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How to Get More Financial Insights Ala Whiz!

How to Add Financial Insights – The more we mature, the more we realize the importance of financial planning. Having a money allocation plan can be one way to save the money we make. The problem is, sometimes we feel that the knowledge we have is very minimal. As a result, we are confused about where to start developing a financial strategy. 

What are the benefits of adding financial insight? Of course there are many, for example, First, we can develop a financial management strategy that best fits our budget.

Second, we are not easily deceived or influenced by others. Especially now that there are so many forms of investment, so we are vulnerable to being deceived by false information. Third, we can make the right decisions every time we are faced with a transaction offer.

Therefore, here are some ways to add financial insight a la Whiz!

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How to Increase Financial Insights a la Whiz!

1. Read Finance Books

The easiest method to increase our knowledge about finance is by reading books on finance. This method is one of the most effective ways because it is easy, the material is solid, and it can be done anywhere.

We can also choose financial books with more specific themes. For example, books The Bogleheads for novice investors, The Psychology of Money for you who are extravagant, and Raising Financially Fit Kids for parents.

2. Watch Financial Education Videos

Apart from reading books, we can also learn about finance through educational videos available on the internet. These educational videos can be accessed through various websites, for example Youtube, Udemy, or Coursera.

We can access many different financial topics and learn from the web. Another advantage is that we can choose videos based on their duration, so we can adjust them to the available free time.

3. Access Finance Blog

If you're the type of person who prefers to read quickly, accessing a finance blog can be a great way to learn about finance. There are lots of blogs that specifically discuss finance, for example Women who Money, debt free guys, and Get Rich Slowly.

4. Follow Financial Influencers

At this time, there are many social media popping up and almost everyone has at least one social media account. As a result, access to social media is huge and people are starting to build their own personas.

Surely we are familiar with the term influencers, namely people who have many followers and often share information according to their specialization. Exist influencers which focuses on food, fashion, technology, to finance.

Well, we can take advantage of the role of this influencer to broaden our horizons. We can follow one of the influencers who match ours and follow their financial tips.

5. Participate in a Seminar or Bootcamp

Many hold seminars or hold bootcamps (trainings) to share their knowledge and skills. We can register for the seminar or bootcamp to increase our knowledge about finance.

Not only knowledge and skills are honed, we also get certificates that will be useful for the professional level. Seminars or bootcamps can be found on several platforms, such as LinkedIn, Udemy, and Coursera.

6. Download the Financial Manager App

The last thing, we can download a financial management application to monitor financial activities. Not only that, financial management applications also often provide information or present features that can increase our insight into finances.

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One of the financial applications that we can download to add insight into the finances of parents and children is Whiz! The features in Whiz are specifically designed to make it easier for parents and children to manage and learn finances. What are you waiting for, let's use Whiz!