Consequences of Excessively Complying to Children's Wants and How to Prevent It!

Consequences of Too Often Obeying Children's Requests — As parents, we certainly want to give all the best for our children, we also must fulfill their wishes as much as possible. Especially if we can see his happy smile.

The desire to protect the child unconsciously produces behaviors that are too indulgent for the child. For example, being overprotective, always giving the child the reward he wants, and not being firm in punishing the child.

This behavior needs to be watched out for because it includes the wrong method of teaching children. Do not let the result of too often obey the requests of children, they actually grow up with bad personalities. There are 5 things that can happen as a result of parents obeying their children's requests too often, let's look at it together!

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5 Consequences of Too Often Obeying Children's Requests

There are 5 consequences that can happen to children because parents are too often to comply with their requests, namely:

1. Children Can't Be Independent

Parents who always provide all the needs and desires of children from childhood inadvertently form children who have a sense of dependence. Children are used to getting everything they need from their parents without any effort. As a result, children cannot be independent and continue to depend on others to fulfill aspects of their lives.

2. Children Become Irresponsible

A sense of responsibility needs to be nurtured from a young age so that children can do their job well. Well, if children are used to not being given assignments when they are small and are accustomed to always being given gifts by their parents, they will grow up to be individuals who cannot take responsibility well.

As a result, he will have difficulty getting along in social circles because he cannot do his job well. Surely no parent would want to see their child like that right?

3. Child Grows Selfish

If you always obey your child's requests, over time he will feel that he really deserves the gift. Children will grow up without caring about the feelings of others, they will only care about their interests. As long as his wish is fulfilled he will be happy, even if he sees others fail.

4. Children refuse to obey

The habit of always obeying children's wishes, not only has a bad impact on children, but also for parents. The problem is, children are accustomed to being obeyed by their wishes so that when parents ask for something, children can become disobedient. The child assumes that he does not need to do anything to get what he wants, so there is no need to obey his parents either.

5. Can't Accept Rejection

Children who have always obeyed their requests since childhood, must not be used to rejection. This will be very influential when the child has started to mature and enter the social environment. If someone refuses a child's request, he will be confused about it.

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How to get used to children so they are not spoiled

Remember that spending quality time together will be much better and more effective for a child's development than giving them material things. In addition, being firm and fair is necessary to train children not to be spoiled.

Set limits on children, what things are their rights and what are not. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to learn to refuse their children's requests.

Instead, parents can give tasks to children and after the task has been completed by children, then give the gift the child wants.

This method is very effective for teaching children responsibility, discipline, and hard work. Well, you also don't need to bother, you can use the "Assignments" feature in Whiz to give children assignments and gifts! Very easy and efficient!

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Those are 5 consequences of obeying children's requests too often and ways that parents can get used to children so as not to be spoiled. Dear parents, let's try using the “Tasks” feature on Whiz to start teaching children independence and responsibility!

Surely children will understand the importance of doing well on assignments and the importance of managing finances as a result of the tasks that parents give them! What are you waiting for, let's download Whiz!

So, what are you waiting for? Feel the ease for your finances by using Whiz!