Terms and Conditions

Thank you for accessing the site or downloading the Whiz App. Whiz is a brand of mobile financial management application with electronic money facilities owned and managed by PT Midazpay Digital Indonesia (“MDI”), domiciled in Jakarta. MDI is a Payment Service Provider (“PJP”) company that has received permission from Bank Indonesia dated 1 July 2021 No. 23/734/DKSP/Srt/B. In addition, through Bank Indonesia Letter No. 24/199/DKSP/Srt/B dated 13 June 2022, MDI has obtained Approval for Organizing Payment Transaction Processing Activities Using the National QR Code Payment Standard (QRIS) (hereinafter in these Terms and Conditions referred to as "We" or "Whiz").

Whiz Service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”, are made to explain the terms and conditions that are binding between you as a User in using the Whiz Service.

Whiz and Users are collectively referred to as the Parties and individually referred to as Parties.

Before the User continues to access / use the Whiz Application Service, the User hereby declares that: 

  1. Have read, studied and understood all the contents of the applicable Terms and Conditions; 
  2. Agree to be bound by and comply with the applicable Terms and Conditions,  
  3. Must have good faith in using the services we provide through the Application; And
  4. Accept and agree to all of these Terms and Conditions which will act as an agreement between the User and Whiz.  

These Terms and Conditions also apply and are binding on Users whenever they carry out transactions via other platforms provided by Third Parties with Whiz Balance as one of the payment methods ("Whiz partners").


In the Terms and Conditions, the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. You or User is an individual who is registered in our system and uses the services on the Whiz Application. In certain circumstances based on our assessment, a party in this case may include heirs, proxies, curators or other parties entitled under Indonesian laws and regulations to have a relationship with the individual.
  2. Inactive Account or Dormant Account is an account that has not had any financial transactions continuously for 6 (six) months and has a zero balance.
  3. Whiz Aplikasi App is a financial and electronic money management application that has been equipped with several supporting features such as sources of payment funds at Merchant through QRIS and non-QRIS, electronic money fund transfers, to top up and withdraw balances and several other features and continue to develop in the future.
  4. Data is any information and/or information in any form from time to time submitted by the User to us or which the User includes or conveys in, on or through the application. partners Whiz. Users are required to guarantee the accuracy of the Data.
  5. Working days is Monday to Friday, unless that day is an official holiday that has been determined by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. KYC or Know Your Customer is the principle of knowing the customer. KYC, one of which is done by uploading an identity document when registering or can upgrades from regular account/unverified become an account verified, and comply with other KYC provisions in accordance with Bank Indonesia regulations.
  7. Whiz Service every service available in the Whiz Application including services to make payment transactions on the platform owned by Whiz partners.
  8. Merchant are merchants who accept payments using Whiz electronic money.
  9. OTP or one-time password is a unique code that is sent to the User via short message or email as a verification code for the account registration process, log in and/or connect a Whiz account with the Whiz Partner platform.
  10. Partner Access is a simplified version of Whiz electronic money so that Users can access services and make payments using Whiz Balances through applications owned by Whiz Partners.
  11. Whiz partners is a Third Party platform owner who collaborates with Whiz including but not limited to Partner Access, receipt of payments using Whiz Balance, purchase of digital products, Merchant cooperation and other potential collaborations as long as they do not conflict with Bank Indonesia regulations and applicable regulations in Indonesia. Whiz partners can set terms and conditions on their platform.
  12. PIN is a security code in the form of a personal password number consisting of 6 digit numbers, created by the User in the Whiz Application and functioning as a transaction authorization from the User's side. Failure to enter the PIN 5 (five) times can cause the account to be temporarily blocked.
  13. QRIS or Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard  is a type of matrix code or two-dimensional barcode that functions to process transactions made at Merchant digitally according to Bank Indonesia standards. 
  14. Refund is a refund to the User's Whiz Balance which is processed by Us for the cancellation of transactions at Merchant or on the Whiz Partner's platform, or other transactions using Whiz Balance as a source of payment funds. Request Refund must be approved by the Merchant or product provider through the system, and We reserve the right to verify the transaction before processing the refund to the User's Whiz Balance.
  15. Account Virtual Account is the User identification number provided by Whiz in cooperation with the Bank, payment gateway, and/or other companies that provide services Virtual Account, to be further used by the User as the Account Number for which payment is received or Top Up Whiz Cash.
  16. Whiz or Us is PT Midazpay Digital Indonesia, a payment service provider (PJP) that has received approval and is under the authority of Bank Indonesia, including Administration of Funds Sources (formerly Electronic Money Issuer), Remittance Services (formerly Funds Transfer Provider), and payments using QRIS. 
  17. Whiz Cash or Whiz Balance is an electronic money balance contained in the Whiz Application account that can be used for various kinds of transactions through the services available on the Whiz Application and Partner Access.
  18. Whiz ID is an identity consisting of a combination of letters or numbers, or a combination of numbers and letters created by the User to make it easier to mention or search for fellow Whiz Application Users in sharing one of them, but not limited to balance transfers, split bills and other features.
  19. Whiz Parent is an account classification for a guardian, including but not limited to parents, siblings, or other family members who are entitled to supervision of the Whiz Youth account owner.
  20. WhizVerified is Whiz . account classification registered as regulated in a Bank Indonesia Regulation that allows Whiz Users to be able to enjoy electronic money facilities more widely than Whiz users Unverified.
  21. Whiz Unverified is the classification of unregistered Whiz accounts as stipulated in Bank Indonesia Regulations that allow Whiz Users to be able to enjoy several features of electronic money services on a limited basis.
  22. Whiz Youth is an account classification for a person who is a dependent of the Whiz Parent account owner. As long as the User has not reached the age of 18 (eighteen) years, or under guardianship, the User warrants that opening a Whiz Youth account, has been approved by the User's parent, guardian, or legal guardian.


Registration requirements (applies to all account classifications)

  1. Indonesian Citizens or Foreign Citizens;
  2. Registration can be done by prospective Users through (i) the Whiz Application; or (ii) the platform belonging to partners Whiz.
  3. One successfully registered mobile number is only valid for one Whiz account.
  4. The user is required to carry out the registration process using an active mobile number as evidenced by entering the OTP code sent to the mobile number. OTP is confidential, Whiz is not responsible for the misuse or use of OTP by other parties.
  5. Users will be directed to complete the Data, the User is obliged to ensure the truth and accuracy of each Data.
  6. When registering, the User is required to create a PIN. PIN is confidential, and User is fully responsible for PIN leakage. For some smartphone In certain cases, there is the capability to activate biometric recognition instead of a PIN. Everything that happens with the activation of the feature is the responsibility of the User.


Based on the type of user, we offer 2 classifications of Whiz accounts, namely:  


a. Eligible to upgrade to status verified by going through the KYC process on the Whiz App;
b. Eligible to link a Whiz Parent account with multiple Whiz Youth Accounts;
c. Approval and rejection can upgrades account becomes a Whiz Parent account with status verified is the competence and sole discretion of Whiz;
d. For linked Whiz Youth Accounts, Whiz Parent Account Users can: 

  • view all activities carried out through the Whiz . App
  • give tasks, mission or tasks to complete
  • other features provided to Whiz Parent Accounts. 

e. Whiz Parent Account users can take advantage of all services provided by us currently and/or that will exist in the future, including but not limited to the transaction recording feature, budgeting, cash flow details, tasks, and other features.
f. When you connect a Whiz Parent account with Whiz Youth, you warrant that you are the parent, guardian, or legal guardian of the owner of the Whiz Youth account, and agree to be responsible for the use of the Whiz Youth account and release Whiz from any losses that may occur. occurs for account abuse by Whiz Youth Account Users, unless it can be proven that the loss was caused by us.


a. Eligible to be connected to only one Whiz Parent account, and All Whiz Youth activity can be seen by the owner of the connected Whiz Parent account;
b. Whiz Youth Account users can take advantage of all the services provided by us at this time and/or in the future, including but not limited to the transaction recording feature, budgeting, cash flow details, tasks, and other features.

Based on the verification process carried out by the User, the Whiz Account consists of:


a. For Whiz Unverified, the maximum balance of Whiz Cash is Rp. 2,000,000 (two million Rupiah) with a limit of transaction value in 1 (one) month at a maximum of Rp. 20,000,000 (twenty million Rupiah), which is calculated from transactions that are incoming as stipulated in a Bank Indonesia Regulation.
b. To be able to take advantage of other service features on the Whiz Application, you can upgrade your Whiz account Unverified You become a Whiz . account Verified through the KYC process.


a. For Whiz Verified, the maximum balance of Whiz Cash is Rp. 20,000,000 (twenty million Rupiah) with a limit of transaction value in 1 (one) month at a maximum of Rp. 40,000,000 (forty million Rupiah), which is calculated from transactions that are incoming.
b. Whiz Verified users can take advantage of all services provided by us at this time and/or in the future, including but not limited to transfer features, services budgeting, loyalty points or redemption rewards, withdrawal of funds, and other services.
c. The procedure forcan upgrades Whiz akun account Unverified become a Whiz Verified:

1) Must have KTP for Indonesian citizens and/or Passport for foreigners, unless specified otherwise by Whiz.
2) Users can upgrade through the KYC procedure on the Whiz App or other methods specified by Whiz.
3) To do can upgrades, Users are required to submit a valid identity card and fill out the form available on the Whiz Application, and if necessary the User will be required to take a selfie (selfie) with a valid identity card.
4) Especially for Whiz Youth account holders under 18 (eighteen) years old, then: 

  • The Whiz Youth account must be connected to the Whiz Parent Account (verified or unverified).
  • The Whiz Parent account that is connected to the Whiz Youth account performs the KYC process using the data of the Whiz Parent Account owner, then follows the KYC procedure as directed by the Whiz Application.
  • The Whiz Youth User or Whiz Parent Account connected to the Whiz Youth Account submits can upgrades account by uploading a supporting identity document that proves the relationship between the account owner and the parent or guardian (example: Family Card, Child Identity Card, Birth Certificate).
  • Furthermore, for the implementation of APU PPT, the guardian as a Whiz Parent user will be registered as the owner of the Whiz Youth account and is entitled to account services verified;

5) For Whiz Youth account owners who have reached the age of 18 (eighteen) years, then: 

  • can be submitted by contacting the Whiz customer care team listed on the Whiz Application or by other methods in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Whiz Application.

6) Approval and rejection can upgrades account becomes a Whiz account with status verified is the competence and sole discretion of Whiz;
7) 1 (one) Whiz Parent account can be linked and used as KYC for 5 (five) Whiz Youth account.
8) We reserve the right at any time to ask Whiz Users to provide supporting Data when doing can upgrades and Whiz Users agree to this.
9) We have the right to update Whiz User data in terms of including but not limited to if We find Data that is no longer valid, and Whiz User agrees to this.
10) If the Whiz User does not succeed in updating the data within the period given by Whiz and if Whiz finds the Data that is not valid, or does not match, Whiz has the right todowngrade that user account from status Verified to Unverified.
11) We reserve the right to refuse requests can upgrades Whiz users, if the data provided is not in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


For now, the Whiz App does not charge a fee-based service subscription. In the future, we may charge a fee for the use of services on the Whiz Application. All information regarding the amount of fees charged will be provided by us through communication media, websites, and/or other media that we determine from time to time. 

However, we may charge fees for using services on the Whiz Application, including:
1. costs for purchasing electronic money instrument media for the first time use or replacing damaged or lost electronic money instrument media;
2. top-up fees;
3. cash withdrawal fees made through other parties or other party channels (off us);
4. transaction fees for transferring funds between users in electronic money instruments from PJP that organizes Funds Administration activities in the form of issuing different electronic money; and/or
5. other fees determined by Bank Indonesia.

We will provide information regarding the amount of fees charged by us through communication media, websites and/or other media that we determine from time to time. Whiz Partners can charge fees according to the policies set out in their platform.

The fees charged by Whiz and/or Whiz Partners to Users have taken into account the applicable tax provisions in Indonesia, including but not limited to the imposition of VAT.

Users hereby authorize us to charge Whiz Balance accounts with fees applicable to Whiz services (if any), including those billed by Whiz Partners and/or other Third Parties (such as switching company, banking services or LKD agent services) in relation to transactions made by the User or by us for the benefit of the User.


  1. Whiz Cash or Whiz Balance can be used as a source of funds to make various payment transactions at Merchants, purchases and/or fund transfers to other Whiz accounts in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the terms and conditions of this service.
  2. Interest does not apply to Whiz Cash, so Users will not receive interest in any form. Whiz Cash is an electronic money balance, which is not a deposit as referred to in the Law on Banking and the Law on Sharia Banking and will not be guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation as stipulated in the Law on Deposit Insurance Corporation


  1. We give full authority to the User to create a WhizID that matches the personal identity or business owned by the User as long as the ID created is accurate and honest depicting the User's identity, and does not aim for acts of fraud, fraud, fraud and other unlawful acts .
  2. You may not choose a WhizID that misleads or deceives others about your identity or creates a risk of payment denial, transaction failure or incorrect payment. We may ask you to change your WhizID or your Account Information details in our sole discretion, and we may reclaim or make WhizID unavailable without liability and prior consent to you.
  3. We are fully authorized to review and analyze the Whiz ID created by the User and if there are indications of violations of law, acts of fraud, fraud and fraud, we without having to obtain prior approval from the User to carry out permanent blocking or temporary blocking and up to account deletion .
  4. In the event of an account blocking action, then refer to the Account Blocking provisions as stipulated in these terms and conditions.


  1. Top Up
    a. Users can top-up (or add) Whiz Cash balances through the official top-up media that we provide and inform them through the official website or the Whiz Application and/or other communication media.
    b. We are not responsible for the success and/or failure of balance top-ups made through top-up media, such as banks, Whiz Partners, and/or other top-up media.
    c. Whiz also provides a network for balance transfers and withdrawals, only Whiz Accounts with verified status can get this facility.
    d. Top-up failures can be reported to the Whiz Customer Care team by attaching the required supporting evidence, such as proof of top-up transactions or fund transfers. 
    e. The value of money deposited into Whiz electronic money can be used or transacted entirely until the balance is zero.
    f. Refilling the value of electronic money / Whiz Cash balances must use a source of funds based on funds deposited in advance and not based on a credit facility.
  2. Transfer Funds and Withdraw Funds
    a. Fund Transfer is a feature where Whiz Users can send Whiz Cash to other Users registered in the Whiz application. Fund Withdrawal is a Whiz Cash withdrawal feature with the aim of a bank account or through another party that cooperates with Whiz.
    b. The amount of Fund Transfer and/or Fund Withdrawal is determined by the User provided that the maximum and minimum amount for one withdrawal is specified in the Whiz application.
    c. Whiz is not responsible for User errors in inputting information, such as bank account numbers, destination accounts and/or Whiz Cash delivery amounts. Whiz is also not responsible if the Withdrawal of Funds is made by the User to a savings account at a Bank that is not on behalf of the User as the recipient of the remittance. All legal consequences arising from Withdrawing Funds and Transferring Funds are the full responsibility of the User.
    d. The Fund Transfer and Fund Withdrawal features can only be accessed and used by Premium Accounts according to these Terms and Conditions.
    e. Whiz may charge fees for Fund Transfer services as stated in the Application. Failure to Transfer Funds or Withdraw Funds can be conveyed to the Whiz Customer Care team by
    attach the required supporting evidence, such as proof of transaction.
  3. QRIS
    a.Users can make payment transactions for purchases of goods/services using the Whiz application with sources of funds originating from Whiz Cash both at offline and online QRIS merchants.
    b. Whiz is not responsible for User errors in inputting information, such as Whiz Cash payment amounts.
    c. QRIS payment failures can be submitted to the Whiz Customer Care team by attaching the required supporting evidence, such as proof of transaction.


  4. Digital Products (PPOB)
    a. Users can purchase Digital Products using Whiz Cash in the Whiz application, including credit top-ups and telecommunications operator data packages, top ups and purchase of game vouchers, as well as other digital products.
    b. Payment of postpaid bills or routine monthly bills such as electricity bills, water bills, internet subscription bills, telkom bills and other routine bills can be done via the Whiz application.
    c. Whiz is not responsible for losses due to User errors/negligence in inputting detailed information, nominal and payment data.


  5. Pocket
    a. Users can set aside a number of balances by creating a Pocket and transferring the balance into the pocket. Conversely, the User can also transfer the balance from the Pocket back to the main balance.
    b. The total amount of Whiz Cash in one account, both in the main balance and in the pocket, still follows the Whiz Cash balance limit specified in these terms and conditions.


In order to implement risk management and good governance, Whiz always updates user profiles and cleans user data based on Whiz operational policies and procedures, including:
1. Whiz will not close an account that still has a Whiz Cash balance, unless based on an investigation there has been an account misuse or fraud.
2. Based on an internal risk policy assessment, your account can be declared an Inactive / Dormant Account if for a period of 6 (six months) in a row there is no Whiz Cash balance (zero balance), or there is no activity related to the Whiz Cash balance on your account within the last 6 months.
3. Your account will not become dormant if you make 1 (one) transaction during the waiting period as point 2 above.
4. As soon as the time period according to number (2) above ends, we will permanently close your Inactive Account.
5. We do not charge fees for Dormant accounts / accounts that are no longer active.


  1. The Whiz application may be blocked in part and/or the whole service, temporarily and/or permanently, based on User's request, and/or initiation from Us and/or orders from relevant government agencies/courts/authorities.
  2. Users can at any time submit a temporary blocking of the Service through customer service caused by one of the reasons for losing the User's cell phone, or account hacking by irresponsible parties. We are not responsible for legitimate transactions that occur between the time of loss and blocking.
  3. Users can apply for unblocking to us through customer service. Unblocking can only be done by the User himself after going through the data verification process by us.
  4. We have the right at our own discretion to block your Whiz account if the User is indicated to have violated part or all of these Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions for promotional activities/events, and/or there is an indication that the Account or Whiz Balance has been misused, including but not limited to accommodating and / or to commit crimes and / or for activities that can harm us, the community or other parties based on other reasons and considerations that we determine, and it is indicated that the following things have happened: 

  • There is an abusive use or indication of a suspicious transaction 
  • Part or all of the data you provide is untrue, or fictitious;
  • There are other parties who report suspicious actions from the account accompanied by evidence that is considered sufficient for investigation purposes

5. At the request of the competent government agency, court order and/or police, We may block the Whiz Application and/or Whiz Cash until further instructions are received from the authorized government agency to reopen the account.

6. For the benefit of the User, We at our sole discretion have the right to block the User's account in the event that there is an OTP and/or PIN error five times when accessing/performing a transaction or due to other matters which in our opinion may cause losses to the User.

7. Blocking a Whiz Account, either in whole or in part, will automatically block any activity using Whiz Balance in the Whiz Partner Application and Partner Access.

8. Whiz Cash balances on accounts that are subject to blocking due to indications of unlawful acts do not create an obligation for us to make a return to the User, unless the user can provide appropriate evidence that there has been no unlawful action or at the decision of the authorities.


We reserve the right to downgrade (downgrade) Whiz Youth account from Verified Becomes Unverified if We find that the user of the Whiz Youth account has reached 18 years, unless the user of the account goes through the KYC process with their own identity (no longer using the KYC status of the linked Whiz Parent account. Furthermore, the Whiz Youth Account User can apply for the KYC process in accordance with the provisions applicable.  


Whiz Service ends when:

  1. Terminated at the request of the User at any time by filling out a request for termination of the Service or other forms determined by us, provided that you have completed all obligations to us.
  2. We carry out terminations in order to carry out a necessity in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. There are indications of misuse of the Whiz Service by Users or other third parties in relation to violations of these Terms and Conditions and/or applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Whiz account will be permanently closed, when:
    a. Referring to the Dormant account provisions referred to in these Terms and Conditions;
    b. you pass away or the company, business entity, legal entity or civil partnership you represent is declared or filed for bankruptcy or liquidation or is in a state of bankruptcy or liquidation;
    c. Accounts or Transactions in your account are declared fraud (based on the results of our own investigations and/or with the police, and/or third parties);
    d. There are statutory orders or other applicable provisions.
  5. In the event of withdrawal of Whiz Balance, the User is entitled to a refund of the remaining balance after deducting fees (if any), there are no other fees for closing the Whiz service.
  6. The User hereby declares full responsibility and therefore releases Us and our affiliates and business partners from all claims of any kind from any third party including the User's husband/wife/heirs in connection with the blocking process and/or termination of the Service.


  1. To support the services provided by us to users, we have entered into several collaborations:
    a. Merchant acquisition cooperation allows Users to use Whiz Cash Balance as a source of funds for transaction payments at Merchant or Third Party platforms that have become Whiz Partners for both QRIS and non-QRIS transactions.
    b. Collaboration with organizers switching, banking institutions, or LKD Agents to support User transactions in topping up Whiz Cash Balances, making payments via the QRIS channel, or withdrawing balances.
    c. Cooperation Partner Access, allows Whiz Users from partners Partner Access can transact through partner-owned applications Partner Access.
    d. Cooperation in the procurement of digital products, PPOB, investment products and other financial products that can be accessed by Users through the Whiz Application.
    e. And other collaborations that may exist in the future to improve or develop the Whiz Application service.
  2. Every cooperation, if needed, has been approved by the competent regulator. The user acknowledges that each product or service provided by the Whiz Partner may be subject to fees as determined by the Whiz Partner or listed in the Application, or listed in other media determined by Us.
  3. In connection with several services and products, including digital products, insurance, mutual funds and investments, and other financial products, we appoint and authorize our partner, PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia to be able to run, manage and operate widget or special content contained in the Whiz Application; including but not limited to widget or specialized content in offering insurance, mutual funds, and investment products. Furthermore, you also agree that we may share your data for use by PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia as a service manager for certain purposes; including but not limited to storing, segmenting and analyzing your data to be able to process and forward your request (as relevant).
  4. You are requested to carefully read and agree to any available instructions, to be able to receive further information and services, including but not limited to accepting offers and continuing the services contained in each widget or the content.
  5. When you have successfully accessed widget or such special content, you acknowledge and agree that you are a user of the services provided by PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia and are subject to the Terms and Conditions that will be enforced by PT Roket Teknologi Indonesia (as relevant).
  6. If there is an agreement between you and partners Whiz (“Agreement”), which states that you agree to make payments of your obligations to partners Whiz through Whiz, we hereby can debit the Whiz Cash balance in your account automatically. This is in order to fulfill all your payment obligations to partners We (under the Agreement). You hereby grant full power, rights and authority which cannot be revoked and unconditionally to us with substitution rights, at any time, without requiring prior notification to you.


  1. In the event that you have successfully accessed widget or special content that is run by our partners, we make no guarantee that the purchase of products or services will be approved by us or our partners or parties who cooperate with our partners, who have the authority to accept, continue, refuse, and/or cancel your request.
  2. You are asked to learn all the terms and/or benefits of the products and/or services offered, we, our partners, and those who cooperate with our partners are not responsible for errors in selecting or purchasing these products and/or services, which are entirely caused by your negligence or carelessness.
  3. If necessary, our partners or parties who work with our partners can apply special Terms and Conditions that will be communicated to you, so that you can receive and/or continue the product or service you have chosen.


Whiz will process the refund of the Whiz Cash Balance in the event of a payment transaction failure at the Merchant, purchase of digital products, and other payment/purchase transactions using Whiz Cash, if within 7×24 hours since the transaction failed the user has not received the funds Refund, it is advisable to contact Whiz customer care for further checking.


  1. We reserve the right to make corrections to the balance and/or transactions in your account, if according to our records there has been an unusual transaction in your account. Such correction includes our reasonable consideration and belief to make partial or complete detention and withdrawal of your Whiz account balance in connection with or caused by fraud, embezzlement, abuse, and/or other unlawful acts.
  2. You hereby grant full power, rights and authority which are irrevocable and unconditional to us with substitution rights, at any time, without requiring prior notice to you and without your prior consent to make corrections to your Whiz account balance. .


  1. You may only access or use the Whiz Application (a) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, (b) for lawful purposes, and (c) not be used for fraudulent, unlawful, criminal or other acts, activities, deeds or purposes. others who violate or conflict with the law, applicable laws and regulations or the rights or interests of any party. You are solely responsible for checking and ensuring that you have downloaded (download) correct software for your device. We are not responsible if you do not have a Whiz App compatible device or if you have downloaded (download) version software the wrong one for your device.
  2. You are prohibited from using the Whiz Application or conducting Transactions: (a) for purposes, activities, activities or actions that violate the law or violate the rights or interests (including Intellectual Property Rights or privacy rights) of any party; (b) which contains materials or elements that are harmful or harmful to any party; (c) containing viruses software, worms, trojan horses or other malicious computer code, files, scripts, agent or program; and (d) that interferes with the integrity or performance of the Whiz Application and its supporting systems.
  3. You are prohibited from taking any action including in or through the Whiz Application that can damage or disrupt our reputation.
  4. You are required to ensure that you do not share your security information with any other party, including Whiz employees. Any Transaction orders made through your Whiz account from the Whiz Application or Partner that you have authorized either with a PIN and/or biometric recognition for some smartphone certain, will be considered as your correct, valid or valid order/instruction to Whiz to process the transaction. You will bear all losses incurred due to your negligence, including if you are negligent in maintaining the security of your Whiz account, and hereby declare to agree and hold harmless Whiz from all claims, suits, and/or damages arising from such negligence.
  5. You hereby expressly agree and represent and warrant that:
    a. You are an individual who is legally capable of taking legal action under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia including to bind yourself in these Terms and Conditions. If you are under the age of 18 (eighteen) years or under guardianship, you warrant that opening a Whiz account has been approved by your parent, guardian or legal guardian.
    b. You have the right, authority and capacity to use the Whiz Application and to comply with and implement all of these Terms and Conditions.
    c. If you register or download the Application on behalf of a legal entity, civil partnership or other party, you hereby represent and warrant that you have the legal capacity, rights and authority to act for and on behalf of the said business entity or other party including but not limited to binding the business entity or other party to comply with the entire contents of these Terms and Conditions.
    d. You represent and guarantee that the funds used in the context of transactions are not funds originating from criminal acts that are prohibited under the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, this account opening is not intended and/or intended in the context of efforts to commit money laundering crimes in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, transactions are not carried out for the purpose of deceiving, obscuring, or avoiding reporting to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) based on the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, and you are fully responsible for and release us from all claims. , claims, or compensation in any form, if you commit a criminal act of money laundering under the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.
    e. All data, whether you have submitted or included, or will convey or include directly or indirectly in the future or from time to time, are true, complete, accurate, current and not misleading and do not violate rights (including but not limited to rights). Intellectual Property) or the interests of any party. Submission of Data by You to Us or on or through the Application or system does not conflict with applicable law and does not violate any deed, agreement, contract, agreement or other document to which You are a party or to which You or Your assets are bound.
    f. The Whiz application will be used for your own benefit or for the benefit of a business entity or other party that you legally represent as referred to in letter (c) above.
    g. You will not give rights, authority and/or power of attorney in any form and under any circumstances to other people or parties to use the Data, Whiz account, OTP and/or Security Code, and you for any reason and under no circumstances will and are prohibited from transferring your Whiz account to any person or party.
    h. In or when using the Whiz Application, you agree to comply with and implement all applicable laws and regulations including laws and regulations in your home country or in the country or city where you are located.
  6. By carrying out activities through the Whiz Application, you understand that all communications and instructions from you received by us will be treated as solid evidence even if they are not made in the form of a written document or published in the form of a signed document, and, accordingly, you agree to indemnify and release us and our partners from all losses, liabilities, demands and expenses (including litigation costs) that may arise in connection with the execution of your instructions.


  1. Electronic money is not a deposit as referred to in the laws and regulations in the banking sector so that it is not guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  2. The service is provided under conditions of “as is" or "Just the way you are" We make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the reliability, security, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy and/or completeness of the Whiz Application services. We make no representations or warranties of any kind that:
    a. Use of the Whiz Application (or any part thereof) will be secure, timely, uninterrupted or free from errors, tampering, viruses or other obstructions or other harmful components;
    b. The Whiz Application can continue to operate or be used in conjunction with or with a combination of devices (both hardware and software) or other party systems that We do not provide or have for the operation of the Whiz Application;
    c. The provision of the Whiz Application or the smooth operation or use of the Whiz account will meet your requirements or expectations;
    d. Every transaction data that We store or store in the Whiz Application and its supporting system is accurate or correct;
    e. The quality of service or the Whiz Application will meet your requirements or expectations; and
    f. There will be no errors, interruptions or defects from the Whiz Application and its supporting systems.
  3. Given that we only act as a provider platform, then We are not responsible for the content, form, type and/or availability of the Service or other matters related to the Service which are entirely the responsibility of the Service provider.
  4. You hereby acknowledge that the Service, Application, Account and/or system may or may experience, there are or are limitations, delays, and/or other problems including those caused by or in connection with (a) network unavailability or limitation (including internet network) and/or use or (b) unavailability, interruption, or malfunction of certain features on the device you are using. We are not responsible for any delay, delay, failure, interruption or failure of a Transaction due to the foregoing.
  5. You hereby acknowledge that there is a possibility:
    a. The System or Application (or any part of the system or Application) is unstable, interrupted, stalled, does not run properly, does not run perfectly and/or has some bugs, and/or
    b. Services (or certain features or parts) are subject to change, are not available. 
    Upon the occurrence of this you agree not to submit a Claim to Us.
  6. We are not responsible for any indirect and/or immaterial losses, including any costs, profits (including interest), damages, and losses of any kind or form, which you or other third parties suffer as a result of;
    a. Whiz Partner fault or Our partners;
    b. Our merchant error; and/or
    c. Negligence or fault of third parties and/or you.
  7. We are only responsible for losses that you experience directly that are actually paid for, namely those that can be proven to have occurred as a result of Our error or Our violation of these Terms and Conditions. 
  8. We are not responsible for any claims from any party including you or for your losses and any parties that occur as a result of or in connection with any claims or lawsuits experienced by you that may arise as a result of incomplete submission of information from you or as a result of not being implemented. your instructions, including cancellation, change of instructions (for instructions that have not been executed) submitted to us, unless the loss occurs due to our willful error or our negligence.
  9. You hereby agree and bind yourself to release us from any and all claims of any kind whatsoever, from any party and wherever that is filed, arises or occurs in connection with or as a result of:
    a. The use of data by us based on these Terms and Conditions or based on the approval, acknowledgment, authority, power and/or rights that you have given either directly or indirectly to us in these Terms and Conditions;
    b. The provision of Data either directly or indirectly by you to us or in or through the Whiz Application that you do is (i) violates or violates applicable laws or regulations, (ii) violates the rights (including intellectual property rights) of or belongs to any person or party, or (iii) violates any contract, cooperation, agreement, deed, statement, determination, decision and/or document to which you are a party or to which you or your assets are bound;
    c. Use of the Application, Account and/or Service (i) unlawfully, (ii) violating applicable laws, (iii) violating these Terms and Conditions, and/or (iv) for fraudulent, criminal, illegal or other unlawful acts.
  10. As a Whiz User, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, including but not limited to; password confidentiality, OTP code, and Security Code that you use for login and access your account and our services. Therefore, we are not responsible in any form if, you suffer a loss caused by your negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of your account, and you hereby release us, the board of directors, the board of commissioners, our employees, agents, and/or affiliates, from any claims, lawsuits, damages, and/or claims that you submit in connection with the unauthorized use and/or access to your Account.
  11. You hereby agree and bind yourself to indemnify us for all losses that we incur and replace all costs, fees, charges and expenses that we have or may incur or pay in connection with or as a result of your claim on the provisions of this "Limitation of Liability" ( including but not limited to legal fees that we pay or incur to make a defense or other necessary action in relation to the Claim).
  12. If there is anything you want to say in relation to this “Limitation of Liability” section, you can contact us.



  1. "Account Linking” is the linking of your Whiz User account with your other account registered on the Whiz Partner platform that you use by selecting the option linking or other options as We specify on the Whiz Partner platform you are using.
  2. Account linking is required so that you can access our services on the platform partners Whiz without having to open the Whiz App. By linking your Whiz User account with your other accounts registered on the platform partners Whiz, you can, among others; make payment transactions with Whiz Cash, exchange Whiz Points for products sold and/or provided on the platform partners Whiz you use, check your Whiz Cash and Whiz Points balance, or your payment transaction history for products sold and/or provided on the platform partners Whiz that you use without the need to open the Whiz Application, and use other features as We provide and determine from time to time through the platform partners Whiz you are using (“The existence of").
  3. You need to know, with Account Linking, relevant information to your Whiz User account, including information and data related to your Whiz User account membership, your payment transactions for products sold and/or provided on the platform. partners Whiz you use, either with Whiz Cash or Whiz Points redemption, on the platform Whiz partners that you use, like; transaction history, transaction time, and transaction status, and your Whiz Cash and Whiz Points balance, will be visible on the platform partners Whiz that you use and can be seen by partners Whiz concerned (“Information"). This is needed for the purpose of providing Our Services through the platform partners Whiz you are using. By doing Account Linking means that you have fully agreed to give us permission and authority to show the Information referred to in this point to Whiz Partners for that purpose.
  4. Your access to the Services and Information may vary from one Whiz Partner to another depending on the agreement between Whiz and partners Whiz.
  5. You may terminate your Account Linking at any time, by terminating Account Linking or unlinking, which We and partners Whiz will provide options unlinking or other options as We specify on the platform partners Whiz you use, for you to choose when you want to stop Account Linking. With the termination of Account Linking, our services on the platform partners The Whiz you use will become unusable by you until you do Account Linking again.
  6. You need to understand and know that the terms of Account Linking and the procedures for implementing Account Linking and terminating Account Linking may vary on each platform. partners The Whiz you use and We also have the right to determine and change the Whiz Account Linking procedure. You can learn and understand the procedures for implementing Account Linking and terminating Account Linking on the page platform interfaces The Whiz Partner you use, there We and the Whiz Partner will provide options that you can choose to do Account Linking or termination of Account Linking.
  7. In the event that We make changes, additions, and/or reductions to the Whiz Account Linking procedure, termination of Account Linking on the platform partners Whiz that you use, these Terms and Conditions, and/or the availability of our other services, you may be asked for re-approval before you can re-access our services through the platform. partners Whiz you are using.
  8. In connection with Account Linking, you are still obliged to always maintain the security of your Whiz User account and your Account on the platform partners Whiz, don't be fooled by irresponsible parties on behalf of Whiz or partners Whiz who intends to gain unauthorized access to your Whiz User Account or your other accounts registered on the platform partners Whiz, or you are using the device or open messages on the device (smartphone, tablet computer, or your computer) that contains malware or virus which can harm your accounts.
  9. You understand and agree that we cannot be held responsible if you are negligent in securing your Whiz User account and your other accounts registered on the Whiz Partner platform.
  10. You understand that other provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions, as relevant, will still apply to your Whiz User account, whether you access it through the Application or the platform. partners Whiz.


By using Whiz, you are deemed to have understood all the risks of using electronic money, such as balance theft, account takeover, and fraud. Therefore, we remind you to always be careful in protecting your account from all crimes by:

  1. Knowing that we never ask you for a PIN or OTP code. Therefore, you must always be careful and do not respond to any calls or links sent via e-mail or websites (fake sites duplicate Whiz's official website) intended for fraud attempts on behalf of Whiz that ask you to provide a PIN and code OTP.
  2. Just contact Contact Channel or Our official Whiz User Service as stated in these Terms and Conditions to convey your message, and do not respond to Customer Service beyond what is stated in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. If there is a loss of access to the account and device you are using, please contact our official service directly and report the incident.
  4. Only make transfers to fellow users if you are sure that the intended account is correct, otherwise, transfers are better made through a bank account.
  5. Always pay attention to the situation around you when you want to log in by entering your PIN. If you think that the surroundings are unsafe, you can login using your fingerprint.
  6. Always update your Whiz application, so that the security system is always maintained.
  7. Only top up (top-up) your Whiz account through partners and/or authorized agents that we provide, including through certain bank agents or other third parties that we inform. This service may incur certain fees and differ depending on each service.


You agree that the collection, use and submission of the Data that you submit to us will be carried out subject to these Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy found at: www.whiz.id/privacy-policy which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. this.


  1. Consumers are the final users of services/products as intended in Bank Indonesia's consumer protection provisions.
  2. Whiz complies with applicable Bank Indonesia consumer protection provisions, and will always implement consumer protection principles in providing services to Users.
  3. Whiz, with its maximum efforts, has carried out activities to maintain the security of consumer assets against misuse, including:
    – Cheating, leaking information and criminal acts (fraud);
    – Fraud (scam)
    – Abuse and embezzlement.
  4. Whiz provides a channel for complaints and user complaints as stated on the Whiz Application and website.


  1. The entire Whiz Application and its support systems including but not limited to all: (a) layout, the design and appearance of the Whiz Application contained in or displayed on the Whiz Application media; (b) logos, photos, images, names, brands, words, letters, numbers, text, and color arrangements contained in the Whiz Application; and (c) the combination of the elements as referred to in letters (a) and (b), is entirely our Intellectual Property Rights and no other party also has the rights to the Application or to the layout, Application design and appearance.
  2. You may not from time to time (i) copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, sell, transfer, publicly display, reproduce, transmit, transfer, broadcast, decompile or disassemble any part of from or otherwise exploit the Whiz Application (including the support system and services therein) licensed to you, except as permitted in these Terms and Conditions, (ii) license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or exploit commercially or make available to third parties and/or software in any way; (iii) publish, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other information we have without obtaining prior approval from us or the right owner who licenses his rights to us, (iv) delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices contained in the Whiz Application, (v) reverse engineer or access the Whiz Application and/or its support systems to (a) build a competing product or service, (b) build a product using ideas, features , functions or similar graphics, or (c) copying ideas, features, functions or graphics, (vi) launching automatic programs or scripts, including, but not limited to, web crawlers, web robots, web indexers, bots, viruses, worms, or any other similar application and any program whatsoever that may make multiple server requests per second, create heavy loads or hinder the operation and/or performance of the Whiz Application, (vii) using robots, spiderretrieval site/application search, or any other manual or automated device or process for retrieving, indexing, “data mining” (datamine), or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Whiz Application and the content contained therein.


It is possible that we may not be able to carry out, continue or continue Transactions or orders or instructions from you through the Application or Account, either partially or completely, due to events or things beyond our control or ability including but not limited to:

  1. All computer virus disorders
  2. Bank-grade trojan horses;
  3. Components or systems that can harm and interfere with the Application, Service and/or Account;
  4. Service or service Internet Service Provider or other third party services or services available on the Service; and/or
  5. Natural disasters, wars, riots, non-functioning equipment, systems or transmissions, power failures, telecommunication disturbances, government policies, banking and/or financial system failures and other events or causes beyond our control or ability.

You hereby agree that We will be released from all claims, if We are unable to carry out your instructions, either partially or completely due to the event or cause of this Force Majeure.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are governed and construed based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. All disputes or conflicts that arise in connection with or related to matters regulated in the Terms and Conditions (or parts thereof) including disputes caused by the existence or conduct of unlawful acts or violations of one or more of these Terms and Conditions ("Dispute”) must be resolved in the following manner:

a. One of the parties, either you or us, must provide written notice to the other party on the occurrence of a Dispute ("Discord Notice"). Disputes must be resolved by deliberation and consensus within a period of no later than 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of the Dispute Dispute Notification (“Deliberation Completion Period”);
b. If the Dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation and consensus until the end of the Deliberative Settlement Period, the Parties are obliged to jointly appoint a third party (“mediator”) as a mediator to resolve the Dispute and the appointment must be stated in written form which is jointly signed by the Parties.
c. The mediation process by a special Mediator will be completed by one arbitrator appointed based on the Regulations of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) having his/her address at Wahana Graha Building 2nd Floor, Jl. Mampang Prapatan Number 2, South Jakarta 12760, Republic of Indonesia.
d. Provisions regarding all costs, fees and expenses in the context of the settlement of the Dispute shall be decided based on a final and binding arbitration award;
e. Except as required by applicable law or requested based on a request, decision or official decision issued, issued or made by a court or competent government agency, during the Dispute settlement process as regulated above until a decision is valid, final and binding on the Parties, then the Parties are obliged to keep all information related to the Dispute and its resolution process confidential and therefore prohibited from in any way informing, notifying or announcing to any party the existence of the Dispute or the settlement process including but not limited to the mass media (newspapers, television or other media). and/or social media. If you violate the provisions of point (e), you hereby acknowledge and agree that all or part of your rights to use the Service, Application, Account and/or PIN may be terminated or disabled by us at any time, either temporarily or permanently.

  1. Users are obliged to follow dispute resolution efforts in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations.
  2. In connection with the irrevocable power of attorney that you have given to us based on these Terms and Conditions, such power of attorney will continue to be valid and cannot expire for any reason including the reasons referred to and regulated in Articles 1813, 1814, and 1816 of the Indonesian Law. Civil Law Act, except in the event that you close your Whiz account.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are valid since you become a Whiz User and remain in effect as long as you have not closed your Whiz account or you have an active Whiz account.
  2. You agree and bind yourself not to take any action that can limit, inhibit and/or reduce one or more of our rights and/or authorities based on these Terms and Conditions or applicable law.
  3. You hereby agree to set aside the provisions of Article 1266 paragraph (2) and (3) of the Civil Code so that the Terms and Conditions, Applications and/or Services may be terminated (either partially or completely, temporarily or permanently) in accordance with the Terms and Provisions without the need for a decision or stipulation from a court judge.
  4. All approvals, powers, powers and/or rights that you give to us in these Terms and Conditions cannot expire for any reason including for reasons as referred to in Articles 1813, 1814, and 1816 of the Civil Code as long as you are still use the Service or Application or still use and/or have an Account.
  5. You hereby release us from all claims in connection with the implementation of all our actions based on the power, authority and/or rights that you have given to us in or based on the Terms and Conditions as well as the exercise of our rights or authorities based on the Terms and Conditions.


  1. For any complaints related to the Whiz Application and/or your account, or questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you can ask to contact us Contact Channel or Whiz User Services (with supporting evidence), via:
    o email to [email protected]
    o Help Center in the Whiz App;
    o Instagram (@whiz.idn).
  2. We urge you to immediately report to us through the channels above if you experience anything unusual and/or unusual with your Whiz Application for our immediate follow-up.
  3. Whiz will follow up on each receipt of your complaint in accordance with applicable regulations.
  4. If there is a difference in the balance between your application and us, we will follow up the complaint in accordance with the complaint procedure above.


We may change, update, and/or add to these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part including the Services offered by the Whiz Application from time to time based on the policies that apply at Whiz. Changes to these terms and conditions, We will inform you in advance through available communication media or through periodic updates to the application and give you time to study the new terms and conditions within 7 (seven) calendar days, in the event that there is no response from you then you are considered to have accepted the new terms and conditions, but if you state that you do not agree with the new terms and conditions, then you have the right to stop using the Whiz Application service.


These Terms and Conditions are effective from September 15, 2023 and replace all previously published terms and conditions.