Children's responsibilities to parents

9 Responsibilities of Children to Parents, What Are They?

Children's Responsibilities to Parents A child is the most beautiful gift for every parent. They will sincerely care for and take care of their child until they grow up. Parents will provide everything for their child and do their responsibilities as parents.

However, it is not only parents who have the responsibility to take care of their children. Every child also has responsibilities and obligations to their parents, such as always obeying and listening to their parents' words.

Even if the child has grown up, becomes independent, and lives far from their parents, the responsibility of a child to their parents should not be forgotten. Then, what are the responsibilities and obligations of children to parents? Let's read the following article.

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9 Responsibilities and Obligations of Children to Parents

1. Love and Respect Them

Children's responsibilities to parents

It is not only parents who have the responsibility to love their children. Every child must also show their affection to their parents. But, In what way?

There are many ways to show your parents love, starting with doing things they love, giving special gifts on their happy day, or growing up to be a devoted child to your parents.

In addition to showing affection, children must also respect their parents by speaking politely and taking care of their feelings.

2. Protecting and Taking Care of Them

Children's responsibilities to parents

As time goes by, parents who previously looked strong and healthy will get old. As children, we are obliged to care for and look after our parents as they took care of us.

As adults, we may live separately from our parents. Make sure to always visit your parents when you have free time. Meeting and seeing their child in person will definitely make every parent happy.

3. Obeying Your Parents

Children's responsibilities to parents

Parents must have done everything to give the best to their children. Therefore, children must be obedient and devoted to their parents, not just respect them. But, how to be an obedient and devoted child to them?

You can do things that make your parents happy. Doing what they tell you as long as it is a good thing for you, like living more frugally and not spending too much or being wasteful. If you still feel it is hard to manage your own finances, you can use this family money management app to manage your finances easier.

Every parent always tries to do the best for their child, so try to always obey your parents, ok!

4. Asking for Parents' Permission and Blessings

Have you ever wanted to do something, but in the end it failed and you said, "It must be because my parents didn't approve of it!".

Indeed, if you need something, it would be nice to ask for permission and blessings from your parents. You don't have to need something major to ask for their permission and blessings, small things like going to school, college, doing assignments, and so on will be more meaningful if you get the blessing of your parents.

Let's get used to asking for permissions and blessings from your parents from now on!

5. Helping Parents' Work

Does anyone like to complain or procrastinate when your parents tell you to buy something at the mart?

Helping your parents' work is also the responsibility of a child. Try helping your dad while fixing something in the house, washing the car, gardening, watering the plants, and so on.

You can also help your mother by cleaning the house, helping her when she cooks, doing laundry, or when you're asked to go to the shop.

By helping your parents, you don't only learn to do many things, but you also learn to make your parents happy. Let's start helping parents sincerely, OK!

6. Keeping the Good Name and Child's Mandate of Parents

No one is perfect, neither are your parents. There may be bad things about them. But, try not to talk bad about your parents with outsiders. 

Keeping the good name and mandate of parents means keeping and carrying out the advice of your parents.

7. Coming Immediately When Your Parents Call

Sometimes when we are in the middle of doing something, parents will call us to come home. Sometimes we forget and instead say words like "ah" when our parents call. However, keep in mind that visiting your parents is also a child's responsibility and to respect them.

Take a moment to come home even if you are working on something. Because, immediately coming to meet the parents who called is a form of obedience to your parents. Do you agree, Whizmates?

8. Pray for the Good of the World and the Hereafter

Just like parents towards their children, we as children must also pray for the good of the world and the hereafter to them. You can pray for the health and overall matter of your parents, and ask for protection at every step of their feet.

Not only in the world, even when they are gone, we must always pray for them to be placed in God's best place.

9. Provide for Your Parents If You Can

At an increasingly old and vulnerable age, they can't always work all the time. If you have an income and are able to provide for your parents, then you can give them money as much as you can, OK, Whizmates!

If they used to take care of the family's finances , now is the time when we are the ones who will care for and provide for our parents. Even though your parents are still able to work, you can still set aside some money to give to them.

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Well, those are some of the responsibilities of children to their parents. One of the important responsibilities that children have to do is learn to organize and manage finances for your future.

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