rewards for high school kids

Recommended Rewards for High Schoolers

In high school, children are going through the final phases of their teenage years. Quoted from, in adolescence, especially 14–18 years, children have begun to show their independence to their parents. So, appreciate the learning process by giving gifts to high school students.

During high school, children's emotional development is not very stable. Give a suitable gift for children as an appreciation and appreciation for the things they are going through. That way, parents can be trusted by their children as one of the comfort zone they.

High school kids are looking for their identity. They have many hobbies and hobbies that they are exploring. So, what are the recommended rewards for high school students? Here's the explanation.

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7 Recommended Rewards for High School Children 

rewards for high school kids

1. Skin and Body Care

In adolescence, children are going through puberty. At puberty, hormonal changes occur. These changes make some hormone activity increase and have an impact on skin conditions, one of which is on the face. Acne appears. 

You can gift skincare or body care for their skin care. Look for suitable products or ask them, what products are usually used. Choose products that are safe for teenagers, yes!

2. Perfume

During puberty, high school children may experience excessive body odor. This is due to an increase in certain hormones. Of course, this event is very natural, but it can make children less confident.

In addition to guiding them to clean their bodies properly, you can give them perfume to make them smell better. By wearing perfume, children can be more confident to play and do activities again. 

3. Music or Movie App Subscription Packages

With so many children's activities, such as studying, extracurricular activities, or courses, children need refreshing. Actually, how refreshments people are different. Some like to be alone, some like to be with many people.

Facilitate the time refreshmentsby buying a music subscription package like Spotify, or movies like Netflix and Disney Hotstar. Children can't buy it themselves because they need it e-wallet or CC which can only be accessed by people who already have an ID card.

By buying this subscription package, children can watch it alone or with friends. Gifts for high school kids version refreshments fulfilled!

4. Movie or Concert Tickets 

It is natural for someone to have something or someone they like. In high school, children may like certain genres or certain artists. High school children have started to be independent and responsible for themselves. The next high school gift is a ticket!

You can buy them tickets to movies they like, or tickets to concerts for artists they like. If there is an age rule, accompany them. If not, let them go alone or with friends. What is clear, always supervise them without judging.

5. Something They Like

High school kids are in a period of exploration. Children are finding out what they like, what they like, as one of the determinants of where they will travel when they grow up. So, give a gift for high school kids who are active!

You can give a gift according to his preferences. If you like the game, give a game voucher. Enjoy sports? Buy the equipment. Like art? Gift the equipment. 

5. Wallet

During high school, children need money to be active. However, the child does not have access to a card or card yet e-wallet. So, the child still has to hold cash. Wallets are one of the suitable gifts and useful for children.

But, don't worry! Now there are financial applications that can be used by children, you know!

6. Quality Time

In high school, children have many activities. One of the media refreshments What you can give your child is spending quality time. You can accompany them spending quality time with the family to the playground or any place the child likes. 

If they are happier spending quality time with friends, also give it a chance. Or, if they wanted me time also give permission. Because, when emotions are unstable due to puberty, children really need time to recharge the energy

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That's a reward for high school kids that you can give. Don't forget to use the Whiz financial application to accompany his teenage years in managing finances!