What is the Cost of Living in America? Here Are the Details

The Cost of Living in America – Have you ever dreamed of living abroad? Living in someone else's country may seem fun. However, of course, you still have to consider living expenses.

Well, one country widely used as a destination is America, such as for educational and work purposes. Not only is its name quite big for the international community, but the splendor of this country is also a big attraction for the people. 

The United States of America also offers a variety of modern things, both in terms of culture, education, and occupation. There, Whizmate can get a pretty big salary! Its per capita income reaches 473 billion rupiahs per year. With such a large income, it affects the cost of living, which is also rather large.

But how much does it cost to live in America? Let's see the following discussion points!

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The Cost of Living in America

1. Food Costs

the cost of living in america

Food is one of the basic needs of humans. In America, the cost of food is relatively high. If you can be full in Indonesia with only 20 thousand rupiahs, it is different in America. However, it also depends on your lifestyle, right?

You can choose to eat at a restaurant or cook for yourself. If you want to eat out, you spend around 200 thousand. 

However, if you cook for yourself, the expenses are negligible. You need to buy some essential ingredients. For example, rice is priced at 55 thousand rupiah/kg, mineral water is 20 thousand/330 ml, raw meat starts at 164 thousand, and milk costs 11 thousand/liter. 

But why is it still expensive? It may look like it, but it is not! Because you can use these basic needs for several meals. So, it is more low budget! With these considerations, it is recommended that we can cook at home for ourselves. The food is healthy, and the pocket is safe!

2. Housing Fees

In addition to food costs, housing costs are also vital since you have to spend more money to rent a place to live in the US.

You can spend around 23.8 million per month to rent an apartment. Wow, that sounds expensive. However, you can rent an apartment in one of the cities, Los Angeles, which fixes a lower price of around 12.9 million per month.

If you don't want to rent an apartment, you're better off buying a house. In America, housing prices are around 1.7 billion. This price is undoubtedly similar to the cost of homes in Jakarta.

However, it's different if you are a student. You have to prepare a budget of 120 to 150 million. For example, you can pay rent at Pennsylvania State University of 34.3 million per semester. Don't get me wrong, at that price. You've got the furniture and the room. that you can share so you can invite your friends to join. 

3. Transportation Fees

transportation costs in America

It is undeniable that transportation is also one of the most important things for humans. Because wherever we go, we will need it. 

In the United States of America, transportation fees are relatively expensive. In fact, taxi fares can reach 24 thousand per kilometer. It is different from public transportation, such as buses and trains. You must at least prepare a budget of 32 thousand for a one-way trip. 

You can buy a daily ticket or a monthly subscription to use public transportation. The amount for subscription fee is approximately 989 thousand per month.

4. Health Costs

While staying or living in another country, you also have to prepare the budget for health care. Like other aspects, health costs in America are also more expensive than in Indonesia. Health costs there can reach up to 134 million per year. 

Therefore, most students and workers get health insurance. However, you still have to be selective in choosing health insurance!

5. Other Expenses

other expenses in America

Other than the previously mentioned four needs, additional routine costs must be met—for example, internet, snacks, clothes, and entertainment costs. In America, the average monthly cost of internet service is 700 thousand rupiahs. The price is certainly different from the one in Indonesia, indeed.

In addition to internet fees, there is also a fee for buying snacks. At least you have to spend 50 thousand rupiahs. Meanwhile, if you want to watch a movie at the cinema, a ticket is sold for around 120,000.

The cost is still a little compared to the price of clothes. The range starts from 600 thousand for jeans and 1–1.3 million for shoes.

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Well, that's the explanation of the cost of living in America. With these details, it can be said that you need at least 9.4 million to 55 million rupiahs per month to meet the needs of living there. 

Of course, it is not an easy thing. However, you can start preparing for yourself! One of them is to manage your finances as best you can. Don't worry because you can use the Whiz money management application. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!