram (@Whiz.idn). 

We reserve the right to refuse your request to access and/or change your Personal Information for reasons justified under applicable laws and regulations.


We may at any time change, update, and/or add part or all of the provisions in this Privacy Policy, in accordance with our business in the future, and/or changes to laws and regulations. We will inform you in advance through available communication media or through periodic updates to the application and give you time to study the new terms and conditions of the new privacy policy within 7 (seven) calendar days, if any. there is no response from you then you are considered to have accepted the new privacy policy, but if you state that you do not agree with, then you have the right to stop using the Whiz Application service.


Unless otherwise specified in the laws and regulations, the User may withdraw the User's consent for the collection, use and/or disclosure of the User's Personal Information and/or the deletion of the User's Personal Information whose requirements and procedures are in accordance with the laws and regulations that specifically regulate this, with the following requirements: 

1. Not registered as an active user of the Application (already deactivated the account); 

2. Not being bound by obligations, responsibilities or not being bound by an agreement in connection with the facilities provided by the Application 

3. Submit a request for deletion of Personal Information to us via email to our customer care at [email protected] by attaching valid proof of identity along with reasons for revocation of consent and deletion of Personal Information. 

In connection with the withdrawal of consent or the deletion of the User's Personal Information, either partially or completely, it may result in the User no longer being able to use our Application. The User hereby declares that he knows and understands the impact of withdrawing his consent and/or deletion of the User's Personal Information.


This Privacy Policy is attached to and is an integral part of the Whiz Application Terms and Conditions, matters that have not been regulated in this Privacy Policy, will be subject to and bound by the Whiz Application Service Terms and Conditions. The effective date of this Privacy Policy is the same as the effective date of the Whiz Application Service Terms and Conditions.