Want to Live Thrifty? This is a Way Not to be Wasteful!

Ways Not to be Wasteful! – With life going on, we too must live to the best of our ability. Needs and finances must be arranged in such a way that our lives can run well. With good financial arrangements, needs can always be met. To be able to manage it, you have to be frugal. 

The temptation to live frugally is extravagance. You have to know how not to be wasteful in fulfilling your needs and desires. We have tips that you can apply to be less wasteful. Come on, see the explanation of how not to be wasteful!

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7 Ways Not To Be Wasteful

how not to be wasteful

Create Financial Plans and Records

Before avoiding waste, of course, we must make a plan to manage our finances. You can make a financial plan by listing all your needs and desires based on the income you have. Make enough plans and always set aside some for savings.

After making a plan, you still have to record your financial flow. You have to know where and how much money you spend. You can record it in your financial book or in a financial application. By recording financial flows, you can evaluate your financial plan. This note can also be your defense to avoid a wasteful life. 

Prioritize Needs 

In spending money, you don't always have to focus on just basic needs. You can have fun and do what you want with your money. However, don't cross the line, okay? Always prioritize your expenses for your needs. Do not let you spend your money on desires to forget your needs. If you put your wants first, your unmet needs can strangle your finances.

Make Your Own Food More

The need to eat and drink is a basic need for us as humans. Therefore, your finances will also come out a lot on food. This need cannot be avoided, but the expenses can be reduced by making it yourself. As life skills, master the science of simple cooking. By cooking, your food expenses can be reduced considerably, you know! Besides that, you can also live a healthier life!

Remember Efficient For Nature

To be able to live without being extravagant, of course we have to be frugal. For the power you use in your daily life, you can make savings. The first thing that can be saved is the use of electricity and water. Turn off lights and other electronics when they are not really needed. Don't use too much water.

The second thing you can do is live more eco-friendly. Stop using plastic, plastic packaged drinks, and straws. Bring your own shopping bags, water bottles, cutlery and straws. Although trivial, these objects still pay, you know. In fact, in certain places, you can get a discount if you use your own water bottle!

Minimalist Life

You can avoid waste by living a minimalist life. At home, we definitely need furniture to support our needs. Buy only the furniture that is really needed. If there is furniture that you can make yourself from used items, make it yourself. In addition to saving costs, you can also reduce waste. Remember, minimalist living must be at a minimal cost too, yes!

Don't Impulsive Buying

Impulsive buying is one of the causes of waste. Buying without thinking first can make you regret it. To avoid this, you must first think about whether you need the item or not. Also think about whether you already have the item or not. If not and haven't, don't buy it! Don't be swayed by discounted items too, OK! 

Save up!

After designing your needs and wants, set aside expenses for savings. Save for your long term desires. Save up for an emergency fund too. No matter how small, keep saving your money. You can use financial apps to help you manage your savings. By consistently saving, you can avoid waste. 

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Those are tips to avoid waste. Keep in mind how not to be wasteful, so that your financial condition remains stable and healthy. Use the Whiz finance app to help you keep your expenses and income in control!