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Bringing the practical experience of managing money to our next generation, making them financially smart, today and for tomorrow!

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3D Safe


Bank-grade authentication and encryption system that have passed security audits process

3D Licensed


Electronic money license from Bank Indonesia*

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No monthly fees/charges

What Sets Us Apart?

Money management app for families, Whiz, helps introduce kids and teens to the world of finance early. Kids and teens can learn to transact independently and get used to earning and spending their money wisely. Meanwhile, parents can track their children’s progress by receiving real-time, transaction notifications, setting spending limits and a lot more!

Money Management App for Families that is Safe & Trusted

Don’t hesitate! All balances and transactions processed in Whiz App are guaranteed safe at all times.

  • Your money is kept separately in a designated bank and supervised by Bank Indonesia
  • Receive balance guarantee against fraudulent activities
  • Bank-grade encryption and authentication system

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