What is Consumerism? Here's the Explanation!

What is Consumerism – Do you agree that many new lifestyle cultures have arisen in today's digital era? Well, one of them is consumer culture or consumerism. If someone looks extravagant and likes to buy things that are not important, then they may have a consumptive nature.

Whizmate, do you know what consumerism is? If not, see the explanation regarding the definition of consumerism, its causes, impacts, and how to overcome it below!

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What Is Consumerism?

What is Consumerism? Here's the Explanation!

Collin Campbell argues that consumerism is a social condition in which consumption is central to many people's lives. In fact, for consumerism, consumption is the goal of their life. When it is attached, all our activities will only focus on fulfilling consumption.

According to sociologist Jean Baudrillard, consumerism is a culture that desires to consume something continuously. So, don't be surprised anymore, OK, that consumerism is synonymous with hedonism, extravagance, and glamor.

Baudrillard also adds to the theory of consumerism that most consumption is not done to fulfilling one's needs. Someone shows their consumerism because they also want to show their social status.

Consumerism has become an understanding or flow that influences human behavior to become excessive consumers regardless of the use value of something they buy.

Consumerism can also be said as what makes people unselective. Selective here means that someone can choose something that is their priority, but those trapped in consumerism cannot choose. Therefore, they become unselective when buying things.

They tend to be unable to distinguish between needs and wants. Come on, from this explanation, are you a consumerist or not? So, if you've been trapped in consumerism, what's the cause, huh?

Causes of Consumerism

Being trapped in consumerism certainly has a driving factor that causes someone to be unselective when spending their money. Well, here are some of the reasons:

1. Globalization

What is Consumerism? Here's the Explanation!

In the current era of globalization, onlinemedia offers many products or shops. That way, one can quickly and effectively shop from home using their smartphones, even while lying around. This factor makes someone easily tempted by what is offered in the media.

Therefore, it's common for many people to immediately decide always to buy something that's trending or cute and unique.

2. Culture

In addition to the rapidly growing media, culture is also a driving factor for consumerism. One of them is pop culture, to spread trends. This is why many brands work with influencers to promote and attract the audience's attention.

3. Availability of Discounts or Deals

What is Consumerism? Here's the Explanation!

The number of discounts or deals shown on various e-commerce platforms can turn someone into a consumerist. Usually, the values shown vary too, for example, in the form of cashback, discounted prices, free shipping, or buy one get one free deal (buy one get one).

Many people can't control their desire after seeing such good deals. So, without realizing it, they are trapped in consumerism. The primary way to deal with it is to resist the urge not to buy everything you see online. Remind yourself that actions like that will only make you wasteful, and it drains your bank too.

Impact of Consumerism

So what if we become consumers? Being overly consumptive has several impacts that you need to be aware of. Two consequences arise from consumerism, namely, positive effects and negative results. Come on, see the explanation.

Positive Impacts

  • Creating self-motivation always to work hard to buy something you want.
  • Creating wider employment opportunities.
  • Increasing revenue for sellers.

Negative Impacts

  • Inability to manage finances properly.
  • Creating a social gap.
  • Having the tendency to not think about long term consequences.
  • Causing dissatisfaction.
  • Creating the potential to make debts.
  • Causing stress because you can't just fulfill your desires.

However, don't worry; if you feel trapped in consumerism, you can overcome it in the following way.

How to Overcome Consumerism

1. Don't Follow the Trend

Don't always follow your ego just to be trendy, OK? If something you buy has benefits, you can reconsider buying and ask yourself if that is your priority.

Stop following trends, OK, because trends will constantly change, and you must be wise with your money. If you always follow the trends, of course, your finances will get disrupted in the long run!

2. Be Wise in Buying Things

Just because of following the trends, many people don't know the significant purpose of something they buy. Therefore, you can't just always purchase something immediately. This is because you will probably regret it later.

From now on, try to be wiser in buying goods. Don't be hasty; remember, many other needs are more important. You can also use the money to save or invest. Instead of adopting a consumerist lifestyle, you better manage your finances well.

3. Set Strong Principles

In conditions like this, you must have some solid principles or mindsets. One of them is to think that luxury items only sometimes make you happy and are only occasionally profitable. This is because sometimes people think luxury goods improve life and quality of life. Though, not necessarily.

Consumerism lifestyle only gives rise to momentary happiness. Buy things according to your financial ability and don't force the situation, OK.

4. Be Selective in Buying Things

As already explained, you have to be smart in buying something. Also, consider whether something you want to buy has a long-term effect. Before buying something, research the quality further, OK?

You also don't need to buy luxury goods; simple items of good quality will make you more profit!

5. Visit Shopping Centers As Necessary

Visiting the shopping center for refreshments is normal. Even so, you have to control yourself, so you don't get tempted by something interesting.

It is recommended that if you want some refreshments , you should go to other tourist destinations that are more affordable. Instead, go to the shopping center to buy something important.

6. Reduce or Avoid Using Credit Cards

It's OK if you have a credit card, but you must also use it wisely. Don't let a credit card encourage you to become wasteful and create many bills at the month's end.

Yep, the point is that something too much is not good either, use a credit card for essential and urgent things.

7. Learn to Manage Your Finances

The last solution to avoid the consumerism lifestyle is to learn to manage your finances. This is because people who are used to managing finances will think twice or more before buying something.

Currently, many money management apps can help you manage your finances. Let's try using the Whiz financial application.! This app is perfect for beginners who want to start managing their finances. This is because the features there are straightforward to use.

The Whiz financial application is also available for adults and children. There are also many benefits that you can get. Wow, interesting, huh! Come on, let's use it now.

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That's all; I hope you can understand what consumerism is. This article can also help you to avoid this lifestyle.

Come on, change your consumptive habits by rearranging your finances. Of course, the easiest way you can do to start learning finance is to use the Whiz Financial App.. Whiz is an easy-to-use youth and family financial app. You can record expenses and transact using Whiz.