tolerance in school

What Are Examples of Tolerance in School? Check Out To Know More!

Tolerance In School – Have you heard about tolerance in school? Tolerance is an attitude of giving appreciation and respect to others. This attitude is needed to deal with differences.

Did you know that Indonesia consists of various islands? As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has multiple differences. However, you don't have to worry! These differences can be a source of national strength as long as we can tolerate each other.

You can grow your tolerance starting from the environment close to you. For example, school is the perfect place to start it. Why should we be tolerant in school? Because we must respect and compromise the differences between friends to create a harmonious environment.

The following article is an example of tolerance you can apply in school. Check it out!

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Examples of Tolerance In School

tolerance in school

1. Respect Friends When They Are Doing Religion Prayer

In addition to diverse cultures, Indonesia also consists of various religions and beliefs. It could be that your friends have a different faith from you. However, it doesn't matter!

Even though you may have different beliefs in terms of religion, you can still play and learn together. The differences that exist will not separate your friendship. 

It would help if you implemented mutual respect and appreciation for each other from now on. One example is when a friend is doing prayer, you should not disturb, tease, or try to make conversation with them. 

By appreciating friends who are doing prayer, you are one step ahead in implementing tolerance in school. You should start applying it from now on!

2. Use Polite and Not Offensive Word When Having Conversation

As a good friend, you must be polite in words, actions, or whatever you do. Politeness is not only what you do to people older than you. You must also apply it to your peers.

Besides being polite, you are also not allowed to offend friends. For example, you mock them when you disagree or have a dispute.

Please talk about the problem with them appropriately. That way, your friendship and communication with your peers will improve and become healthier.

3. Helping Friends

help friends

The implementation of tolerance in school is helping each other between friends. Mama and papa already taught you about helping each other, right? 

Yup! You can also apply the attitude of helping each other in school. For example, you allow your friend who doesn't understand Math. When you help them, please don't expect anything in return. Do everything sincerely and with pure intention to help.

You have to believe that by helping others, you will also be able to feel the benefits! By helping them, you will understand the Math material better because you learn it again while explaining it to your friends. 100% worth to try!

4. Respect The Differences in Opinion

We often have different opinions from our friends when we are in the middle of a discussion. However, do not immediately argue with each other or even cut off a friendship! 

Differences in opinion is a natural thing to occur in our daily life. As a human, we certainly have different thoughts. The way we view things also varies. Therefore, differences of opinion are not a big problem.

Then, how to deal with differences in opinion between you and your friends? Well, you need to respect each other. That way, you won't be shaming their opinions if they are different from yours. 

5. Comply Your School Rules

Did you know that complying with school rules or regulations is also one of the acts of tolerance in school? The learning activities will be more organized and thorough when students obey the rules. 

You will usually find rules about uniforms, absent attendance, and maintaining school hygiene in school rules. In addition, you will also find regulations regarding polite behavior towards teachers, staff, and the whole school community.

School rules will be helpful for you in the future! One of the benefits is to practice your discipline. As a good student, you must obey the school's rules!

6. Don't Be Picky With Whoever You Friends With

tolerance in school

You can implement tolerance by not being picky about friends. It is understandable that you want to be friends with only a few people that have similarities with you. match or fit his attitude. 

However, there is nothing wrong with expanding your friends circle. By having many friends, you can find out the many different characteristics that each person has. It can also teach you to adjust to where and with whom you play.

In addition of that, not being picky about friends also has a positive impact! You can have many friends to exchange ideas, learn, or play.

The most important thing is that you must not forget to also pay attention to the good and bad things in your friendship. Take and learn the good things, while don't follow the bad things that your friends do. 

7. Don't Pit Against Between Friends

This one of the implementations of tolerance is essential. Nowadays, many friends like to pit against each other. Usually, he wants to get revenge on one of his friends. You must not be doing this! 

Turning friends against each other is prone to start a fight and conflict. Do you want to have enemies in your life? You don't want to, right? 

Because of that, we should not pit our friends against each other. You must create a harmonious relationship with your friends. Embrace all your friends indiscriminately. That way, you can have a fun school time with your friends!

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How about the explanation on the article above? Have you already implemented tolerance in school? If not, let's start applying it now! Wish you a good luck!