Whiz split bill scan

Whiz Split Bill Scan: Calculate Bills More Accurately!

Scan Split Bill – Splitting the bill with friends at a café or restaurant is always fun, but things can get tough when the payment receipt arrives. Trying to split the bill and calculate each person's share manually can be a headache. And, let's not forget the complaints if the calculations go wrong. That could lead to arguments!

But hey, worry and frustration no more! With the Split Bill Whiz feature, you can divide the bill easily and quickly. Not only that, you can directly request your friends to pay their share into your Whiz account.

Using the Split Bill Whiz feature won't give you a headache. Just scan the payment receipt, allocate items, and you're good to go! Simple, right? Check out the complete steps below.

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How to Scan and Divide the Split Bill with Whiz

1. Click 'Split Bill Request' on the Homepage menu

scan split bill whiz

On the Homepage menu, select the 'Split Bill Request' icon

2. Scan the Payment Receipt

Whiz split bill scan

Your camera will be activated. Scan your payment receipt. Ensure that the data is clear, not blurry, and well-lit, then click 'Confirm to Scan'.

3.Check Split Bill Receipt Details

The bill details from your physical receipt will appear. Double-check the receipt's details and amounts. If there are any errors in the scanned results, you can edit the payment receipt. Then, click 'Confirm'.

4. Add Friends for Split Bill

Next, add friends to split the bill by clicking the '+ Add Person' sign at the top of the screen.

5.Choose Friends and Click 'Add Person'

Whiz split bill scan

Search for friends by name or phone number. You can also add friends who don't have a Whiz account!

6. Define Item Allocation

Whiz split bill scan

Adjust and allocate items according to yours and your friends' selections.

7. Click 'Confirm Allocation'

After allocating items, click 'Confirm Allocation'.

8. Split Bill Review

Whiz will automatically adjust the prices of the items chosen by you and your friends and calculate the total payment for each.

Review the allocation details and click 'Confirm Split Bill Request' to request payment from their accounts.

As a note, split bill requests for non-Whiz users must not be below Rp50,000.

9. Billing Request Sent

Your bill request will be sent and appear in your friends' accounts. You can track request history in the 'Outgoing' section.

Additionally, you can check if your friends have paid by clicking 'Requests' and then checking the 'Incoming' page.

Besides using the payment receipt scan, you can also manually split the bill. Check out the full article through the link below.

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So, there you have it – using the Split Bill Whiz feature is incredibly easy and helpful, right? Now you don't have to argue with your friends just over splitting the bill!

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