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Memorable Gifts for Your Mother on Mother's Day

The Best Gift for Mom on Mother's Day – December 22 is celebrated as Mother's Day. Today is the day of all mothers in Indonesia. On this day, the love and struggle of a mother is celebrated simultaneously by the people of Indonesia. Mother's Day is celebrated to commemorate the services of a mother who has given everything for her family. As a tribute to her services, Mother's Day was set to be a national celebration in Indonesia.

To celebrate Mother's Day, family members usually prepare various kinds of gifts for mothers. The gift is given as a token of gratitude to the mother. To express our gratitude, we must give a memorable gift so that our feelings reach the mother. So, what are the memorable gifts to give on Mother's Day?

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7 Recommended Gifts for Mothers on Mother's Day

Cooking ware

gift for mom

At home, usually the mother plays an important role in the kitchen. Mother often cooks food and snacks for her family. You can give cooking utensils to give to mother. Cooking utensils can be varied, ranging from pots, pans, knives, chopper, and other equipment. Buy tools that can make mom's work in the kitchen more practical.

Mini Gold (Mini Gold)

If you like investing, you can consider mini gold as a gift for your mother. By gifting mini gold, your mother can have additional savings for her needs. The selling power of mini gold that always goes up makes it one of the most memorable investment media. You can buy mini gold for free online and be offline after the pandemic ends. Buy wisely in trusted shops.

Multifunctional Furniture

Currently, many objects are created with economical designs and many functions, such as household furniture. With one thing, we can do many things. This handy tool is very helpful in cleaning the house and saves time. The time efficiency of multifunctional furniture is suitable for mothers who do homework before or after work.

The right recommendation falls on the magic broom and 3 in 1 mop. With the magic broom, you can clean dust, garbage, water spills, to window dirt. With the 3 in 1 mop, you can sweep, mop, and flush the mop with just one swipe.

Embroidery Kit

gift for mom

After working and taking care of the family, mothers need activities that can make them relax. You can give embroidery kits for your mother. Embroidery kit is an ornamental craft in the form of an embroidery set made on cloth. Embroidery kit can be embroidered on canvas, bag, cloth loop, etc., according to your wishes.

With embroidery kits, your mother can have activities that can provide relaxation after work. The results of the embroidery can be made into decorative crafts that can be displayed or used daily. Perfect for moms who like to be active!

Aromatherapy Candle

gift for mom

With her busy schedule throughout the day, she must feel tired, both mentally and physically. Aromatherapy candles are a great choice for mothers. Aromatherapy candles can relax a tired mind. Stress and anxiety can also disappear. Perfect for the time me time mother after a busy day taking care of many things.

Massage Tool

In addition to feeling tired mentally, you must also feel tired physically. After a long day working and taking care of her family, mom needs to pamper her muscles. The object that is most suitable for this is a massager.

Massage tools are now widely sold in e-commerce. You can choose according to the state of your wallet. With massage tools, mothers can be more relaxed, their fatigue is treated.

Voucher for Mom

After working and taking care of the family, Mom needs time to herself. You can use this need as a gift for your mother. You can give a voucher for your mother. Vouchers can be in the form of shopping vouchers, vacation vouchers, salon vouchers, and others. If you are confused about what voucher to give, you can give a red packet voucher from Whiz, you know!

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Those are 7 gift recommendations for mothers on Mother's Day. Whatever the gift, the important thing is your sincerity to make mom happy on Mother's Day, and the days that follow. Don't forget, make Mother's Day memorable for your mother. To prepare a gift for Mom, you can use the Jars feature in the Whiz Finance App so that your money can be put aside properly.