Saving Even if Your Salary Is Small

Saving Even with a Small Salary: Find Out How!

Saving with a Small Salary – Who says saving is only for those with large incomes? Even with limited earnings, there are smart ways to start saving.

Being a millennial with a small salary is not a reason to avoid saving. On the contrary, it's time to adopt healthy financial habits. One key is to find the right and easy way to save.

Let's explore tips for saving with a small salary.

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5 Saving Even with a Small Salary

1. Understand Your Expenses and Create a Budget

Saving Even if Your Salary Is Small

Before starting to save, understand your spending patterns. Identify where you can make savings. Then, create a realistic monthly budget. Although it may seem complicated, budgeting is very beneficial for planning your expenses so that they don't exceed your budget.

Then, determine the percentage of your income that you will allocate for savings.

2. Separate Savings from Salary

An effective way to avoid temptation to use your savings is to separate it from your main salary account. Open a separate savings account and make sure to save a percentage of your salary there.

It doesn't have to be a large amount; you can start with 20% or 30% of your salary to save.

3. Try Whiz Smart Saver

One way to save is to lock your money in a fixed-term deposit to resist the temptation to use it. A secure deposit option is Whiz Smart Saver. 

Whiz offers a high interest rate of 6.75% and low risk for those starting to learn about investing. Moreover, you can withdraw your money before maturity without penalty. With this flexibility, you can enjoy the investment returns without worrying about urgent needs.

By locking your money in Whiz Smart Saver, you no longer need to worry about your funds being used. Additionally, you just need to wait for the interest from your deposit. Very advantageous, isn't it?

4. Look for Additional Sources of Income

If you feel that your salary is so small that it makes it difficult for you to save, consider looking for additional sources of income.

Apart from your main job, seek additional income sources. There may be skills or hobbies that you can monetize. This can help increase your income and make it easier for you to save.

5. Create a Long-Term Plan

Saving is not just about the present but also for the future. Create a long-term financial plan. Set savings goals and targets, so you have more motivation to consistently save.

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Well, those were some tips to still be able to save even with a small salary. Remember, the key is discipline and consistency. Don't hesitate to try Smart Saver to make your savings grow rapidly. Hopefully, this article provides inspiration and motivation to achieve better financial health!

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