Rewards for Junior High Schoolers

7 Rewards for Junior High School Students

Rewards for Junior High School Students – Looking for rewarding or gifts for middle schoolers can be challenging. The reason is that middle schoolers are just going through pubertyso they need items that are useful for themselves and considered cool for children in their social environment.

Validation from their peers is very important for junior high school students. They spend most of their time with friends, and they also start to know about themselves.

Whiz has 7 recommendations for gifts that are perfect for giving to junior high school students. Besides being cool, these items also have long-term value. Let's take a look at the recommendations!

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7 Rewards for Middle Schoolers

1. Gadgets

Gadgets are very important for teenagers, and we live in an all-digital era. You can provide a gadget that suits your child's wishes and needs. It can be smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, or wireless earphones.

All of these items have their uses and benefits. If children need some items to make it easier for them to learn and communicate with others, you can choose smartphones.

You can also teach children to manage finances using the smartphone purchased using the Whiz appthe area is also very cozy for you to hang out.

2. Shoes

For teenagers, having 'expensive' sports shoes is a matter of pride. Consider buying sports shoes with unique designs for your children. These shoes are very multifunctional. Children can use them for sports and traveling with friends as well.

3. Skin & Body Care Products

During this time, junior high school children are usually experiencing some changes in hormones and their bodies through puberty. As a result, various skin problems begin to appear, for example, such as acne and dry skin. You can give skincare products to help your children take care of their skin.

But, parents need to make sure that the skincare products are meant specifically for teenagers. Parents can check this through the ingredients or by consulting a dermatologist. Teenage skin tends to be sensitive, so ensure the skincare products don't do any harm to their skin.

4. Accessories

You can give your children various types of accessories, from necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, rings, belts, and so on. You need to adjust it to the style that the child likes.

If you decide to give a gift in the form of accessories made of gold, these accessories can also be an investment for your child in the future. It's very useful, too, right?

However, you can also adjust it to the situation of the family's finances first if you want to give rewards to children, OK.

5. Perfumes

Perfumery can be an elegant gift choice for junior high school students. You can choose a perfume with a range of price that suits budget. You can also, FYI, invite children to find out more about what smells they like. They are more likely to wear the perfume too.

6. Wallets

You can give your child a good quality wallet as one of the rewarding for their achievements. Children can use it to store their money, and the wallet can last a long. For the record, make sure the design and color of the wallet are appropriate for teenagers so they don't seem "old."

7. Gift Cards

Does your child like to play games? Or like to shop online? Gift Cards could be the perfect gift for them!

You can buy various of gift cards, for example Google Play, App Store, online shopping vouchers, or the Whiz app. Your children can use the gift cards to buy the goods or games they want.

The Importance of Giving Rewards to Children

There's no denying when parents give rewards or appreciation to children. Then they will feel happy. This reward is a good thing for them too. 

There are at least four important benefits of giving rewards to children, according to the page in as follows.  

1. Improving Children's Skills

The first benefit is to improve children's skills. Don't you agree, parents? Giving rewards to children without even realizing it will encourage them to become more skilled and active.

Because when they have succeeded in achieving something, they will be more motivated to reach the next goal.

2. Increasing Children's Self-Esteem

Children tend to feel happy, proud, and confident when they have achieved something.

By giving rewards to children, their self-esteem also tends to increase. When they become more confident, they can appreciate their efforts and love themselves more.

3. Creating Strong Bonds between the Child and the Parent

The relationship between children and parents will be stronger when the child is rewarded for their efforts.

They will feel valued, loved, given affection, and cared for by those closest to them. This can make the relationship between parents and children closer and stronger.

Giving rewards to children can be in small amounts, parents. You can also give them their favorite food, allowance,, play in the park or go to a place you have long dreamed of. You can even give kisses, compliments, hugs, high fives, and other simple acts as gifts.

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Those are 7 recommendations of rewarding for middle school kids! Hopefully these recommendations inspire you to give gifts for your children. These recommendations of rewarding can be an inspiration for parents in determining the prize when the child completes the Task feature in Whiz, too, you know! Dear parents , have you tried this feature yet? Come on, let's try it now!


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