8 Stages of a Harmonious Family Development

Stages of Family Development – Like humans, every family experiences development. Well, this condition is known as the stage of family development. This stage is divided into eight phases.

Like it or not, you have to face these eight phases, which of course is an intellectual and emotional challenge. The development of a family will be seen in terms of age of marriage or the presence of offspring.

Of course, every family member must understand and even learn each of these stages. Why is that? Yes, because not all families can go through it smoothly. Moreover, if there are several conditions that burden the family, such as health, finances, to death.

University of Indonesia family psychologist Nina Teguh explained that every individual who is about to start a new life, must understand and learn several stages, from marriage to old age.

Then, what are the steps? If that's the case, come on, let's just listen and learn too, okay!

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8 Stages of a Harmonious Family Development

1. Married and Have No Descendants

Stages of Family Development

At this stage, each married couple will adapt to each other, be it between the two of them or with a large family.

Why do couples have to adapt? This is because even though they have previously been in a relationship, it does not guarantee to open up and get to know each other.

Usually, at this stage there will also be problems with the family. So, as a couple, you have to adjust and discuss your family's vision and mission in the future, yes.

2. Having First Child

Stages of Family Development

This stage is certainly different from the previous stage. Married couples will learn and start a new experience as parents.

Thus, you and your partner need to understand and prepare yourself optimally to face the opposition. In addition, you must also be able to maintain a good relationship with your partner, yes.

As a couple, you really have to maintain a good relationship. However, usually with the presence of children, you and your partner will focus on maintaining and raising them so that your relationship with your partner may not be as warm as it used to be. Therefore, guarded, yes.

3. Children Begin to Enter Preschool

Entering the age of three to five years, children have entered the preschool period. This means that you have entered the third stage in the family. At this stage, usually you and your partner also already have two children so your focus is again divided on being fair in educating and raising them.

Thus, the roles of you and your partner will change because of the need to enter your child into the world of school. Here, you also have to help him adapt, provide a sense of security and comfort in the family, and help him get ready to have a sibling.

You also have to still be able to divide the time between children and your partner, yes.

4. Children are already in school

Stages of Family Development

You could say, this stage is the stage with the busiest activity. Wow, why, huh?

At this stage, the eldest child will be aged 6 to 12 years with many activities. Meanwhile, as a parent as a parent you also have to work or do activities according to the agenda.

In addition, you and your partner must be prepared with the increasing cost of living.

5. Growing Up To Be A Teenager

Starting from the age of 13 to 20 years, children begin to enter adolescence. At this stage, children are more independent and have their own development. In adolescence, sometimes children's thinking is more abstract and sees things only from one side. Sometimes, too, do not think long about something.

Well, with this, sometimes it triggers a significant difference of opinion between children and their parents. In the end, the situation becomes heated between you and your partner.

Therefore, before entering this stage, it's a good idea to be ready and mature to be able to overcome various new problems that arise. This stage is also a challenge for you to be able to balance good communication between children and partners.

6. Having Adult Children

This stage begins when the child has decided to live alone because of the need for college or work, for example. Here the role of parents to make children more independent morally and materially.

7. Middle Ages Family

This stage enters the period where you and your partner begin to retire. Then, your children start getting married and have a new life.

Well, at this stage, it's your job for you and your partner to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, enjoy life, and maintain harmony with each other and with your children too.

8. Elderly Family

At this stage, there are usually many significant changes in your life. These changes include, you have really retired, your skin is wrinkled, maybe even one of you or your partner has gone before God.

During these times, you and your partner must take care of each other and take care of each other because your physical condition is not as strong as it used to be. In addition, you also have to maintain good relations with children and social communities.

At this stage too, it's time for the child who should take care of you and your partner, yes.

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Well, that's the 8 stages of family development. For those of you who want to build a family and start a new life, it's good to learn and understand the stages.

In addition, so that your family is more harmonious, you and your partner and even your child later, increase financial literacy. Finance is very important in building a family. This is because all the needs that we must meet require stable finances.

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