Rights and Responsibilities within the Family Everyone Should Remember!

Rights and Responsibilities within the Family – Rights and responsibilities are two things that go hand in hand, FYISometimes it isn't easy to separate rights and responsibilities because they are closely related. As a human being, you must also be able to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Rights and responsibilities must be balanced too. If you want to get your rights, you must do your responsibilities first. You certainly can only demand more rights if you do your responsibilities well.

However, everyone has rights and responsibilities depending on their role in a specific circumstance, especially within their own family. Then, what exactly are the rights and responsibilities? To find out the explanation, come on see it below!

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What are Rights and Responsibilities?

family rights and responsibilities

According to the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language (KBBI), rights are right, belong, be the possession of, have power, and have the authority to do something. This is because the laws and regulations in Indonesia have determined the rights, OK.

Meanwhile, responsibility is something that must be done or carried out with full authority. Thus, if we have done the responsibility, the right will follow.

In addition, Notonegoro also said that the right is the power to receive or do something that we should have received or done.

Responsibility is a burden to do or give something that a specific party should have done or given. You also have to know that the responsibility is coercive, OK.

Rights and Responsibilities within the Family

According to https://emodul.kemdikbud.go.id/, here are examples of rights and responsibilities within the family.

Examples of Rights within the Family

1. Right to Food, Clothing, and Housing

You are no stranger to the words clothing, food, and housing. Yup! Clothing is a basic need in the form of clothing or garments. Food is a basic need in the form of meals and drinks. Meanwhile, housing is a basic need for a place to live.

Well, from those three, we have the right to get all of them within the family environment. Not only you, but all members deserve it, be it a father, mother, brother, or sister.

Why? Yup, because to survive, humans need clothing, food and drink, and a place to live.

As a parent, you must be able to give that right to your child. Well, for you as a parent to get this right, you have to do the responsibility to make a living.

2. Right to Affection

family rights and responsibilities

A harmonious family is a family full of love and affection. You also have to know that the love of a fellow family has become the inner need of every human being, OK. Without family affection, life will feel lacking and sad. It's true.

Without affection, you won't feel happy, and it can cause many problems. Many problems that come will undoubtedly affect your physical and mental health. Thus, every family member has the right to affection.

3. Right to Guidance and Education

family rights and responsibilities

Education is the number one thing. A quote says, "Family is the first school for children." This is true because we are born and come from a family in which we get our first understanding of the world.

Thus, when we are born, we are in a family environment that teaches us many things before getting to know the real outside world. Therefore, the family is called the first school for children.

Family education is also very influential for many things because it involves the characteristics that will be useful for one's own life and for society.

Example of Responsibilities within the Family

1. Helping Each Other

family rights and responsibilities

Helping family members is also our responsibility, FYI. Parents can help their children to complete homework. On the other hand, children can help their parents to clean the house.

By doing this responsibility, you will create family harmony. You will also get your right to affection.

2. Maintaining House Cleanliness

When your house is clean, it will be comfortable. Besides comfort, a clean house will also affect your health and the family. Thus, you have to clean it regularly.

It’s not only your responsibility as a parent, but keeping the house clean is the responsibility of every family member. For example, you can divide which family members wash the dishes, sweep and mop the floor.

Well, then all family members have the responsibility to keep the house clean. After that, the house will be clean and comfortable.

3. Obeying the Family Rules

Every family has different rules. For example, each family member can come home at 10 pm, wash the dishes after every meal, and turn off the electricity when not in use. Well, you should follow this rule, which has become your responsibility too.

If you violate it, you are not carrying out the responsibility well, which will later affect the rights you get.

4. Say Goodbye when Leaving the House

Rights and Responsibilities within the Family Everyone Should Remember!

Both children and parents should say goodbye to each other when one wants to leave the house. Saying goodbye will foster a sense of security for family members. When you say goodbye, your family members can find out where you are going, with whom, and when to come home.

Besides, saying goodbye is a form of courtesy between fellow family members. So, remember to say goodbye when leaving the house permanently!

5. Respecting Family Members

Mutual respect in the family is fundamental. Why? Because respecting each other will protect the family from various problems.

We can do various ways to respect our fellow family members. For example, we appreciate the little things, receiving suggestions and input, having broad and open views, and many more.

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