8 Tips When You Have No Money, You Should Know!

Tips When You Have No Money – Workers and students must have felt the name of having no money or broke. Usually, the end of the month is the time when the money runs out. In fact, not infrequently the monthly money is already thin in the middle of the month, FYI.

This usually happens because of many unexpected needs or poor money management. Moreover, now the prices of basic necessities are soaring up and disturbing the public.

Realizing that money is running out of money makes you feel dizzy. It feels like you definitely want to outline the expenses for this one month for anything. But, it's no longer useful. When you have no money, all you have to think about is a solution. Well, for that, Whizmin wants to help you find a solution.

Here are some tips you should know if you don't have money. Listen carefully, yes!

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8 Tips When You Don't Have Money

Here he is! Tips when you don't have money. Don't miss it, okay?

1. Save Your Meal

8 Tips When You Have No Money, You Should Know!

The dining budget is the easiest expense to hold on to. Moreover, if you have only one sheet of money left. Well, if for example you eat 3 times a day with different side dishes, you can save it to 1 side dish for 3 meals, you know!

You can buy 1 pack of nasi padang to be eaten in 3 times. Because the portion of Nasi Padang is quite large, you can divide it as much as possible. Or you can also buy 3 eggs for 3 meals. And you can also buy 3 packs of noodles for 3 meals.

There are many ways you can do to save on your food expenses if you only have one sheet of money left.

2. Eat Nutritious Food by Cooking Yourself

8 Tips When You Have No Money, You Should Know!

If you only have one piece of money, then don't just choose food. Make sure you eat nutritious food. For example, eggs, chicken liver, or other protein sources that have affordable prices.

If you have leftover oatmeal or something else, save it until your payday arrives. That way, you can still get a supply of nutritious food without having to wrestle with the contents of your pocket.

3. Save Internet Quota

When you don't have money, you can't waste your internet quota. So what's the solution? Eits, don't worry!

The solution you can stay or being in the office or on campus longer than usual. Make the most of this time. If possible, don't go home before your office or campus closes.

First, complete some of your tasks so that you don't have to use the private internet for these matters. Before going home, make sure all tabs are open so you don't have to refresh again at home/kos while continuing the task. It's a bit difficult, but this method can really save your quota at the end of the month.

4. If you are sick, go to the health center

The cost of drugs and doctors at the Puskesmas is very affordable, even free, you know! You just need to show your ID card. Very different from other hospitals, one visit to the doctor can cost IDR 100,000.00. That also usually does not include other costs.

Therefore, if you are sick and are forced to seek treatment, just come to the health center, okay!

5. Sell What You Have

Another tip, you are sometimes forced to sell some of your items that have a high selling value. For example, gold, electronic goods, and you can even open a business to increase income.

No need to be prestige, the important thing is that you can eat tomorrow. Later when the money has been collected again, you can buy it again.

6. Dare to Say No

If any of your friends invite you hanging out and hang out, don't be afraid to say no. Remember! you only have one piece of money. If you hanging out or hang out, what do you buy to eat? There's no need, okay?

You better invite your friends to play at your house/kosan. There are also many things you can do, you know! For example, playing PS, chatting, reading books that have not been read, or doing assignments together. All of this is guaranteed not to spend a single penny.

7. Check Your Jacket and Shirt Pockets

Try checking your jacket and shirt pockets. Or you can also check other pockets, for example uniform pockets, pants, jumpers, and a hidden part in the bag. Because that's usually where we put our money and often forget it.

You can put Rp. 10,000 or Rp. 20,000.00 but forget it. Who knows, that way, your Rp. 100,000,00, which is left, won't turn into just one sheet, because you find money in some of these places. This method can really be tried. Hurry up!

8. Find a part-time job

If the situation is urgent, you can offer to your friends or your friends to help them. For example, cleaning their rooms, being their motorcycle taxi, or delivering food to them.

Well, for one time you can set a price of Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 50,000.00. It depends on the difficulty of cleaning the room and the distance of the place for motorcycle taxi services or food delivery.

Trust me, even though the results are small but with that kind of money it will really help you. You also don't need to owe friends or ask your parents for extra money.

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How? Easy tips right? Well, Whizmin also wants to give your advice to start smartly managing your finances with money management apps. Because with money management apps, you will be directed to be able to set your spending limit. So that the event at the end of the month running out of money will not happen to you. Come on, use money management apps starting from now!