10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!

PUBG Mobile Gun - To help players stay alive, developers provide a wide variety of the best PUBG Mobile gun you can have! You can defeat opponents and become a winner confidently with a potent gun weapon!

PUBG Mobile has a unique and wide variety of weaponry. If you are already a pro player who is good at playing PUBG, you must also know which gun is the best weapon that can easily fight your opponents. However, for players who are just beginners, you must be confused about which weapon to have or farm on looting time.

Because of that, Whizmin wants to share to you 10 best PUBG Mobile gun you must use or have so you can easily get chicken dinners (a phrase that players usually use for a player who wins a match in PUBG). Are you already curious? Read the article to know more!

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10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns

1. AKM

10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!
Source: https://games.grid.id/read/153080385/cara-menggunakan-senjata-akm-di-pubg-mobile-untuk-pemain-pemula

In PUBG Mobile, Assault Rifle (AR) is one of the favorite guns used by players. From this weapon category, Whizmin recommends you use the AKM gun because it's the best. Why is the AKM gun one of the best PUBG Mobile guns?

Because you can give lethal damage when you use the AKM gun, also AKM gun provides you with a high-scale fire rate when you use the AKM gun, also AKM gun provides you with a high-scale fire rate better than any gun. But, you must be mindful and have a strong tactic when using the AKM gun because AKM is one of the weapons that need lots of practice to handle it. You also need to add an attachment suitable for the AKM gun. attachments that suitable for AKM gun.

The AKM gun is helpful for close-range battles due to its benefit. You must try using this gun!

2. AWM

10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!
Source: https://games.grid.id/read/151774783/wajib-tau-hal-perlu-diketahui-tentang-senjata-awm-pubg-mobile?page=all

AWM is a gun that belongs to the sniper category. It is one of the best PUBG guns for long-range battles because it can produce massive damageAside from that, if you use a suitable attachments AKM is one of the guns with good stability to defeat opponents.

One of the challenges to using AWM is that you will only get this gun through AirDrop. So, you must be ready to get it as fast as you can, thus defeating other players to have it.

To cover long-range or close-range battles, you must match AWM with other guns. Cover close or mid is one of the lacks using the AWM gun.Cover close or mid is one of the lacks using the AWM gun. It would be best to use different weapons to remain alive in every battle range.


10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!
Source: https://www.upstation.asia/guide-mp5k-pubg-mobile/

The MP5 gun belongs to Light Machine Gun (LMG) weaponry series. MP5 is an excellent gun because it has good range, good damage and a large-scale fire rate compared to other LMG guns.

side from that, the MP5 gun can use various accessories. But you can only get this weapon in a limited area because it only exists on the Vikendi map.


10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!
Source: https://games.grid.id/read/152170648/cara-memilih-attachment-m416-di-pubg-mobile-yang-cocok-untuk-digunakan?page=all

Did you know that M416 is one of the famous guns chosen by PUBG Mobile players? Do M416 is also your favorite?

Based on statistics, M416 has the best performance, similar to the AKM gun, because M416 is also categorized as an AR gun.

As a favorite gun, M416 also has advantages over other firearms. The benefits include good stability, effortless control, and good bullet speed.

So, if you have yet to try using M416, you must try it. Who knows, it will also become your favorite gun.

5. Groza

10 Best PUBG Mobile Guns You Must Have!
Source: https://sketchfab.com/tags/pubg-groza

Whizmin bet you didn't know that Groza is the best weapon in PUBG! This gun is sophisticated because it can paralyze the enemy quickly. Wow, it makes you tempted to use it, right?

Besides that advantage, Groza is also a weapon with relatively significant damage per second! Isn't it surprising that Groza is an ideal gun with how powerful this gun is? Moreover, this weapon can only be obtained in AirDrop, which makes players defeat each other to have it.

6. UZI

Source: https://www.upstation.asia/uzi-pubg-mobile/

Aside from the Groza gun, UZI also has significant damage other than any gun in PUBG gun! fire rate that also has a large scale become one reason UZI is one of the best PUBG Mobile guns. UZI also gets many buffs, such as high bullet speed, so many players use it.

Because of that, the UZI gun is suitable for use in a close-range battle.

7. MK14 EBR

Source: https://zilliongamer.com/pubg-mobile/c/dmr/mk14

MK14 EBR also has high-scale damage and must be included in this list. This gun also has good precision and good range for defeating opponents.

But, there is one disadvantage that you must pay attention to when you use this weapon. The MK14 EBR gun has a slightly high recoil, which makes it hard to handle, especially for a beginner. If you use this weapon, Whizmin highly recommends using an additional compensator.

8. AUG 43

Source: https://aminoapps.com/c/pubgmobile/page/item/aug/1VxV_RRTrI05LgMZq3X04g8zw5Nbvk2l0v

Like several other guns, AUG 43 can only be obtained in AirDrop. Thus, make it quite difficult for you to get it.

Unfortunately, this rifle has a rather tricky recoil to control. Even so, you can't underestimate the level of damage. If you manage to get this weapon, it's effortless for you to get a chicken dinner. Wow, very interesting, right?

9. Kar 98

Source: https://gameitu.com/tempat-kar98k-di-pubg-mobile/

The Kar 98 gun is an easy weapon but one of the best PUBG guns! You don't need to wait for AirDrop first. Not only does it have a long reach, but this weapon also has deadly damage! It's no wonder that Kar 98 can determine your game's course.

10. Vectors

Source: https://m.rctiplus.com/news/detail/teknologi/1860778/guide-lengkap-vector-pubg-mobile-saingan-berat-uzi

Initially, Vector was not one of the eye-catching weapons that PUBG players wished to use. However, after having several buffs, Vector becomes a sought-after and coveted weapon! This weapon is often played on the Sanhok map. This weapon is also very suitable to be played at close range.

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That is a list of the best PUBG gun you must you and have! Is there any gun you are interested in and dying to use in your next battle?

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