10 Roles of the Family in the Socialization Process: Let's See!

The Role of Family in Socialization – The role of the family in the socialization process is very important in shaping the personality, habits, and the way children socialize with other people. The family is even considered the most important agent of socialization because it is the center of the world of children.

The family is the first to introduce a system of values, norms, social status, and beliefs to children. Therefore, as children who are still very dependent on the family, the role of this family is very important in the process of socializing children.

It is very important for the family to always play an active and wise role to ensure that the child's socialization process is properly created. So, this time, Whizmin has summarized 10 family roles in the socialization process that you need to know. Let's see together!

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10 Roles of the Family in the Socialization Process

Here are 10 family roles in the socialization process that are important for you to know.

1. Teaching Social Norms and Ethics

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Each region has its own social norms and ethics. It is important for children to know the social norms and ethics that apply where they live. Then, it is the duty of parents to teach these social norms and ethics to their children.

2. Introducing Various Social Spaces

the role of the family in the child's socialization process

There are various social spaces that can be introduced to children. Starting from family rooms, schools, playgrounds, tutoring places, and others. In each of these places, the way of socializing is different, of course.

Therefore, it is important for parents to start introducing their children to various social spaces as early as possible. They will learn various ways of socializing and practice how to practice it properly according to the social situations at that time.

3. Teaching Politeness

Just like social norms and ethics, manners in each community group are also different. Children must be able to adjust their manners according to the community group where they are.

Here, the role of parents to teach manners to children becomes important. Make sure there are no mistakes in teaching this because mistakes in manners can have a negative impact on many things.

4. Implementing Norms and Responsibilities in Society

After teaching norms, social ethics, and obligations in society, it's time for parents and children to implement them. When done with the family, children will not feel burdened and can learn faster too.

5. Monitoring Children Socializing

Children will begin to socialize with their environment. Parents need to monitor how children socialize. It is to see if there is a mistake in their attitude and behavior or if everything is in accordance with social norms and ethics.

Also, make sure that children can socialize with everyone, especially their friends without any significant problems.

6. Giving Warnings If the Child Makes Mistakes

Children will often make mistakes in the process of socializing. The error can be intentional or unintentional. Parents must be able to monitor and give warning to their children if they make mistakes.

Do not let children not understand the consequences of their behavior. Parents should give a warning to children and teach what attitude should be done instead. This method is effective for teaching children to socialize properly.

7. Being a Protector for Children

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The socialization process of children does not always run smoothly. Sometimes children can also experience unwanted negative things. For example, misbehaving in an environment, quarreling with other people, and many more.

Here, the role of parents is very important as the protector of children. It is necessary for children to know that their parents are ready to protect them from unwanted events. That way, children will be more open and trust their parents.

8. Being a Good Example

The most effective way to teach something to children is to set a good example. Be a person who socializes politely and in accordance with society's norms. Children will certainly see this behavior as a standard and habit so they will imitate it.

9. Becoming a Motivator

10 Roles of the Family in the Socialization Process: Let's See!

Every child must have different interests. Now, when a child is pursuing their interests but is going through a phase of difficulty, failure, and disappointment, then as a parent you must be the front guard providing support and motivation for them.

Motivation is an important thing that can help children to get up and get excited again to achieve their dreams or goals.

Not only being a motivator when the child is down, parents can be a motivator at any time. For example, you can motivate your child to frequently set aside their allowance, (saving) in order to get their desired item.

You can also motivate children to always act well so that people will befriend them. Anyway, there are many ways for you as a motivator for your children so that they'll grow to be someone of quality.

10. Becoming the Foundation for Religious Education

10 Roles of the Family in the Socialization Process: Let's See!

Providing a strong foundation regarding religion is very important so children can avoid negative behaviors. Family is the number one place that can give children knowledge about religion.

The religious knowledge that parents can give to children are, for example, the application of morals and tolerance, instilling religious values, exemplary attitudes, and exemplary in obeying religious orders and abandoning all prohibitions.

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Those are the 10 roles of the family in the socialization process that must be considered carefully. If the role of the family is done properly, the child will have no difficulty socializing in different social environments.

Well, apart from that, you can also teach children about financial literacy so they can socialize better in society. You can use the Whiz financial application. so that from an early age, children already understand and know things related to proper financial literacy.