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Whiz Financial Application Biometric Features for Your Account Security

Whiz Financial App Biometric Features – You must decide wisely when choosing a financial application. The important things you have to need to make sure is that the financial application can store your data and money safely. You certainly don't want to have the money you manage in a financial application stolen and your data misused by bad people, right?

One of the security features that you can use as protection is the biometric feature. The biometric feature is a security feature that is used by matching the physical characteristics of the account owner, one of which is the feature fingerprint and also face id.

What financial applications, yes, that have biometric features? The answer, of course, is the Whiz Finance App! Curious how to use the Whiz biometric feature? Check out the explanation below the ways to activate it!

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How to Activate the Whiz Bi Biometric Feature

Here's how to enable the Whiz biometric feature. There are 2 biometric options that you can use, which is: fingerprint and Face ID. Keep in mind that this feature can only be used if your phone has the feature fingerprint or face ID, alright?

1. Open the Whiz App and Click on 'Profile'

First, open your Whiz application and click 'Profile' on the lower right corner of the app view. If you already click it, a menu will open 'Profile' like the picture on the side

2. On the Security Menu, slide the 'Off' switch to 'On' under 'Use Fingerprint/Face ID'

On your profile view, there is a Security menu containing settings 'Change PIN Code' and 'Use Fingerprint/Face ID'. On options 'Use Fingerprint/Face ID', click button 'Off' Becomes 'On' to activate the biometric feature.

3. Enable Biometric Verification with Fingerprint/Face ID Sensor Authentication

Then, authenticate your fingerprint by placing your finger on the sensor fingerprint phone or do your face authentication if you want to use Face ID. Tada! biometric features are ready to use!

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That's the 3 ways to activate biometric features that you can use. With this feature, you don't have to worry about an intruder on your account or your account being misused by someone else. Lets activate the Whiz biometric feature and experience the excitement and benefits of other Whiz features!

Come on, download the Whiz application and experience your financial convenience right away