20 Funny New Year Greetings, 100% Will Make You Laugh!

New Year Greetings – We are counting down to the new year! It's just around the corner, right Whizmates? Indeed all of us have been looking forward to the new year, especially since this moment is one of our hopes to improve ourselves and start planning good things, right? Or this time, you're looking for fun new year greetings?

At this New Year's moment, you will usually get ready to bring more joy into your own life and those around you. It's undeniable that you will even send messages filled with prayers and hopes to those closest to you to encourage you to make your resolutions come true.

If you plan to convey your greetings and wishes in a unique, engaging, and light way, you can try the 20 funny new year greetings below that Whizmates can use!

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Funny New Year Greetings

New Year, New Resolution

New Year's greetings about resolutions are certainly commonplace. But by sending funny and entertaining New Year's greetings, of course, it will be more fun! Instead of putting pressure on them, you can make them realize that you love and appreciate yourself for who you are with these funny New Year sayings:

- "Happy new year!! Yes, as a leak… my resolution this year will be the same as last year: half fail.”

– "Hopefully, you are wise enough to realize that resolutions don't come true because the difference between New Year and last year is only 1 minute."

– "My new year's resolution resolves to spend more time with friends. So, what if we collectively make new gym members, but you don't have to use them?"

– “My new year's resolution is to realize the resolution I made last year, which I have certainly implemented since 2016.”

– "Self-acceptance is my new year's resolution. So, I will accept myself as I am, which means I don't need to make any lifestyle changes."

– "I want to thank you for all your trust and faith in me so far. But I think you should doubt my New Year's resolutions for the end of the year."

– "My New Year's resolution is to eat a lot of green food, and I know I will need some food coloring this New Year."

– "There is no New Year's resolution that can make me love you more unless you resolve to pay my mortgage on my house."

– "My new year's resolution this time is to support my friends more. That's why I will support the new habits that you will do; I will even support you in loving the people I love too. How? I've been very supportive, right?"

– "Try a new resolution other than "our new year's resolution is not to make resolutions". Because we already tried last year, we have to use new materials. Well, for that, I'm still thinking about improvisation."

– "I want you to know that I will always be here to support any positive changes you want. So in support of your Marie Kondo resolution, please feel free to practice at my house."

– "Tell me, what is your resolution this year? I will try not to laugh like last year."

New Year, New Beginning

So the last farewell for one year doesn't mean we can't bring a little joy and humor on New Year's Eve. Say a funny happy new year to your friends, family, and loved ones, so that they will be even more enthusiastic about welcoming the new year and new beginnings, Whizmates!

– "There is no one I would rather have a fresh and clean start than you. Because of that, tomorrow I will go to your house to wash clothes, considering the price of laundry is expensive."

– "Should I say "we're cool the way we are" when we're back to our old ways in three weeks? Or are you going to try this year?"

– "There have been too many new beginnings that we have passed together. Go to college, get a new job, buy a new car, and pay off loans. Can we get through a fresh start this year? All of this really cost me."

– "New year, a new beginning. We're already in our 12th year of saying this. It looks like we don't have the best shot. But this year, I feel a change."

– "I've had many new starts with you. Everything feels better. Or am I dreaming when I say this?"

- "Happy new year! For my soul mate, who is still my hope for a new beginning."

– “Welcome old exes in the year and new beginnings.”

– "New Year intends to start a new start with a vacation with you, but I will shake my wallet."

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Those are some funny new year greetings you can try sending to your friends or those closest to you. Happy new year, Whizmates!