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Study While Working Abroad? Here are the Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad!

How to Study and Work Abroad – Studying while working can be great for you as a student, especially if you want to go abroad. It sounds exciting, right, if you can study while working abroad? In addition to gaining new experience, your income is also profitable!

You also need to know that people who dare to work while studying are more likely to be more mature than those who don't. However, this does not mean that it's always rainbows and butterflies. Working while studying sometimes also has risks, including the rise of fake job vacancies on social media.

Here you need to consider and check carefully and think thoroughly. This is because if you get scammed, you will lose a lot. Moreover, it can get more severe since you're away from home and have a culture shock.

Therefore, take your time with everything you see on the internet, OK? Whizmin also wants to give some tips for studying and working abroad. Let's see them here!

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Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad Successfully

1. Manage Your Time Well

Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad!

Have you ever heard the term "your biggest enemy is yourself"? You can relate that term to how you manage your time. Why? Because your laziness or other bad traits will affect your time management.

Managing your time is very important when you live independently, away from home, and with your parents. Therefore, everyone needs to be able to manage their time well, whether it's for studying and working abroad or studying at the local university.

By having good time management skills, you will be more able to achieve your targets. Moreover, if you work while studying, you must be more precise in managing your time, OK.

2. Find Information From Trusted Educational Institutions

Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad!

The next tip is to look for various information, for example, about the university you chose, curriculum, payment, housing, and even scholarships. The more information you seek and get, the less confused you will be when you are abroad.

Also, look for information at a trusted educational institution, OK. You can search on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia ( or other authorized institutions.

3. Look for Job Vacancies at the Local Employment Service

Another tip is to look for job vacancies at the Manpower Office that match your domicile. Don't worry. Usually, the information coming from the government will be published officially, so it is safe.

In addition, you can also search for job vacancies on popular platforms, such as Glints, LinkedIn, and many more.

4. Check If an Institution Is Legit

Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad!

Let's check the institution you choose, OK? To do this check, you should come to the HR office or the ministry of human resources according to your domicile.

Consult about the flow of working abroad that is, by the procedures. Remember to ensure that the institution you choose is registered as an official institution and its legality is guaranteed.

5. Join Internship Programs

Tips on How to Study and Work Abroad!

Besides full time working, you can also look for internship programs provided by several companies or educational institutions. However, work and internships also have some significant differences, if you don't know.

If your main goal is to increase your income, look for an internship that gives allowance money. However, your main goal is to add insight and knowledge, so look for the right and most suitable internship program for you.

6. Find Jobs with the Skills You Have

By now, you must know what your goal is in studying abroad. Of course, it can be to achieve the career you want after graduating from your chosen campus. Isn't that right?

Well, you can start looking for job vacancies that match your interests and abilities to have more experience in that field.

Only choose a job that follows your interests and abilities because the results you will provide may not be optimal, and neither can you enjoy doing it. enjoy doing it.

7. Don't Be Quickly Tempted

Working and studying abroad is an opportunity that most people can take advantage of. Just imagine if you can get a degree as well as earn money.

However, you need to be careful, OK? Because nowadays, there is a lot of false information that offers college programs while working with big salaries, but it ends up being scams.

To avoid this case, avoid being easily tempted by the money and benefits offered. Also, make sure you always check the accuracy of the information carefully.

8. Find the Right Financial Services

To prepare for this, you certainly need the right financial services. Even though you will later find and use scholarships, taking care of this may require a lot of money.

For that, you can use the Whiz Money Management App from now on. The Whiz money management app will help you manage your finances easily, safely, and quickly, FYI!

In addition, this app also has a financial budgeting feature so that you can adjust your expenses according to your income. Well, by using the Whiz Money Management App, you will find it easier to make various transactions.

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Well, those are some tips on how to study and work abroad successfully that you can do. Hopefully, you will find this helpful article and always be eager to pursue your dreams and goals.