whiz pocket feature

Saving Fun and Easy with Whiz’s Pocket Feature

The Pocket feature in Whiz is a tool that allows you to set goals/wishlist track your progress towards goals/wishlist This feature can also help you understand why you are saving and differentiate between needs and wants. These skills are crucial for financial responsibility.

There are two types of Whiz Pocket features, Own Target Pocket and Shared Pocket

The Personal Pocket is made for those of you who want to save or save money, its function is like saving in a chicken piggy bank.

Come on, start saving in your pocket and achieve all your targets! Check out how to make a Personal Pocket below!

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1. Steps to Make a Whiz Pouch

1. Open the Whiz app and click the Pocket icon.

Click icon Pocket on the homepage

2. Select the Pocket Type, Then Select 'Self Target'

A choice of Pouch type will appear, select 'Self-Target' Whiz Pouch.

3. Fill in the Pocket Details.

Fill in the Pocket Name and Pocket Goal Nominal. You can also add photos and descriptions for your Pocket to make it look more attractive.

Once you're done, click Create Pocket.

4. Your Pocket is Ready to Use!

Your Pocket has been created! You can start using it now.

2. How to Top Up Money in the Whiz Pocket Feature

1. Click the Pocket icon

Click icon Pocket and select the pocket you want to top up.

2. Click Top Up Pocket

The details of your pocket will be displayed. Then, click top up pocket.

3. Enter Amount Top Up and Confirm

Enter amount Top up you want and you can also add a note. After that, select top up pocket.

4. Tada! Top Up Your Whiz Pocket is Now Topped Up!

Yeay, to top up your pocket is done!

Redeeming Your Whiz Pocket

1. Your Pocket Has Reached the Target

Yeey! If your pocket has reached your chosen target, you can click 'Withdraw Balance'.

2. The balance will be transferred immediately

Select the Withdrawal Destination and Withdrawal Amount. Then click 'Withdraw Balance'. The balance will be immediately transferred to your withdrawal destination!

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That's how to create and fill your Whiz Pocket! Start creating pockets and achieving your savings goals, Whiz will help you reach your wishlist!