The 20 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends

Here Are the 20 Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends!

20 Strongest Heroes In Mobile Legends - Nowadays, who doesn't know Mobile Legends? Since 2016, mobile battle royale has attracted the attention of many people, even from different generations. Before playing Mobile Legends, you should understand some terms in it. 

One of the terms, in particular, is heroes. In Mobile Legends, heroes means an avatar that you can choose to play in the team. The list of heroes can be seen through "Hero's Menu." 

Each heroes has their power. Who is the strongest? Let's discuss it! heroes in Mobile Legends! 

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20 Strongest Heroes In Mobile Legends -

According to the official Mobile Legends websites,here are the 20 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends on November 28th, 2022. This assessment was based on the win rate, popularity, and banned.

1. Kaja – Support & Fighter

Kaja's hero
Source: Esports

Kaja becomes one of the heroes that many players use in Mobile Legends. How is it not? His role as a support and hero fighter, is a complete package for gamer,. One of Kaja's powers that stand out is his immense damageat the beginning or the late part of the game.

Even though Kaja has become a strong heroes , few players can play him. After all, Kaja is one of heroes that is difficult to master, except if you are an experienced enough player. So, if you want to play Kaja, make sure that you are capable enough to control him first!

2. Carmilla – Support

hero Carmilla
Source: Esports ID

In the middle of November 2019, Mobile Legends got a new heroes named Carmilla. This has a series of you can activate the skill combo that is deadly to the enemy. Better even, she also absorbs the physical and magic defense of the opponent through Skill skills.

To be able to use her, you have to maximize Skill 1 first. And then, you can activate the skill combo Carmilla has can be activated through Skill 2. So, Skill 1 to give a slow and damage followed by the ultimate skill.

3. Lolita – Tanks

Lolita heroes
Source; my esports

This is very high in demand. Many gamers. Gamers contested to claim her because she is one of the most robust tank, in the game. If Whizmate is looking for a tank, with Skill skill, Lolita is the answer. 

Lolita's ultimate skill can be very deadly if used correctly. She can give a stun to her opponent after damaging them with the ultimate skill. That way, heroes can beat hero easily.

4. Kimmy – Marksman

hero Kimmy
Source: Esportsku

One of the heroes in Mobile Legends is rather unique is Kimmy. This hero, a marksman, can either be the support or support. 

It is not unreasonable that Kimmy is included in the list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends. One of his powers is to deal with a hit while moving, which then can kill the enemy who will chase after him.

5. Leomord – Fighter

hero Leomord
Source: Gamefinity

Some of heroes may have high mobility and average. Leomord is one with heroes mobility one.

Leomord can take advantage of his horse to raise his high mobility. Besides, Leomord has become very strong because he has great critical damage and endurance.

6. Argus – Fighter

hero Argus
Source: Gamefinity

Argus is a scary hero fighter, A Mobile Legends player must be familiar with his character that is immune to his ultimate skill

In the early and late games, Argus is also feared. Due to his lifesteal, that copious, Argus can jump forward to the frontline when the battle betweenheroes happens.

7. Aulus – Tank/Fighter

hero Aulus
Source: Esports ID

Aulus is one of the heroes that can give the area of effect type of damage to the enemy. Hero tank, like him can be used as a hero fighter,as well. That is because Aulushas is a big healthy point and has an effective area of effect damage when used.

8. Belerick – Tanks

hero Belerick
Source: Gamefinity

This tank, is known to have high endurance even though a tank, can protect other heroes from heroes .

All of the problems were then answered by Beleric, a tank, with high durability damage Another power that Belerick indirectly owns is his beginner-friendly gameplay.

9. Floryn – Support

hero Floryn

If you want to avoid any difficulty while playing Mobile Legends, Whizmate can try Floryn.

Floryn has three primary skills, Skill they are damage dealer, crowd control, and giving heal to heroes in the team. Besides being beginner-friendly, Floryn is a heroes support who has damage That can be the reason why Floryn is one of heroes in Mobile Legends.

10. Zhask – Mage

hero Zhask
Source: Gamefinity

This EARNING a mage is not that many in the list of the strongest Hero in Mobile Legends. The reason is that heroes, has not had a big health points health point, and usually, they are at the back of other heroes tosupport their battle.

But, it is different with Zhask. This heroes, can penetrate the enemy's defense by using his monster. With the Skill that Zhask has, he can push heroes the enemy's frontline.

11. Phoveus – Fighter

the hero Phoveus
Source: Gamefinity

Getting invisible and then appearing to surprise the enemy is the scary skill Phoveus has. heroes disappear to save their lives, Phoveus uses his invisibility to kill the enemy rather than to save himself like other heroes, it is not surprising that Phoveus becomes one of heroes in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, ultimate skill that Phoveus has, which is demonic force,is difficult to activate. That skill can only be activated when heroes is near and does a blink or dash.

12. Hylos – Mage/Tank

hero Hylos
Source: IDN Times

The nickname heroes may be suitable to be given to Hylos. How is it not so? Hylos can take the role of heroes, thatsupport heroes while being able tank, with high durability.

Hylos' power is also in his health points Hylos can regenerate his health pointsThat made him one of the strongest heroes since Hyloscan also produces damage damage.

13. Atlas – Tanks

Atlas heroes
Source: Gamefinity

Many people mention that Atlas is heroes EARNING tank. He has the best initiation, heroes who starts the battle. As a tank,Atlas is also known as heroes with excellent crowd control.

One of the reasons why the opponent's team often gets annoyed by Atlas is because of his ability to taunt the enemy's heroes and then hit them collectively heroes heroes.

14. Kagura – Mage

Kagura heroes

One more heroes EARNING a mage that deserves to be on the list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legend. By using Kagura, Whizmate can automatically move from one place to another in a short time.

Kagura's high mobility is complemented by Skill variations that will fill in the Whizmate’s skill when used it. Whizmate needs only to use the right combination when using you want to collaborate with.

15. Gloo – Tanks

Gloo heroes
Source: Gemskul

Some of heroes tank, is indeed needed in this kind of list. heroes In Mobile Legend, including Gloo, A hero tank who has a high magical 

Gloo is unique as well. That is because Gloo can use his ultimate skillto kill the enemy quickly. Gloo can get into the enemy's body and kill them in close quarters.

16. Chang'e – Mage

hero Chang'e
Source: Gamefinity

Chang'e, like the other mage heroes, can maximize how extensive the damage is at the early stage mobile battle royale Another thing that makes Chang'e one of the strongest heroes is his easy-to-use gameplay, which Whizmate can rely on.

Chang'e may be suitable to be called the best support hero. He has crowd control skills. Even Chang'e can remove an enemy's hero heroes when they use their skill. Skill.

17. Terizla – Fighter

hero Terizla
Source: Gamefinity

The gamer, must be confident that the heroes hero fighter, has big damage compared to the other heroes Among the hero fighter, Terizla is one of the strongest.

Terizla can be a reasonable crowd control Moreover, Terizla is also able to minimize the damage that he received.

18. Kadita – Mage

Kadita hero
Source: Esportsku

Whizmate may have already known that Kadita is a heroes that is inspired by Indonesian mythology. Not only that, Kadita is also mentioned as an agile hero mage that is difficult to defeat.

It is often that Mobile Legends players get annoyed when fighting Kadita. Because she can regenerate her health point health point by using her Skillskills. In addition, Kadita is also an attack initiator that frightens heroes .

19. Baxia – Tanks

Baxia heroes
Source: Ligagame

The overpowered Hero may be the best title to call Baxia. This is also heroes one. All of the problems were then answered by Beleric, a tank with high durability damage. Another power that Belerick indirectly owns is his beginner-friendly gameplay. and high durability , coupled with his low with his low cool down, , make up baxia's fear level.

20. Diggie – Support

hero Diggie
Source: Esports

Whizmate wants to feel the sensation of becoming the disruptor of the opponent's heroes If it is so, Whizmate must try using Diggie. 

Diggie disturbs the enemy's heroes which is in the middle of fighting or farming. Another power that Diggie has is he can be the protector of the main heroes so that mobile battle royale can be won easily.

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Those are the 20 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends! How is it? heroes in Mobile Legends! How is it? Which Hero is your favorite? I hope the information on the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends can help you arrange your gameplay and strategy!

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