7 Examples of Business You Can Try with Only 10 Million Rupiahs

10 Million Capital Business – You must be aware that nowadays there are many business opportunities that can generate a lot of profit. However, because there are so many business opportunities, it makes prospective business people confused about choosing a business.

Why is that so? Well, this is because the more business opportunities circulating, the more competitors there are. This is a big challenge for aspiring business people to enter the world of marketing. That way, attracting the attention of customers is the main thing.

So that customers can be interested in your business products, then you have to think creatively too to determine your business marketing system. Take advantage of some great offers and take advantage of social media. On social media you can make as interesting as possible about your business products so that customers can be interested.

In addition, you also need to remember that in running a business, you must be prepared to bear the risks behind its failure. Well, it means that if you are a lay businessman, it is better for you to open a business that is not easily damaged or stale.

Thus, you are advised not to open a culinary business if it does not have its own characteristics. Don't worry! enough with a capital of 10 million your business can be very in demand. Curious? Come on, see the explanation below.

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10 Million Capital Business

Quoting from Sirclo Store, here are some businesses with a capital of 10 million.

1. Simple Coffee Shop Business

10 Million Capital Business

For you coffee lovers, you can channel your love by building a business with only 10 million capital, but profitable. You can make a simple coffee shop using your home. You can use your yard, terrace, garage, or other supportive place in your home.

In addition to selling coffee, you may be able to sell coffee companion foods, such as bread or fried foods. Well, if you want to be more modern or contemporary, you can buy a coffee machine that is sold on e-commerce starting from 3 million.

More interestingly, this business can last longer because coffee beans have a long expiration date.

2. Laundry Service kilos

10 Million Capital Business

Next is the kilogram laundry business. This business has few but needed competitors. The capital issued was only 10 million wrote. This business will be very in demand if it is opened in boarding houses and campuses. This is because usually students or workers who are wandering do not have time to wash.

The main capital needed in this business is a washing machine, fragrance, detergent, and iron. Don't worry too because the price of the washing machine is not more than 7 million. Likewise with the price of ironing prayers.

Usually, this kilogram of laundry costs is priced at IDR 6,000.00 per kilo. However, materials such as blazers, suits, carpets, bed linen can be more expensive.

3. Motorcycle Washing Business

10 Million Capital Business

Sounds trivial, but this motorbike washing business is also always needed. This business can only have a capital of 10 million and can last long term. This is because the motorcycle washing business is timeless.

The majority, people are lazy to wash their motorbikes and choose to take them to a motorbike wash. Hey, are you one of those?

This business is also not easy to damage, you know because the equipment is on average durable. By opening a motorcycle washing business, you only need a compressor and steam, shampoo, rags, cloth, foam, and others in e-commerce.

You also don't need a large area to open this business.

4. Franchise

10 Million Capital Business

Quoted from a long time ago Reviso, franchise business is a business that involves two parties. The first party as a business owner. They will give the license to the second party. This second party that allows will sell products from the first party.

Currently, many brands are opening up opportunities for people to do franchise business. A fairly affordable franchise is Teh Poci.

Teh Poci has three franchise packages. First, the saving package costs Rp. 5 million, the regular package costs Rp. 7 million, and the large package costs Rp. 10 million.

5. Catering Business

You can try this one business. Opening a catering business can also reduce the risk of loss. This usually means that the caterer sets a down payment for the initial payment for the customers.

Well, the down payment you have received can be used as an additional purchase of cooking ingredients. From here, you can reduce expenses at the beginning. You also don't need to prepare ingredients or food if no one orders it.

This kind of business is safer than opening a house or food stall which is at risk of not selling well and getting stale quickly.

6. Shoe and Bag Washing Business

In addition to laundry, this shoe and bag washing business can be your mainstay. This is because most people are lazy and don't have time to wash their shoes and bags.

The price of shoe washing packages in e-commerce is also very affordable. Starting from IDR 2 million only. Interesting, yes! Even more interesting, you also don't need to rent a kiosk or shop. Only at home, you can open this business.

7. Open a photocopying service

The last type of business is a photocopying business. Usually, this photocopying service is accompanied by a print service. This business can also be very profitable because school assignments, office matters, administrative matters, and so on will require photocopying services.

The cheapest price for photocopiers and printing machines is Rp. 3 million. That way, you don't need big capital.

Whizmin recommends opening this photocopying service near schools, campuses, or offices so that your business sells faster.

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Those are some of his business lists. Interesting, yes! Do you think you are interested in opening a business among the seven businesses above?

Whizmin also recommends that when you open a business, you must be smart in managing your finances. Therefore, immediately use the Whiz Money Management App so that you can manage your finances and be more financially smart.

Your business is smooth, your finances are guaranteed!