Benefits of Linking Your Account

Benefits of Linking Your Account with Your Parents on Whiz

Benefits of Linking Your Account If you find yourself struggling to manage your finances and frequently overspending, it might be a good idea to link your Whiz account with your parents, especially if you often run out of pocket money due to impulsive purchases.

By linking your account on the Whiz app, your parents can access and monitor your expenses while setting limits on your spending. This can help you develop better financial habits and avoid unnecessary expenses.

In addition to that, there are other advantages to linking your account with your parents. Check out some of them below!

Benefits of Linking Whiz with Your Parents

1. Increased Wallet Limit of up to 20 Million

Advantages of linking accounts

Currently, you can only have a wallet limit of up to Rp2 million. However, by linking your account with your parents, your wallet limit can be upgraded to up to 20 million!

This means that you can save up for big-ticket items like an iPhone or a PS5 more easily, as you will have a higher spending limit on your wallet.

2. Can Transfer Anywhere

With the Whiz application you can transfer anywhere and anytime. You can transfer to fellow Whiz users, transfer to a bank, transfer virtual accounts for online shopping, and so on.

No need to worry about not being able to transfer because you don't have an ID card. Connect your account to your parents and easily verify your account. Check how to verify the account of a child under 17 years old, here!!

3. Automatic Pocket Money without Reminders

After linking your account with your parents, they can activate the automatic pocket money feature. You will no longer have to remind your parents to send you pocket money.

Your pocket money will be automatically sent at the specified time, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly. You won't have to worry about forgetting it anymore!

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So, those are some of the advantages that you can do if you connect your account with your parents. If you want to know how to connect accounts, you can visit the link see the following article!

Start Managing Your Finances Well with Whiz!