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Whiz Finance App Task Features – Here's How To Use It!

Whiz . Finance App Task Features – Sometimes, it is difficult for parents to monitor what homework the child has or has not done. Not only that, sometimes children also feel lazy to do their work because they don't get any benefits. In fact, the goal is that parents want to teach Financial literacy to children from an early age.

No need to worry anymore, Whiz come up with a solution! In the app Whiz app, you can coordinate with children to create assignments and rewarding in the form of money or gifts. It's easy, the child only needs to make an assignment and the parents immediately approve it!

In the Tasks feature, children can create assignments and determine rewarding or gifts that parents will give. All task history will be stored neatly in Whiz so parents don't have to bother monitoring the progress of their task activities. Come on, start getting your children used to completing tasks to get rewarding!

After creating a task, how do you see the list? Check out the following steps!

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How to Create a Task Whiz Fitur Feature

In the Whiz app, Assignments can only be created by parents. It's easy too, you know! Check out the following explanation, yes.

1. Click the Create Task . button

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Select menu Task in view Home Whiz parents. Then, parents will see a display like the one on the side. Then, click + Create Tasks.

2. Complete Information Regarding the Tasks To Be Given

Please complete the task information to be given. Contents Task Title, Small Description which contains an explanation of what their duties are, Start Date and End Date assignment, and determine to whom the assignment will be assigned.

3. Click Create Task

If the task information is complete, click Create Task and the task was successfully given to the child. Children can see the overall progress of the task by clicking the menu Task on the navigation bar that directs the landing page to Active Task List.

How to View the To-Do List in Task Features Whiz

Here's how kids see their to-do list:

1. Click the Task Menu on the Whiz Home

Open the Whiz, then click menu Task on Home page.

2. Click Active Task List

You can see a list of unfinished tasks in Active Task List.

3. Scroll to View Completed Task List

Then, scroll your screen down and you can see Completed Task List you. You can also see the status of the task.

How to Complete Tasks in the Task Whiz Fitur Tool

When the child has finished the task, remind them to complete it in the Whiz application in the following way.

1. Click the Tasks menu on the Whiz Home

Open the Whiz app, then click menu Task on Home page.

2. In the Active Tasks menu, click Completed Tasks

On the menu Active Task List, click Task Complete. Tada! The task has been successfully completed!

How to Give Rewards to Children

After the child completes the task, parents don't forget to give a reward! It's very easy, here's how to reward children in the Whiz app!

1. Click Tasks on the Whiz Home

Parents can check all the progress of their child's assignments in the menu Task on Home Whiz!

2. View All To Do List

Parents can see all the to-do lists on the page and can also see the tasks with status Waiting for approval.

Click Reject Assignment to disapprove of task completion and click Approve Assignment to agree to it.

3. Click Confirm

Confirmation of task completion will be received, then click Confirmation. After that, the child's task is declared successful and the task history will be automatically recorded.

4. Click the Transfer menu on the Whiz Home

After click Confirmation, if parents want to give rewarding in the form of money, then the page will move automatically to the menu Transfer.

Well, after that you will see a display like the image on the side. Then, enter the amount of money you want to transfer and select Task Completion as a category. You can also enter messages for children. If you have, click Confirmation.

However, if rewarding what is given is not in the form of money, then rewarding that has been set will be automatically recorded into the child's task history.

Rewards successfully awarded!

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This feature is very helpful for parents and children in learning about financial problems. Children will be more motivated and parents can monitor easily! What are you waiting for, let's use the Whiz application!

Come on, Download the Whiz Finance Application!