5 Savings Shopping Tips for One Week, Anti Drag!

Cheap Shopping for One Week It is undeniable that nowadays all basic needs are increasing day by day. Therefore, parents must know how to shop for tips to save expenses and manage finances well.

Especially if you live in the middle of the city, where the price of basic necessities is getting more expensive depending on the area where you live. By referring to these frugal shopping tips for one week, parents no longer need to worry about shortages for shopping necessities and can still provide healthy food for the family. These frugal shopping tips for one week can also be done by students, boarding children, and students.

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5 Cheap Shopping Tips for One Week

Parents as family financial managers must know and understand how to spend one week shopping tips to be more efficient and economical. It could be that all this time, parents still often buy things that are not needed, so that they exceed the budget that has been set.

Here are 5 ways to save on shopping for one week so that your finances are well managed!

1. Make a Cooking Plan for One Week

A frugal shopping tip for the first week is to make a weekly cooking plan. Parents can determine what menus they want to make in one week.

After determining the menu, parents can make a list of the ingredients needed and stay focused on the grocery list. This is very important to do in order to stay disciplined and avoid parents buying things that are not needed.

Making a cooking plan for the next week also makes food choices more varied, parents can better determine the menu that has been discussed with the family.

2. Reduce the Purchase of Fast Food

Fast food is often used as an alternative food when hunger strikes because of the ease of ordering. If parents who want to save money are advised not to order fast food into the weekly menu, yes. This should be avoided considering the price for ready-to-eat food is more expensive than the usual home-cooked menu.

Fast food is also not good if it is consumed often, but by planning a cooking menu in one week as described above, parents will not be tempted to eat fast food. In addition, eating your own food will also be healthier and more hygienic.

3. Shopping at the Traditional Market

Instead of shopping at large supermarkets, you can get around by shopping at traditional markets to save even more. It is undeniable, traditional markets offer goods that are much cheaper and complete than large supermarkets.

Even if there is no team quality control For every item sold, you can still get good quality ingredients in traditional markets at a cheaper price. You can even get a discount if you buy in large quantities.

In contrast to large supermarkets, in traditional markets, you can bargain the price given by the seller, you know. Very profitable isn't it? For that, you can do this method to save on groceries in one week

4. Compare Prices

The next method is not much different from the previous one, which is to compare the prices of each product you want to buy. Compare the prices of groceries or products with different brands. If you have found a product at a lower price, add it directly to the shopping cart. Of course, keep in mind the quality of the products you choose, yes, Parents.

To avoid the temptation of other items, pay immediately and leave the place of shopping so as not to be tempted. That way, you have managed to save on shopping for one week, right!

5. Create a Shopping Schedule

Set the shopping schedule that Parents need. If by chance the distance from your house to the market is not far, you can go to the market 2 times a week.

By setting a shopping schedule that is at least 2-3 days apart, buy foods that can last a long time, such as potatoes, carrots, and side dishes such as chicken, meat, and fish. Put wet food ingredients such as meat, chicken, and fish into the freezer so that it can still be processed even within a period of one week. Also put the vegetables that you buy in the refrigerator, so they don't wilt quickly and stay fresh.

It is very inefficient if you shop every day, for example buying side dishes today and tomorrow you will only buy vegetables, unless there is a small shop near the house that does provide vegetables and you can get them easily.

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5 Weekly Shopping Benefits

1. Save on Transportation Costs

Of course, every time you shop, you need transportation costs. If the distance is short and the luggage is a little, it certainly won't be a problem, but what if it's a long distance and the things you carry are a lot? Of course, you still need a means of transportation, whether it's using a private vehicle or public transportation, but it still costs money.

Therefore, this is where the benefits of weekly shopping come in. Parents only need 1-2 times for shopping needs for one week, to be more efficient and set aside money for other needs.

2. More Varied Food Menu

Yes, making a food menu plan for the next week can be more varied. Parents can also pay attention to the nutritional content and cooking ingredients used easily. Before planning the menu, parents can discuss with their child or partner what menu they want so they don't feel bored.

3. Easy to Manage Budget

After making a food menu plan for one week, you certainly already know what ingredients are needed. Therefore, it is undeniable that this can manage the budget properly and clearly every week. Parents no longer need to worry about running out of money at the end of the month, but keep in mind that you must also remain consistent and disciplined.

To make it easier to manage a shopping budget, Parents can use a family finance application to manage your income and expenses, one of which is the Whiz financial application.

4. Avoiding Redundant

The next advantage is to avoid wasting food stocks or wrongly calculating needs. Parents can put wet side dishes such as meat, chicken, and fish in freezer to be durable. Vegetables can also be put in the refrigerator or choose raw food preparation, namely storing raw or semi-finished food ingredients. So that freshness and nutritional content remain optimal.

5. Make it easier when needed

Preparing well for every need can make it easier for parents, especially when there is an emergency. For example, when you have to prepare supplies, but lack one essential ingredient, you can't go to the market right away just to buy one ingredient that you forgot to buy, if you don't plan a shopping list for the next week.

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Those are 5 frugal shopping tips for an anti-drag week that Parents can do. There are also many benefits that can motivate you to plan shopping for one week, you know! Good luck!