What Is All You Can Eat? Here are 8 Best All You Can Eat Place Recommendations!

What is all you can eat – Whizmates, currently All You Can Eat restaurants are available in many malls. There are lots of fans too, right? Usually you can enjoy this All You Can Eat dish with family, friends or partner.

With so many choices of All You Can Eat, are you confused about which one to go to? Don't worry, this time Whizmin will provide 8 recommendations for All You Can Eat places that you can visit. Whizmates just needs to adjust the distance and budget, okay!

Come on, check out the recommendations together!

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What is All You Can Eat

For those of you who like to eat well and have large portions, All You Can Eat can be the right choice for you to visit, Whizmates!

A restaurant with a concept buffets or All You Can Eat is perfect for those of you who want to eat large portions without having to worry about spending a lot of budget. So, what is an All You Can Eat restaurant?

All You Can Eat is a restaurant that serves food and drinks with a concept buffets, where you only need to pay 1 time to be able to take as much as you like with a certain duration of eating. Usually the duration of the meal given is between 60-90 minutes, yes, Whizmates.

Initially the All You Can Eat restaurant also adopted a Japanese restaurant with its flagship menu such as shabu-shabu, grill, dimsum or sushi. However, now there are many variations of food or All You Can Eat restaurants serving Chinese, Korean, American, Italian and even Indonesian food.

8 All You Can Eat Recommendations

For those of you who are still unsure about trying AYCE, here are 8 recommendations for All You Can Eat restaurants that Whizmin has reported from several sources.

1. Gyu-Kaku

This restaurant is no stranger to All You Can Eat (AYCE) lovers, Whizmates. Yup, you can enjoy imported quality meat only at Gyu-Kaku, you know.

Gyu-Kaku is already a premium AYCE, but there is no doubt about the quality of the food served. Gyu-Kaku itself is actually a restaurant that originated in Japan.

If you come to Gyu-Kaku, remember to order Japanese Milk Pudding or their phenomenal milk pudding! Prices for this restaurant package start from IDR 239,000, Whizmates.

2. The Social Pot

By spending money starting from IDR 195,000, you can enjoy it grill and methamphetamine at The Social Pot. Very affordable, , right?

You can order soup with tom yum and mala variants, most consumers also recommend it collagen soup that the AYCE offers.

Besides the delicious food, the price affordable, This place to eat at The Social Pot is very aesthetically pleasing, Whizmates. So you don't need to hesitate anymore to come try it, okay!

3. Pochajjang

This restaurant serves Korean BBQ style AYCE menu. Besides being able to order meat, you can also enjoy various other Korean-style menus, you know.

For recommendation menus that many consumers like, such as kimbap, rapoccha, and tteokpoccha. You only need to spend IDR 99,000 for Premium Beef and IDR 129,000 for Wagyu Beef.

For those of you who are curious about Korean culinary delights, don't forget to stop by Pochajjang!

4. FOGO Brazilian BBQ

Usually there are some people who are reluctant to try AYCE because of the allotted time, not to mention having to cook the meat beforehand. But, don't worry, at this one AYCE restaurant you don't have to worry anymore!

The FOGO restaurant offers a Brazilian BBQ concept, where you will also be assisted in cooking and slicing meat. The meat served is thicker, already cooked, and sliced when served.

You need to pay IDR 125,000 to enjoy a meal at this restaurant.

5. 3 Wise Monkeys

If there was already an AYCE of meat, this time 3 Wise Monkeys is serving sushi and sashimi with the AYCE concept. Very interesting, right?

For those of you who are sushi lovers, don't worry about eating as much as you want! By spending a starting fee of IDR 210,000, you can enjoy premium quality sushi, Whizmates!

6. Kintan Buffet

You could say Kintan Buffet is a legendary favorite for many people. There is no need to doubt the quality, the premium meat and the juicy terrace make people always come back to this AYCE restaurant.

You can enjoy 15 premium meat menus served by Kintan Buffet for IDR 220,000, Whizmates.

7. Steaks 21 Buffet

The next AYCE restaurant, namely the restaurant steak. The meat offered is also different from other AYCE concepts, because you will get a thick steak.

You need to pay Rp. 198,000 to enjoy the dishes offered by Steak 21, Whizmates.

8. Shabu Hachi

Finally, no less legendary than Kintan Buffet, Shabu Hachi is an AYCE restaurant that serves many variants side dishes which you can enjoy.

At Shabu Hachi you can also choose packages that are grill, shabu-shabu, or both, Whizmates. You need to pay IDR 220,000 to enjoy this popular AYCE dish.

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That's an explanation of what all you can eat is and 8 recommendations for AYCE restaurants that you can try. So, which All You Can Eat restaurant will you visit first? Hopefully this article helps, yes!

Curious about how good and how exciting eating AYCE is? Come on, try to schedule it with friends! Well, of course so that your payment later not complicated and confusing, make sure you use the features split bill Whiz, alright?