Maintaining Family Mental Health

8 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health in Family

Maintaining Family Mental Health – Mental health in the family is an important component of a healthy family. Why is that? This is because we can know and feel love, security, attention, education, and other positive things all starting from the family. For this reason, maintaining the mental health of the family is very important for parents to do at home.

Life is not always smooth, sometimes we also encounter difficulties. Everyone has a way of managing feelings and dealing with various conditions in life. By maintaining mental health, it will certainly affect how we can go through all the processes of life.

All the feelings experienced too of course valid and we each have our own way of processing the events of life.

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8 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health in Family

Given the importance of maintaining family mental health, there are 8 ways that parents can do the following.

1. Get used to having breakfast together


Before starting the activity, make sure you have provided enough food for family members. In fact, breakfast is very important for mental health, you know! If the intake has been met, then the body and intellectual performance are also ready to carry out daily activities.

Lack of blood sugar intake can cause stress and depression, surely you don't want that to happen, right?

The moment of having breakfast together can also improve communication between parents and children. So that physical and mental needs will be met by getting used to having breakfast together.

2. Apply a Healthy Lifestyle Together

Remind each family member not to have enough. Lack of time to rest can trigger stress, depression, bad mood. Get used to rest 8 hours every day.

Parents can also start to invite healthy living together by doing regular exercise. A healthy body, a healthy mind too. By doing regular exercise together, the burden on your mind will disappear and improve your mood. For this reason, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain the mental health of the family.

3. Stay Grateful

Staying grateful is a simple thing that is often forgotten in maintaining mental health in the family. Being grateful for what you have is also a way that can increase the positive atmosphere in the family.

Parents can start getting used to family members to write down what things are grateful for today before going to bed. For example, the child is grateful that today he was able to do his homework from school well.

4. Trying New Activities

Maintaining Family Mental Health

There's nothing wrong with trying new activities with the family. Plan new activities together, such as gardening or baking together. If this is done regularly, of course, the heart and mind will be happier and avoid stress.

5. Sharing Tasks

Get in the habit of sharing homework. Parents also have the right to get help from other family members, especially children in taking care of the household. Give rewarding children when they already have the initiative to help.

Parents can also use financial apps to give assignments as well rewarding in children. One of them is the financial app Whiz! Whiz is a financial application that is specifically made to teach children to earn money for their efforts through the tasks given and make them more disciplined and responsible.

6. Stay Connected With Each Other

This method is no less important for maintaining mental health in the family. Parents can invite family members to drink tea together and chat, because communication is the key to family mental health. Communication within the family is very important in maintaining openness to one another. Use warm dialogue to communicate with children and partners.

7. Don't be shy about asking for help

As explained earlier, communication is important. Don't hesitate to ask for help from other family members. If you really need help, just say so and don't worry about disturbing others.

8. Keep Your Mind Positive

Positive thinking can have a huge effect on the psyche. For that, start to build a positive self-portrait towards other family members. Cultivate positive sentences that can build positive things in the house. 

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That's how to maintain mental health in the family that parents can try. There are still many other ways that parents can do, if the above methods are still lacking. Don't hesitate to contact an expert or someone you trust to help maintain mental health in the family.