Recommended Exciting Ideas for Welcoming Ramadan

Exciting Ideas for Welcoming Ramadan – The month of Ramadan is a month welcomed by Muslims all over the world. According to KBBIThe month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Hijri year. In this holy month, Muslims fast.

Fasting is done from dawn to dusk. From sunrise to sunset, Muslims fast against thirst and hunger. Fasting is opened with sahur and closed with iftar.

When fasting, there are many exciting activities that can be done. Here are recommendations for fun ideas to welcome Ramadan. Curious? Come on, see the following explanation!

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8 Fun Ideas for Welcoming Ramadan

fun ideas for ramadan

1. Preparing Iftar Meals

Breaking the fast is something to look forward to. To welcome him, preparing iftar is very exciting if done together. You can prepare iftar together with the closest people. 

To make it even more exciting, work hand in hand in preparing the meal. Helping each other is also a good thing with great rewards, FYI!

2. Food and Drink Joint Venture

Breaking together at a restaurant and ordering a different menu is common. The new idea, break it up at a friend's house! As a rule, each person brings a different type of food or drink.

To make it even more fun, cut as many papers as participants in the book. On each paper, write down what kind of food is brought, for example rice, vegetables, side dishes, drinks, or takjil. Shake and distribute to each participant. 

Bring the type of food and the menu on the day of the day. Don't let the menu be found out before bukber, OK!  

3. Open a Picnic

In addition to eating places or at a friend's house, you can also dine elsewhere. Yes, garden! Choose a light and comfortable park, bring food and drinks and picnic supplies. Don't forget, the food and drink waste is thrown in the trash, OK!

4. One Day One Lesson (TOOTHPASTE)

In the month of Ramadan, many good things can be done. One of them is reminiscent of virtue. Now, one day one lesson is an activity to remind the lesson of goodness.

Lessons are taken from anywhere, such as books, podcast, videos, or observations of the outside world. At a set time each day, for example when opening, present the lesson. Make turns based on the members participating in this activity. This activity is perfect for doing with the people closest to you!

5. Take Alms

Ngabuburit looking for takjil is normal. Ngabuburit giving takjil, amazing! In this month of goodness, multiply alms. You can give food and drink to anyone you feel in need. 

You can give takjil to people who are stuck in traffic, give iftar food to people who are less fortunate, or street feeding to wild animals. The important thing is the intention to give charity, yes!

6. Reach Tadarus Target

It's a shame if the month of Ramadan is not accompanied by reading the Koran. To get even more excited, make tadarus goals and page shares for each day. Invite the people closest to you to reach the target too!

7. Alms Savings

Want to give a lot of charity during Eid later? Come on, give alms! Try saving a nominal amount every day during Ramadan. You can save anywhere, one of them is in financial applications. By regularly saving, during Lebaran, you can give your savings results to charity!

8. Bukber On line

The month of fasting is the right month to establish friendship. However, sometimes distance prevents us from seeing each other face to face. Take advantage of today's sophisticated technology for bukber! Held video call with friends or family far away for bukber, yes!

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Those are the recommendations for exciting ideas to welcome Ramadan. Whatever the activity, the important thing is that the intention must be good and run well, yes! If you want to save alms, you can at Whiz, you know!

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