tips to prevent impulsive buying

Tips to Prevent Impulsive Buying in 30 Days

Tips to Prevent Impulsive Buying in 30 Days – Scrolling Social media is really addictive. The average Indonesian spends 3 hours 14 minutes a day accessing social media. Not infrequently, every feed displayed on social media makes us tempted to shop. Moreover, the "buy now" button is blinking as if to seduce us to press a button that will direct it to a shopping site.

The phenomenon of spending goods continuously and uncontrollably is called impulsive buying. If this is done continuously, then our finances are no longer healthy and there will be many bad impacts that come. Let's try tips to prevent impulsive buying in the following 30 days. 

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Tips to Prevent Impulsive Buying

Tips to Prevent Impulsive Buying

Of course, preventing impulsive buying cannot be done only within 1-2 days. It will take a long time to get rid of this habit. Here are 5 tips to prevent impulsive buying in 30 days so it's not wasteful.

Buy Needed Items

The thing that must be understood when you want to shop is to distinguish between the items you need and the items you want. If you really need it, just buy it. Because, the items needed will support your performance. 

Try Not to Buy Desired Items

As for the desired item, try to hold it first so you don't buy it for the next 30 days. Maybe you can make the item as a reward for your efforts to save money shopping for 30 days.

No Need To Follow Trends

A trend will never end. If you follow every trend that exists, then your money will run out just to buy a trend. Especially if the goal is only to show off. You have to instill a new mindset that you buy things because you want to use them, not to show them off. People don't care about your stuff.

Don't Shop When Stressed

Many people vent their stress by shopping. It's not a good way to relieve stress though. A good way to relieve stress is to take up a hobby. For example reading a book, playing music, cooking, etc. Try not to go shopping when you are stressed because you will forget that you have spent a lot of money.

Limit E-Commerce Access

This is a powerful step that you must take. You must be able to limit e-commerce access. Try to open e-commerce on weekends or the end of the month only. In addition, you don't need to top up your balance in e-commerce because it can cause you to go crazy shopping.

Now, to limit your shopping access, you can start by learning to manage your finances, you know. You can really use the Whiz financial application by taking advantage of its various interesting features.

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If you can apply the 5 tips to prevent impulsive buying in 30 days, then it is guaranteed that you will be free from impulsive buying and living a wasteful life. Then you will become a positive person who has a new habit of living frugally.

Let's start managing your finances easily with Whiz. In Whiz, you can use the money management feature that automatically records your income and expenses. No more excuses for forgetting to take notes or typing mistakes.