Daily Saving Tips: Must Try!

Daily Saving Tips – Saving is one way to manage our financial situation. Saving can be done for many things. You can save to meet certain targets, whether it's buying something, an emergency fund, or just saving money. Previously, you had to have a savings target. Reported from IDN Times, saving targets can make you more motivated to save.

Sometimes, to meet the target of saving, saving seems very long and heavy. In fact, little by little over time it can become a hill. One way to get you excited about saving is to save daily. You can save daily so that savings feel always increasing and quickly achieved. What's the trick? Check out the following daily saving tips!

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7 Daily Saving Tips

daily saving tips

Saving in Target's Piggy Bank

You know, the current viral piggy bank that has a nominal target? You can save a lot with this piggy bank! This target piggy bank has various designs and calculations, according to the target you want. Targets can start from 500 thousand to 10 million rupiah, you know!

The nominal numbers that must be saved are written in a row around the piggy bank. The number of calculations in the piggy bank also varies. You can choose an option with the same nominal until the target is fulfilled, it can also be with a different nominal option. 

Choose a piggy bank that suits your target and abilities. Intend to fill it every day. Therefore, you have to think about the target and nominal as best you can, whether or not you are able to run it based on your financial situation. Once decided, start saving and putting money in a piggy bank. Cross out by number each time you save.

Savings 5-2-1

Savings 5-2-1 is a saving method for those of you who like to set aside small money. The number 5 means 5 thousand, 2 means 2 thousand, and 1 means a thousand. Every day, save by saving 5 thousand, 2 thousand, or a thousand in the container. You can use a piggy bank or a storage box. As a rule, the money saved must be paper money with a nominal 5-2-1, yes! Do it every day.

Coin Saving

Coin savings are savings that contain loose change. Without us knowing it, during the day we are active and transact, there are small coins that come into play show up between the wallets. Put the coins, regardless of their denomination, into a piggy bank or container. Do it every day. Without you knowing it, these coins can be of great value when they are full!

Saving by Date

To make it even more challenging, use the date saving method. As a rule, you must save the same amount of money as the date on that day. For example, you start saving on the 15th, meaning that you have to save 15 thousand for that day. You can save with physical money or digital money in financial applications.

Saving Money Uniform 

To save every day, you can save money with the same nominal every day. You can determine how much you want to save every day, and the amount must be the same until the specified target time. Adjust the nominal you want to save for each day according to your financial ability. The most important thing is to be consistent in saving, yes!

Smallest nominal savings

The next method is to save money that has the smallest nominal in your wallet. Even though in one day the smallest nominal you have is 100 rupiah, keep saving! On the other hand, if the smallest nominal amount of money that day is 50 thousand, yes, save it too, hehe. If you do it every day, you will save a lot in the future!

Random Number Savings

Random number savings are savings with a specific target number of days, with random numbers that are shuffled every day. The trick, first, determine in advance how many days you want to save. For example, you want to save for 40 days. In 40, there are numbers 1–40. Every day, shuffle numbers 1–40 with the google shuffle system. Whatever number comes out on that day, saved, yes!

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Those are the daily saving tips that you really must try! The most important thing in saving daily is consistency. So, whatever the nominal amount, keep saving every day, OK! If you want to save for some purpose, you can use the Jar feature of the financial app Whiz!