definition of success

The Real Definition of Success You Must Know!

Definition of Success – How do you usually define someone as successful? Is it by owning a luxury house, a large income, or driving a luxury vehicle? Of course that is not a true measure of success.

Everyone's definition of success is different. But the thing we need to know, success is a status that shows that someone has achieved something he is aiming for. In addition, success can mean a certain social status that describes someone who is prosperous and has fame.

However, before defining success for yourself, start to create list whatever success you want to get. Add also how the steps you want to take to achieve it. Therefore, success goes hand in hand with hard work. You must have a strong determination, because success does not come alone.

Check out this article to help you understand what the definition of success is and how to achieve real success.

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What is your definition of success?

definition of success

Only you can answer that question, because everyone has a different definition of success. As explained above, other people can define themselves as successful if they have a lot of money, luxury homes, and the latest vehicles. While there are also some people or even you think that success is when someone can live a life full of happiness, security, and peace.

The general definition of success has gone beyond the meaning of success itself, such as being rich, having a high position, and getting various titles. The benchmark of success cannot be judged by these factors, but by the conditions in which a person has been able to live a better and more advanced life because of his own desires.

It's important to know what achievement and success mean in general before you define your own version of success.

Not infrequently achievement is associated with success, but in reality it is not the same. Achievement refers to the desired outcome, while success is a positive consequence of the desired outcome of achievement. Simply put, achievement is the process by which a person becomes successful.

Definition of Success According to the Characters

The word success is a pleasant word for many people. How come? The majority of people in this world have a goal to be successful. However, the meaning of success itself is not only people who have a lot of money, high positions, qualified jobs, and fame from the community. Literally, the word success has the meaning of succeeding in various aspects. The definition of success is a success, regardless of the success achieved.

The definition of success according to the figures who can inspire those of you who are still looking for the true meaning of success. Here are five definitions of success according to the figures.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Teslah and world-famous billionaire, defines success as when you can do the fun things in life.

2. Warren Buffet

The benchmark of Warren Buffett's success is not the abundance of wealth or fame that comes from every achievement, but success can be seen from the number of people who love him.

3. Raj Sisodia

A professor at Babson College and co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Raj Sisodia defines success when he has succeeded in inspiring and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

4. Ron Cordes

As the founder of the Cordes Foundation which focuses on social entrepreneurship and investment, Ron Cordes defines success as a path to finding and living life's purpose, so as to make a difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy for him.

5. Kara Goldin

Meanwhile, Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water defines success by knowing that what he does can help himself and others to lead a better, healthier, and happier life.

How to Achieve Success?

It is undeniable that true success is not achieved instantly and easily. In fact, very often when the process of achieving success, a person can feel tired.

Therefore, you must set a success goal first. What are the successful goals you want to achieve, what is the best strategy to achieve them, and what steps will you take if during the process it doesn't go according to plan or experiences obstacles.

Make a main goal and then move on to several sub-goals to be more focused and on target. In addition, you also have to keep improving yourself, always optimistic and positive thinking, not easily discouraged and give up, focused, and excited. That way, you can achieve all the goals you want to achieve and become successful as you have always wanted.

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Thus an explanation of the definition of success and how to achieve it. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that success is not only about how much money we have, how high our position or popularity is, but how we can live life with gratitude, happiness, and can be useful for others.

Hopefully this information can inspire you and make it easier to find the definition of success for yourself.