The Role of Parents in Studying at Home

The Role of Parents in Studying at Home, What Are?

The Role of Parents in Studying at Home – Parents! In the teaching and learning process, not only teachers or schools have the responsibility to educate students, you know. Parents at home also have a role in the child's learning process. Especially with the current pandemic situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed face-to-face activities to completely online with a distance learning system. With this situation, parents have an important role in helping children during learning at home.

Parents must be ready to become facilitators, companions, mentors, motivators, and directors. Then, what roles should parents actually play in their children's learning process at home? Let's see the following article.

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7 Roles of Parents in Studying at Home

Ensuring Children's Health

The main role of parents in learning at home is to ensure the health of their children. Health is an important thing that must be maintained because children will not be able to learn if their body condition is not good.

Parents should also pay attention to their child's diet, provide a nutritious and balanced intake, provide vitamins, and remind children to always maintain cleanliness. In addition, ensuring that the family is always happy is also important for the child's psychological condition, you know, parents! So, don't forget to be happy, okay?

Accompanying Children While Learning

The Role of Parents in Studying at Home

Parents have a role to accompany their children while studying at home. Not only accompanying, parents also have to help children do the tasks given by the teacher. 

Helping children does not mean that parents are involved in doing their children's schoolwork, right? However, explaining and building the child's confidence that he can do all his tasks independently.

Have you ever said that "teachers are your parents at school"? Well, it can be reversed in the current situation, "your parents are your teachers while at home."

Building Positive Communication

Communication is important in the parent-child relationship. With good communication, parents can find out what their children want and the difficulties their children face while studying. In addition, parents can also express their opinions and hopes and provide support to their children.

Building positive communication is important to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. To build communication, parents can invite their children to do activities together while at home and create quality time with their children.

Don't let your children be afraid to express their opinion to their parents, OK?

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Dear parents! When at home, children tend to be lazy to study because of the many distractions. Therefore, parents must create a pleasant environment and atmosphere while at home. 

Moreover, the online teaching and learning process makes children quickly feel bored and lose enthusiasm. Parents should help their children create a comfortable atmosphere by turning off the television, keeping away toys, and other things that have the potential to distract from the child's focus.

Don't watch television or play dangdut songs while your child is studying. parents!

Providing Learning Facilities

Not only accompanying children, parents are also responsible for providing children's learning facilities, such as study rooms, tables, chairs, books, stationery, internet, and others.

In addition, parents can ask the teacher what tools or media children need in the teaching and learning process. By providing learning facilities, children will feel happy because their needs are fulfilled.

Coordinate with Teacher

When distance learning is like today, parents and teachers must have good communication and cooperation. Parents can convey the difficulties or obstacles faced by their children while studying at home.

Apart from that, teachers can also ask about children's learning progress while at home. Can the child accept the material and assignments given? Good communication between teachers and parents will really help children's development in the teaching and learning process. (Xanax)

Becoming one of the Role Model for children

The Role of Parents in Studying at Home

The role of parents is no less important is to be role model or role models for children. Parents are not enough just to accompany and provide facilities for children in learning, but parents must also set a good example for their children.

How to be a role model for children?

Parents can give simple examples, such as not turning on the television while studying, getting up on time, diligently reading books, and motivating children to continue learning and exploring new things.

The attitude and character of the child is highly reflected when the child learns. So, parents must set a good example for their children, yes.

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There you have it, some of the roles of parents in learning at home. In addition to helping children learn, parents must also introduce finance to children. Parents can use the Whiz Finance App to help their children learn and manage their finances. With easy and safe features, children can learn to manage finances well.