Meaning of Angpao: What is it for?

Angpao Meaning – As an Asian, of course you've heard the term Angpao. Every year, people, especially those of Chinese descent, will give Angpao as a form of New Year's gift. However, what does Angpau really mean? Come on, see the following explanation

What is Angpao?

According to the Indonesian Wikipedia, in Asian and Chinese culture, Angpao is a gift envelope, which is generally red, which usually contains a sum of money as a gift for the Lunar New Year or other similar celebrations.

In the Chinese dictionary, the meaning of Angpao can be defined as “money wrapped in red packaging as a gift; paid bonuses; bonus money given to the buyer by the seller for buying the product.

Angpao Meaning

Usually, Angpao will appear when there are community or family gatherings, holidays such as Chinese New Year, birthdays, such as weddings entering a new house, and so on. At weddings, the married couple is usually given red packets by older family members and guests.

Angpao can also symbolize joy and enthusiasm that will bring good fortune. The red color of Angpao has the meaning of expressing or wishing someone good luck and driving away negative things. Therefore, angpau is not given as an expression of condolences because the giver will be considered rejoicing over the calamity that has happened to the family who are in condolences.

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Angpao History

Angpao itself has a unique history. During the Qin Dynasty in China, old people had the habit of tying coins with red thread. The money is called yāsuì qián which means "money exorcist". It is believed to protect the elderly from illness and death. Then, Yāsuì qián  replaced with red envelopes because the Chinese had invented the printing method. This money is hereinafter referred to as yāsuì qián. The difference, characters sui used does not mean "evil spirit" but "old age".

Terms of Giving Angpao

As previously mentioned, one of the appropriate times or celebrations to give Angpao to someone is when celebrating the Chinese New Year. However, actually giving Angpao at the Chinese New Year celebration has several meanings and terms of its own

First, Angpao can be a form of caring for one another. By giving Angpao, you show your love and care for the recipient who is usually the people closest to you.

Second, because of the provisions of Angpao that use red envelopes which have the meaning of expressing or wishing someone luck and driving away negative things, giving Angpao on the new year shows your hope to the recipient so that this new year brings blessings, luck, and keeps them away. from negative things or energies.

Third, Angpao will always be given from parents to younger people, never vice versa. Employees in an office will also usually be given Angpao by their superiors. 

When Can Angpao Be Used?

Parents will give Chinese New Year Angpao to their children at home. In addition, married couples, whether they have children or not, will usually give Angpao to those who are not married.

However, if someone is unmarried but has entered the age of 40 years, then they are still required to give red packets.

Lastly, giving Angpao during the Chinese New Year celebration is not only seen as a gift, but also as a form of responsibility towards fellow human beings to share with each other. 

Usually, the Chinese New Year celebration will be celebrated for a period of 14 days. This long period of time can be used by people who have met the criteria for giving Angpao and have enough time to give Chinese New Year red packets. Keep in mind that when giving red packets, try not to leave it to someone else. 

Angpao must be given directly to the recipient, so that luck and blessings can be directly obtained by the recipient and the giver. Don't forget to put the Angpao money in a red envelope which signifies good luck and keeps away from negative energy.

Thus an explanation of the meaning of Angpao and its meaning in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Although rooted in Chinese culture, giving Angpao can be done by any community from all over the world. To have enough money for those who want to give Angpao, of course requires good financial arrangements. Well, Whiz can help you manage your finances, you know!