QRIS and Virtual Account Whiz Fitur features

How to Use QRIS and Virtual Account in Whiz

Whiz Financial Application QRIS and Virtual Account Features – Parents! Have you ever you want to buy rewarding for children through online merchants or offline, but confused to make payment when buying it? Now, you can do it with easier way! Curious on how to do it?

Transaction such as payment is no longer a hassle, you can make payments simply using QRIS features and Virtual Account in the Whiz app!

With our QRIS feature, you can do transaction at offline merchant just by scanning the barcode! Meanwhile, for transactions in online merchants, you can make payments using the features Virtual Account!

Curious about the steps on how to use Whiz features? Read our explanation to know more!

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Payment Step Using QRIS Features On Whiz Financial Application

The following article is explain the steps to make a payment with the QR feature on Whiz!

1. Click the 'QRIS' icon

QRIS whiz fitur features

Open the Whiz app, then tap the icon 'QRIS' which is at the bottom center of the main page.

2. Scan QR Code

Point your phone's camera at the QR Code provided by the merchant, make sure the QR Code is in the frame! Wait a few moments until the QR Code has been scanned successfully.

3. Enter the Payment Amount and Click 'Confirm'

Enter the amount of money you want to pay, then click 'Confirmation'

4. Payment Successful!

Yay! Payments using QRIS for transactions in offline merchant it worked!

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Those are the steps to make a payment using Whiz QRIS feature. In addition to using QRIS, you can also make payments using the Whiz Virtual Account feature Curious on how to do it? Here are the steps!

How to Make Payments with Virtual Accounts in the Whiz . Finance Application

The following are the steps for making a Virtual Account feature payment on Whiz!

1. Click the 'More' Icon

Qris Whiz . features

Open the Whiz, then click the icon 'Other'

2. Click the 'Withdraw Funds' Icon

Then, click the icon 'Withdraw Funds' which is on the main page.

3. Click the 'via Bank Transfer' Icon

Then, click option via bank transfer.

4. Enter Information and Virtual Account Number, Then Click 'Continue'

Enter the destination bank information, virtual account number, account holder name, and payment amount. You can enter the virtual account number in the "Bank Account Number" column. Make sure the information filled in is correct, then click 'Continue'

Virtual Account Number provided by online merchants when you make a transaction.

5. Click 'Confirm Withdrawal'

Next, the transaction details page will appear. Make sure all the information listed is correct, then click 'Withdrawal Confirmation'

6. Virtual Account Payment Successful!

Yay! Payment using a Virtual Account for transactions in online merchants it worked!

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That's how to make payments using the QRIS and Virtual Account features on Whiz! Never thought that transactions in online merchants and be offline after the pandemic ends can be so easy! It is really practical to use, right? Let's use Whiz and enjoy all the other interesting features!

Come on, download the Whiz application and experience your financial convenience right away