Avoid Silent Treatment on Children

Avoid Giving Silent Treatment to Children: Here is The Effect and How

Avoid Silent Treatment on Children Parents! Children often making mistakes is normal. As a parent, we must be angry and frustrated. Sometimes we want to punish them, but we have no heart to do it. Instead, we opted to give them silent treatment in the end. silent treatment.

That is not good. Because in truth, punishing children using such means will affect their psyche badly. You may not understand yet, silent treatment is an action in which you pay no attention to your kids and be silent through everything. You don’t talk to them. You ignore them, in hope that they will understand what they did wrong.

For parents, that may be a safe and effective way to punish their children instead of getting angry and shouting at them. This way, children will not be hurt and the parents will not be troubled. But, the effect on the children’s psyche is worse.

Therefore, try to not doing silent treatment toward children, find out some of the impacts from it and how to avoid it! silent treatment on children and see some of the effects and how to avoid them!

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The Effect of Silent Treatment on Children Silent Treatment on Children

1. The Relationship Between Parents and Children Become Distant

Avoid Silent Treatment on Children

When the parents do silent treatment their relationship will become distant. Other than that, if it is done repeatedly, the children will become uncomfortable, put distance, and not lean on their parents anymore. They will then become quiet and grow alone.

The relationship between the parents and children will become less harmonious. Because of that, treating your child with silence is not a way to punish a child.

2. Children Feel Alienated

At such times, negative thoughts will appear in the children’s minds. They will feel like they are not important for their parents, or even worse unwanted.

Childhood times is a time when a child is full of curiosity. To think about what they did wrong themselves, they will be confused and feel stressed instead.

3. Stressed Children

Silent treatment is thought of as an emotional harassment that inflicts a negative effect on children. When the parents punish their children this way, they will overthink and find it difficult to express their feelings because they are afraid, feeling immense pressure and guilty. 

As a result, those children will become stressed and grow up as a quiet individual that is afraid of mistakes.

4. Trauma and Physiological Disorder

Avoid Silent Treatment on Children

It is not only physical punishment that inflicts trauma for children, but also silent treatment which leaves them with psychological trauma. Due to this, children will be afraid to start something. They will always try to avoid the punishment and seek their parents’ approval instead for everything they do.

When children start feeling a prolonged trauma, they will also feel physiological disorders like headache, tremor, stomach ache, anxiety, and more. Those things happen because of the stress that they suffer.

How to Avoid Giving Silent Treatment

After seeing the bad effects of giving silent treatment you should try to avoid doing it. Here are the ways to do it.

1. Always Communicate When There is Problem

Avoid Silent Treatment on Children

The Key in a relationship is communication, so does one with the parents. Children grow with immense curiosity, they are still learning many things. That is why a parent’s duty is to guide and remind the children on doing the right things and how to own their mistakes. And the way to do it is by communicating directly with them.

The parents and their children can communicate in deciding what they may do and what they must not do. Make an agreement in case your children make mistakes. Since by having discussion, both relationships will be harmonious and the child will grow with their parents' support. 

2. Asking The Child To Do The Chores Instead

One of the methods that can be used as a punishment is doing chores. Parents can ask their children to clean their own room, sweeping the living room, watering the plants, or other household chores.

Parents can also ask their children to finish the calculation table, read a book, or add their studying hours. That way, the punishment that is given to children will be beneficial to them.

3. Tell Your Children What They did Wrong And Why You Are Angry

Avoid Silent Treatment on Children

An important action that a parent must do when their children make a mistake is to tell them what they did wrong. Other than that, tell them why the parents are angry as well. That way, your children will understand and try to not repeat their mistakes.

It is better to do that than giving them a silent treatment without elaborating why and asking them to introspect by themselves instead.

4. Give An Understandable Example

Children copy their parents’ behavior most of the time. If their parents have an angry, easy to hit, and lazy behavior, their children will grow the same. That is why parents need to show a good attitude that can be an example for their children.

Give an outlook for your children on a good attitude that can be modeled after.

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Those are some of the effects and how to avoid silent treatment. Getting angry at our children is a normal thing, but as parents, we have to think about the appropriate ways to help our children grow to be a better individual.

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