tertiary needs

Tertiary Needs: Definition, Factors, and Examples of Tertiary Needs

Tertiary Needs – Needs are everything that humans need in order to survive. Needs are divided into three types, based on intensity and priority in daily life. One of the basic needs that humans have is tertiary needs.

Basically, the fulfillment of human survival needs cannot be separated from the three components of needs, namely primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. Therefore, we need to know what tertiary needs are and what are some examples.

Broadly speaking, tertiary needs are prestige needs. So, if someone can fulfill tertiary needs, then he is considered to have been able to raise his level because he is considered more than others.

However, not everyone is able to fulfill their tertiary needs. It all depends on the level of economy, level of society, and level of position in life.

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Understanding Tertiary Needs

As previously explained, the notion of tertiary needs is a need that is prestige. That is, a need that can only be met by someone using or buying goods is classified as luxury. This tertiary need comes after the primary and secondary needs. Therefore, tertiary needs are the highest level among the other two components of human needs.

Usually this need is only for personal satisfaction and pleasure, so not everyone can fulfill it. Tertiary needs are fulfilled by a person to maintain his dignity and achievements in social and community life. This need also depends on the strata of position and economic strata in society.

Factor affecting

There are five factors that influence the following tertiary needs.

1. Social Life

The first factor that influences tertiary needs is social life. Where someone who has a group in social life, there is an influence that makes him want to be like other people. Simply put, if there is someone in a social group who brings a motorbike or car, then other people want to have that vehicle too.

The existence of these "wants", then a tertiary need arises, even though it is not necessarily true that this desire is a need that must be fulfilled. But because they want to maintain the degree in the eyes of others, then someone will try to fulfill it.

2. Living Environment

Just like social life, the environment in which one lives can also affect one's tertiary needs. When someone is in a neighborhood with a high income level, then wants something, of course, other people are affected as well. For example, buying a vehicle or other electronic goods.

3. Educational Strata

In the world of education, a person can also be influenced to have everything in fulfilling his learning activities. Like the need for smartphone to take class on line.

4. Social Status

The next thing that affects a person's tertiary needs is social status. A person with a high social status will continue to feel that he must be of a higher dignity than others. Therefore, one will continue to buy luxury items in the hope that others see them higher.

5. Income Level

No less important, this one factor is the main factor that can influence a person in meeting tertiary needs. Why is that? This is because, someone who has a high income will feel able to buy all the luxury items they want. They will always think that they need to be rewarded for the hard work that has been done so far. So they will always buy what they want.

Example of Tertiary Needs

After discussing the definition and what factors can affect tertiary needs, the following are examples of tertiary needs.

1. Travel

An example of the first tertiary need is tourism. Someone who travels, it will be considered to have a higher financial ability than other people. This tour is used to please himself, so that it becomes an example of a person's tertiary needs.

2. Jewelry

To get a recognition from others, some people make jewelry a tertiary need. This acknowledgment is in the form of financial ability from other people around him.

3. Investment

One of the ways a person saves his wealth in order to get a bigger profit in the future is by investing. For example, investment in land, rent, apartments, houses, stocks, gold, and others.

4. Vehicle

Vehicles are used as a tertiary need, because they will be considered as people who are financially capable of other people around them. Those who own a car or motorbike are considered to be superior to others.

5. Luxury House

A higher level of livability can be assessed if a person owns a luxury home. A luxury house is one of the tertiary needs, because it also affects a person's survival.

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Well, that's an explanation of the meaning of tertiary needs and examples. Based on the explanation above, tertiary needs are complementary needs. For this reason, the fulfillment of this need is a luxury item and concludes only a symbol of wealth.