how to earn 500 bucks a day

Want to earn 500k a day? Here's How!

How to get 500k a day – What do you think, how to earn 500k a day? In fact, many people are trying to find various ways to be able to earn hundreds of rupiah in a fast time. 

That way, they have sufficient income and do not exceed the amount of expenses. Therefore, there is no harm in trying various ways to get hundreds of thousands of money in one day.

Curious how? Don't worry! This time, Whiz will tell you 7 ways to earn 500k in one day. 

Come on, see the full explanation below! 

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7 Ways to Earn 500k a Day

1. Selling On line

how to earn 500 bucks a day

The first way to get 500 thousand a day is guaranteed to be the simplest way. Because anyone can do it. The important thing is that you have to know the target market and tastes of the products you are selling. 

If it has been carefully designed, you can register your shop to various marketplaces. But, you can also develop website yourself to sell your products. 

After that, you need to promote the product to various media so that it is more accessible to the public. It's worth a try, here! 

2. Become a Property Agent

tips to get hundreds of thousands of money

Real estate agents are one of the most promising jobs. The reason is that people always use property in their lives. So, this job is almost impossible to lose.

For example, they need a house as a place to live. Not only houses, you can also sell various other property assets. 

This job is a flexible job. You can run it as a side job. A property agent requires you to act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. 

3. Be Performer

500 bucks a day

You can also get 500 thousand from this job. If you have talent in the field of art, it never hurts to make it one of the fields of income. 

You can by being a player bands, theater performer, stand up comedian, and others. You can adjust to the artistic talent that you are really good at.

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4. Be Freelancer

500rb money

Next up, work freelancer can also be a solution! This job is perfect for those of you who need a side job and are flexible.

Moreover, if you have the skills to edit videos, write, to translate languages. Guaranteed you will increase the coffers of rupiah from work freelancer which is in accordance with your abilities.

5. Used for The Family Drivers Online

how to get 500k a day

Do you have an unused car or motorbike? It could be an opportunity to make money! You can use it as capital to become online drivers. 

His job is not only to deliver passengers, but you can also deliver food or other items as ordered or commonly referred to as a courier.

Well, if you want to earn a lot of money from this job, you can receive as many orders as you can and take long distances.

6. Open a Restaurant Business

Are you a person who is good at cooking? You can open a restaurant business. Because, food is one of the main things that everyone is looking for. Every day, food must be sought by many people.

No need to worry! You can use the vacant land or the terrace of your house as a food stall. You can also add some chairs and an artistic touch to make the food stall attractive. 

Don't forget to always maintain the quality of taste and cleanliness of your food, OK!

7. Be Youtuber

tips get hundreds of thousands

In this digital era, who isn't interested in becoming a youtuber? This job is interesting because it is contemporary and fun.

To become a youtubers, You need to prepare a few things. Starting from cameras, laptops, to internet connections. However, you can also use simple tools, such as handphone for the editing process.

The most important thing is that you are able to design content that fits the target audience-your. In addition, don't forget to also determine the target amount of content to be uploaded along with the number of viewers you want to achieve.

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Well, that's 7 ways to get 500 thousand in a day. Of course, the work you will do can be adjusted to the abilities you have.

In addition to knowing how to get hundreds of thousands of money, you also need to know how to manage that money. Want a practical way? You can use the Whiz financial application.. Yep!

The features in the application are also guaranteed to help control your money in and out. Come on, try to use the Whiz App now!