Myths Around Finance

Myths Around Finance, True No, Yes?

Myths Around Finance - What is your understanding of the world of finance or finance? When we learn about finance, whether we are managing finances, investing, saving, etc., we are sure to be presented with lots of facts about finances.

Well, it turns out that in addition to the many interesting facts about finance, there are also myths about finance that are developing in society, you know. Often this myth is considered true and believed by the public, even though the so-called 'myth' has not been verified, right!

What are the myths about finance? Reported from various sources, here are 6 myths about finance.

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6 Myths About Finance 

1. Property is the best investment

Myths Around Finance

Many people believe that property is the best investment because the risk is not high. In fact, every investment instrument has its own risks.

Even property investment includes investments with high risks and costs that are not small. When you want to invest in property, at least you have to own your own land and buildings. In addition, you also have to be responsible for the property you own, from repair costs to property security.

You also have to be prepared for market conditions that go up and down. Selling property is also a bit difficult, you know. It takes quite a bit of time.

Still think property is the best investment? Not always, yes.

2. Cash Money is Easier to Manage

Myths Around Finance

Currently the world is starting to experience digitalization, including in finance. Indonesian people have also used non-cash transactions a lot. In the midst of the widespread use of electronic money, it turns out that many believe that using cash is more convenient because it is easy to manage and safe.

Indeed, when you use electronic money, you have to pay an administration fee, but the money you save is safer than when you save cash. When saving cash, we tend to be careless in putting money everywhere. Untraceable and easy to steal people.

In addition, when using electronic money, you don't have to bother counting your money, all financial activities are also recorded and can be viewed again. So, don't be afraid of digitization, OK?

3. Too Young to Save for Retirement

Who still has the thought that saving for retirement funds is only done before retirement, there is no need to rush?

This kind of thinking must be eliminated. Everyone wants to have a happy old age and not bother thinking about finances anymore. Well, how to achieve that if you don't prepare yourself when you are young and healthy.

Saving is difficult, especially saving for long-term goals. It takes perseverance and a strong commitment. But, if you want to be happy in old age, there's nothing wrong if you start saving right now. Whatever your income, set it aside for retirement. It's never too young to prepare for a retirement plan.

4. Using Private Vehicles Is More Efficient

Indeed, using a private vehicle is more efficient and economical. However, not everyone thinks so. Sometimes using a private vehicle is far more of a waste of money, starting from car maintenance, gasoline, toll fees, not to mention the travel time if stuck in traffic.

If your neighborhood provides adequate public transportation, it is better to use public transportation. Not only does it reduce expenses, you also reduce travel time. 

5. Better to Buy than Rent

Many people force themselves to buy a house rather than a contract or rent. Actually, if you think about the cost, the two are not much different. When you want to buy a house, you have to prepare a large amount of money, not to mention paying land and building taxes, as well as house maintenance.

If you live alone, renting a house is better than buying. Especially if you are comfortable with the environment in which you live. Finding a house with an environment that suits you is sometimes difficult, not to mention having to socialize with new neighbors.

6. Financial Planning Is Done by Rich People Only

This thinking is so wrong. Financial planning is not only done by rich people who have a lot of money. Precisely financial planning is needed for those of you who have many needs, but have limited funds.

If you already have a lot of money and live leisurely, you no longer need to think about financial planning, instead you will be busy thinking about inheritance planning. So, financial planning will be very useful for those of you who still rely on salary to meet your needs.

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Those were 6 myths about finance that you must know. Without any knowledge of finance, we end up believing these myths. In fact, if we make decisions based on these myths, it will have a bad impact on our finances.

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